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It is always the privacy and market value vulnerability of projects in the pipeline issue that brings it all to light and then of course once a lack of respect on media for patents attached to the products, especially those that are put out in the market to stem problems that will become crimes that have victims, that the need to stake a stand arises. 

Welcome to where it is managed for the CEO and the Firm the matter of a personal life of HH which is content and happy and therefore means that One must have no more strength or energy left to do anything else which is really important because he is being handled in ways that people should not be by idiots that are making use of that, which has steadily gotten worse and worse so financially over the last decade.

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 What I wish to achieve personally along with my work is a standard process where I become more special than every thing that appears and works on public television and its cross National vandals, the same way they travel around the world to see that their Television gets to mean every tom dick and harry is having a go at feeling more special than I am with their democratic and freedom cowardice. For of course they do not wish to be trapped by feminists let alone getting entangled in greater problems but they want the reputation of those who have fought for freedom, so although I think the best time is to wait for them until when they wish to draw their pensions before they start fighting for freedom and then doing the little they can for women that need their help but I have become impatient as well for good measure. I cannot make out for my part a single justification for a process where I make money off my Administrative renaissance and they get on public media to do so as well; it is insolent beyond measure. It must be distinguished however from actions related to a process of distancing myself from the business of those in whose service I happen to find myself.

All equities and securities and intellectual property and securitisation bundles displayed here are representative of the holdings sector operations of tunnel light books and holdings, which range from industry shares purchase and dealing to anything onto stock market dealing. This site exists because despite the complain of my treatment of women like sex objects, the reality is that since only the books sector of the company is currently in market operation, opportunities have been opened up for get rich idiots to do as they please with firm property and mine, which has created a series and collection of very destructive attitude towards my finances and that of the company and all work and property associated with both - this has been completely unrelenting for some years presently and therefore opened up the need for management of and administration security for the problem.

And it should be noted too, that all these individuals who want the u.k. to become a republic have families and friends of their own but it never on any occasion their major preoccupation as mine rather is, which is always set to continue until i take it up and do it for them as well - however which having said that it is something politicians do and some politicians have absolutely no respect for me whatsoever as i none for them too whatsoever, so in the end it comes down to the matter of such fools telling me like they all like to including the politicians by their vandalism of my business, that they do not want my job necessarily as much as they want the manner in which i do it, so that they might be the ones people know as the ones that do my job in that way - hence they really do get to tick me off so to speak.

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 The idea that pressure will be placed on me to open up my work for people to ravage so that economies can do better and fame idiots can make more money and share it, is something those that push for it understand will lead to serious consequences. They know it is bad business first of all and they know that if I know it is bad business I will not do it, so it boils down to the fact they know I will not do it but are simply determined to be content with causing me pain fighting me over my income while keeping theirs. The rest unlike the media ones I have mentioned are simply fools especially in Europe that like to think they are bullies and that i will make money for their girl friends and for it they are clearly approaching a time I will handle them seriously again and this time it will be on their money as well when I do. There is no such thing as using European stuff to get mine done that way as I want and the risk of going about saying such things like they do is the creation of severe problems for the region. I do not do such a thing, the truth is media persecution of a Christian while my work basically is run along the prognosis of the moral things I do, my office and how my morals relate with my property and the way that it actually works and so the real issue is that of things such as the fact when I mention names of persons or places I get news all over the place that I need to pay as I have stolen them and so on, which of course now creates real problems for them too. I am not confounded by it in anyway, they are very evil people who know nothing about making money and dream of nothing but how they will get lots of it without working for it. So it is inevitable that I will at some point have to handle them over the matter and make sure it is on their money as well because they have refused to stay out of my life and property and to live in their own, as there is no way of running a business or indeed any livelihood for that matter.



 The stupidest thing I have ever heard about the middle east is that there are lots of directions that government can take around there, as suggested on the media generally. All there really is in the middle east is the practice of Islam, as much law and order as there needs to be and a system of Political protection from the US. So I suppose the question is why people need protection from the US and the answer to it is the simple fact that if they do not, they will have no foreign Policy whatsoever. Events today in the middle east have been largely determined by the US messing with both foreign and domestic policy, while their idiots make the films and everybody else is meant to have been affected. So the frustration builds up and the last people to recognise or stop complaining about extreme politics winning elections in the middle east becomes the US itself and its media.

For my part I have been clear I have difficulty tolerating peoples culture; it is a matter of the fact when I was a teenager, each time I shut my eyes to sleep, there are silhouettes of figures around me who watch me and covet tossing things at me that feel like lumps, hurt and then get followed on with demagogue talk all the time – however at the time I could ignore them so it never really mattered. Here in the UK if the multicultural societies want to run their business with my Christian prayer time and privacy to create bullying for themselves out of it, then it is what their Politicians will give them whenever it becomes impossible at some stage and if you are inferior enough, the media will take it up and make sure you can never ignore any of it. So for the Americans, they cannot have enough of climbing up my property and earnings and standing up to seek money while playing out those witchcraft violence at me and I will get into a habit of handling them like the savages they present themselves to be as well. Europeans and their Politicians on the other hand speak of full power and one of these days will be asked to explain what full power means and they will too. The part about the other side of fanaticism is the problem of the American Government itself, they like to ensure every stupid little witch that feels as though she wants to use my work along with her stupid men, to do things for herself and create a huge problem that is very filthy work, then use my work to set it right and clean it up gets to do so, hence they are always doing things to ensure people use my work to do it and the turn up to screw it up and use my work to do it all over again. So the big question about the other side of fanaticism is not necessarily that I get hold of them and bend them up the other way as well but whether this happens to have been their own property. They are books and I will neither be first or last to write books and sell them and so I guess that until I become the biggest problem that their sense of freedom has got, none of it will get any better as well.

The balance between rich and poor being one of the things they complain about along side claims I am responsible for the fact it has widened; the facts behind that is that the idiots like their Politicians love to believe facts from their own enemies than they do from the horses mouth unless it is about reading my books before they are published or anybody else reads them. So if they want a factor on how it gets to work that way I suppose this is it and they can factorise and break it up now if they want, I just require them to get the hell lost. For of course after believing facts about me from their enemies better than they believe facts about me that I tell about myself, they have still been unable to get rich and will get seriously hurt instead if that will be enough to do it. Eventually it seems their position is justified on the basis of handling my work without permission to ensure I am under control for those who want to get rich and famous, as some form of service, perhaps even on the basis of claims they made me - so it gets worse and worse with their attitude as it were with a big mouth; I could be helpful in stating this is another persons livelihood and not their plaything due to the fact they are a handful of fantasists who really do believe that only they have an ability to cause another human being to bleed, maybe my failure is good for their confidence when they can see that messing around with the business causes me to be distracted from everything else, especially academic work, hence I should guess it is the point where most people will view what I said said as a warning.  The part where they threaten to play the race card is just pure idiocy; I mean it could easily amount to a condition where they think my books are the world, too big for them but they must have it anyway, pay the ultimate price and never have it either in hell. Where they claim if something exists in their country they can use it, is just one of the biggest issues of them all; question being whether they are supposed to make the owner penniless or vandalise it? I maintain I am tired at this point so if I do anything about that fame and fortune with which they tell me defending myself against  being attacked will never work because they like to think if they were around when Christ walked the earth the gospel would never have happened and therefore believes it prevents things that people can do about their racism card from happening, I would have been pushing myself over the top which would create a whole new set of problems altogether, so I will await my time too, since it is not enough I have made it clear a hundred and one perversions of my work on media will never pay off but people continue to insist fame is to be based on getting attention from me, which suggests they are like God whom I pay all my attention to bearing in mind they are wicked people and it is in this they tell me they have power to determine what will happen and what will not. In the end even if I buy products from them, those of them that handle my books made nothing – the deal is that they have their commission and the fact remains that unless I pay for publicity, I do not want it. By the way which the stupid little celebrity girls that never let me be routine does not cut it around here either; I have had them up to my neck on that and they know it.I mean where they claim they invented the world and I think I want to take it over; whereas in actual fact they are unbelieving idiots who think morals is bad at the same time and that God does not exist and because they are modern and flash a Christian here must never breathe. So we can see how it will play out as well; Christian is moral and always nice so if he has something to sell it is easy for him, while they have an uphill struggle and there will soon be a new Nazism for it too. I always say if it exists in their country they can use it is what they say but no body said they could vandalise it and or leave the owner penniless in the process to talk rubbish about being a dominant race; the temper and greed dominant race rubbish – a matter from which they learn nothing. 

So they are going to win this one fight here because I have had enough of them; up to my neck. The process where the purpose of all they do is to seek a fight with me does not actually trouble anybody. The fact is that you get into an office to do government work and an idiot loves to turn up with his culture which he knows he gets you from behind with to handle you violently and has got media connections for it to make capital out of a process where you react as well. So for now you have not yet decided the village he comes from is not a name you want mentioned around you and of course you have not yet decided to find out whether he is using make up or presenting the front or the backside when he presents whatever he does. Its is the social and cultural filth you see and they will gain from a legacy of looking after women around me and having a court on media without being taken advantage of by feminists bearing in mind they are democratic people, somewhere in hell. As for the books, they think they want to determine whether or not I earn money to have power to do to me things they have never been able to do to those who oppress them, I think they will make an enemy out of me over it. These idiots always think they can do anything because and when they are famous and I have got my own problems, cannot remember as well when exactly they got into my Court. They think they have my books and will use it to be empowered with their insolent culture, I think where they live and hail from it not yet a loathsome idea. The issue of course is that they want to feel as though the fact they worked on media and or were famous meant that they became more important than a Royal Prince, so it has become an obsession and it is the process of stalking me, touching me, handling my work and thereby earnings to make it happen, which will become their biggest nightmare.



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