All questions and questions; of no idea what or who told or what has convinced them and their pals all over the world, that the correct way to make a living and express how hard to strife for money and how to be a go-getter to those they are surrounded with in order to impress them, is to attack people on media violently and by being complicit with the evils of their society that besets them and gives them reasons to blame others for their problems, in order to get pardons of injustice that those they have harmed do not really give, for the purpose of usurping their attention to be famous and important, which they make claims of being more deserving to obtain; no idea who told them that is how to make a living or that the insults and the excuses will be over looked and the damage and destruction un-avenged. They are rather however convinced there is nothing I can do when it is done to me and all I am is usurped by them and so this creates a bench mark too because we do see them do it to their own fame freaks as such, which thereby express how it may not be an evil, evil thing to do to other people because it only involves fame and money - thus, things like confiscating their stupid left hand side or making it impossible to make means from such expression and how their Politicians feel about that was just the beginning.

I am therefore not suggesting that they are a problem for me like they make out they are; they are simply a specific group of villains that enjoy trying to look like others, which they know they cannot and yes I am aware most of them are black too, like I am.


The Politicians conundrum is not one of my prime concerns at the moment – it largely involves politicians making sure all I own is taken away and shared with those that do not have and according to their plans they are sharing it in such a way that I will have nothing while those people will end up with what I have, it is not something I consider a prime concern at this point yet but not that they will stop until I do either; the prime concern is media and black people about both of whom I will soon issue an ultimatum and if they do not get off my books by the set time, it will be impossible for media to make any more advertisement money and beauty robbing insults that do not let me the right to breathe because they have a camera in their hands and black people and all that their rubbish will be silenced around here. It’s not use continually explaining away my work as the reasons for their stupidities to do damage to my income and seek out a fist fight, they believe I have not had enough of them whereas I am certain if I get hold of them they will do these things no more and their stupid children will not give it an attempt either. Nobody has ever put up with them on a daily basis for a period of a decade, nobody has done more about it than I have and this is the last warning I will issue about it too i.e. Obviously they think they are famous which is something I do not recognise but the problem however being that they want their criminal arrangements to have the same bearing as the Royal family because I am involved and I do not mind because it seems that it is rather now up to me that the facts about how their criminal arrangements need to stay hidden or else they will kill them, the Royal family wants to be famous and not just famous but famous at Government work.

I. Uno I




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