So the Politicians have begun the week with a tale of how my Court of Politicians is a betrayal of Parliament; I cannot understand why that should be the case anyway – all I know is that it is not as easy as they think, to take about such matters when people are bonded to you in such intimate ways. However if the matter must the resolved, then we are looking at an old problem that is still continuing i.e. the Politicians are really good at making sure my finances are ripped up while I am forced to tell stupid people they are clever, in which condition somebody can help them to money, which is not coming to stage where both the attitude that they and these stupid people have towards my finances are becoming essentially and fundamentally violent. Hence I need to develop further the old case where each time they make use of my Books without paying for it, they end up with more stupid people they represent knowing how their jobs work as well. The same happens with journalists and in their case we now have the most frequent form of abuse to be the one where they give signals to community croons to work some form of witchcraft based abuse on somebody whose public image they want to deploy on the day every day but it began with naming me the big one and setting off to find as much trouble they can get into and means by which they can make use of as much of my temperaments as they might need to clean themselves up after – so that where we are now is the point where it is becoming provocative that the prognosis of all involvement with me is meant to see me do something violent to secure their safety and well being; hence each time they make use of my Books without paying, more trouble makers find out how their jobs work as well.

Hence it seems that what they are referring to is the bit about my state office and the National frontiers and how everybody wants to operate in it due to how good it is etc but then again of which I have no idea how it tended to have meant that the ladies were the problem; so I am sure they will note that if they do what they must in the correct way, everybody will be happy, as my Mobility will not have been encumbered triggering a fight yet again as it were but I am not expecting that this is what they are planning to do with and need to ensure it is not an amusing stupidity at my expense as well. So I guess this is what they meant when they said it is a betrayal of Parliament. In the end I fail to understand what they are thinking anyway, since if I have a Court of Journalists and they are Publicity broads and I have a Court of Politicians who are tied to me in ways that cannot be public discussed, it should have been obvious to the reasonable mind, that I already have people who are set to take up matters on Public and National frontiers of my duties.

It’s the same story we faced over Brexit; what it does when an idiot buys a BMW as a result of spending more time in the work environment than those who are cleverer than he is but are being held down and back by Politicians who are making a point of it and of course how the EU became the main point at which such nonsense as financed. So that if he got to the stock market and got rich quick then returned to the neighbourhoods to show it off to people who have been at work and not unemployed because they are being used by Politicians, over the last five years; according to minimum wage, he would have been dealing with people who had some £15,000 in saving on average, so that the Politicians are still at a loss as to why Brexit happens when they are the physically greatest one impediment to this sort of situation being the norm. So, these are the people Politicians want to represent and not me and what they describe as betrayal of parliament does not actually exist, as it is all my doing, when my Books are used without copies being bought.

So they say it is the way I have made people feel; that is not true either – the way I have made them feel is more concerned with the fact the ladies have now realised that no matter how little the involvement from men they allow at Court business, because of their nature, it will always play out into a case of those who are successful enough to make them question any slightest bit of their great disposition in all of existence, will get stepped on really hard without asking questions – so it might make good sex sometimes but the results are worth thinking about. In my case however, I am working with those who do not need money from me at present and am almost done with them, it should be noted that those who need it are on my door step and that time is against me. I mean a typical example is a fashion model being worth some 3 million pounds at 18 and by 24, 20 million pounds and it is all facilitated by a process of being seen around my Public image extracting aesthetics from it in return for abuse, which will then likely continue for eternity no matter what she has, as though this is actually the property of the stupid Men who facilitate it thereby meaning none of it was as ridiculous as it looked.

I do get those questions about why it happened which is supported by the theory I am promiscuous; the reality of course is something rather even more alarming i.e. when Mercedes Benz creates a shade for their Auto for instance, we all know that you cannot find it anywhere else in the world and if they created it from my Royal temperaments and Public work, it has been an Asset that we share in a Trust system that I have built since last they took interest and started developing them but what we have here is a the greed of fashion models meaning they must be handled in the same way as these property. Hence the other question of how it was made, which is the one about people complaining of their freedom all over the world story; firstly is the question Politicians must answer as per why I am not caught in the same conditions of the evils I cleared out of the country immediately after I got my Royal commission and journalists started travelling around the world, seeking evils they can lay me down with – I mean, it has been imported from Europe I can understand that but so is the question also of why I am in a situation where my Books are not being sold as well bearing in mind it thus means that I did not actually lose credibility after all? The property has been built from the bits about behaving properly to avoid the return of Nazism which people put in my face, alongside how we ever always do our best work when we are trying to kill each other, until I kick them well enough to extricate a complaint from them on a global level which attracts Industries to the Royal Equities too and then there are other Intellectual Property service authenticity parameters such as the fact that I am paid in Equity for my Public and Royal work and how they have a very personal set of problem with my financial well being to that effect; So all will be well if they keep off my Books sales and stopped encumbering my Public image mobility all over the world and more so to inform me of the various means by which they seek their ends, chief of which is the one where I am not aware of the gangs fighting my battled but they are doing my stuff for me, right down to parents who prevent their stupid children from killing me because they are poor and deprived with that big mouth; hence it’s not organised enough for anybody to just get involved with but spread out and completely random to be practiced by the person I meet on the street or my next door neighbour, matching the duties of an Arch Prince who works morality that puts light in their eyes and worked by male Media and Politicians every day.