It eventually grows into a statement about the way that I have been made to suffer and a history whereby it did happen. I could never tell anyway, being made to suffer was a product of their gimmicks ripping up peoples career and finances while they passed exams at school and worked on their victims for fortitude that allowed them to secure good jobs with it, so I imagine people understood that it did not apply to me as it was their new career history because if it does, there was a good prospect the business of finding it so difficult to stop interfering with results of what I did for publicity and the way it applied to my Bookshop, especially considering that my Books are difficult reads and I needed it to be quiet enough here for the Clients, is set to develop into point of real hatred. I mean it was always as simple as a process where they stopped interfering with the Bookshop or I responded to society gits who followed me around with practical jokes until I dropped out of University, alongside their silly popularity fools who were determined to get paid for being popular by using my social life and public image until I did the same, alongside stupid women with ideas about their country being crowded and certain things I did which I would never do in Africa, hence went overseas to bring in their friends to get imagination fingers up my bum until I dropped out. It has been 13 years of hell since I did apparently, mostly a matter of a daily interest in me on their part.

I do get asked about my Official position, which is largely a matter of the way their careers and social life was full of bottom chasing gimmicks, as a matter of ripping up peoples careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, run off tribalism raids that lead them to top Industry Offices and when they get there fail to do the job they acquired, performing daily gimmicks that leave victims with such a thin line of work and earning prospects – somewhere in the Middle of it was the Church which authority was defunct according to the big mouth we had to listen to endlessly. For my part, I am waiting for a perverted interest in my Bookshop, a need to play with me abusively and stupid Americans that were entitled to do so, to progress into something of me being licensed to get off on a trajectory of collecting the part of business and industry that was their own, to do all I needed to do as to ensure they never saw it again, being that it was such a problem for me because they were tired and incompetent.

Their question is usually that of whether I hated people which I don’t – it shows up near my Public authority to make statements and this was happening on account that racism, murder, wars were taking place, so I would begin to think that fear made people do strange things, by the time it had built a crowd to decide I am supposed to move over to its left hand side while it moved into my right hand side, I would have still been caught up in the sense that fear made people do strange things but then gets off enforcing it as well. Here they claim I talk as if I was really tough and it is the sort of thing we are dealing with here, the involvement, the mess and the lies about what I did to their culture, so it should be noted I mentioned that if we clashed, the price I paid to beat them up to such an extent they could make sense of how stupid they really were, would not have mattered – especially in terms of those stupid civil rights, where they were determined to get paid for being popular with my social life, the women wanted my personality to cool down and feel special with on account they had babies and were entitled to comforts while I needed to get into a fight to be a real man, although it causes me a lot of worries, was nothing compared to the idiots making me smell in public because they were trying to get people to punch me, every time I stepped outside of my door, while their foolish Celebrities clung to my career and earning margins.

The business of having suffered which happened and should be noted was largely a matter of an interest in my concerns growing into something of an access to my bedchamber which is no longer exclusive to a Court if they had their way with it, the only purpose of the stupid access being to get imagination fingers up my bum and hang about talking rubbish over the fact they did. It then claims it is the same way as mentioned above that I move into the right hand of Americans who were in charge to pretend that I am as well; one of those issues that will get me to take them up on the American Economy practical jokes, a plan to ensure it ended very badly, especially in terms of their need to show up at tourist destinations in Areas of the world where the UK had a lot of influence and hang about abusing me in sexual context, and a plan to get away with it as well, which according to current facts I will 100% of it. They do here claim it was nice to see me acknowledge that Americans ran the world which does not apply at all; what does is the fact that a world where people cannot respect what I do for publicity and how it applied to a Bookshop keeping my cash strapped, work I have done to move their famous idiots away from my concerns to feel happy for the first time in decades and an epidemic of sexual abuse, makes sense as a whole – they will not find sexual abuse here, they will find carnage like they have never seen before, needs stay away from my earnings and keep its mouth shut if I am not interfering with its salary as well, building up to a stupid false confidence.

So this was an example of the issue I concerned myself with in terms of the Books I am writing; it need to do it repeatedly, move into my right hand and shoot off the big mouth about careers I deserved because I was brave enough to – 20 years of misery and it is starting to look like it would prefer seeing how much I hated its guts to a process where their practical jokes ceased to affect my Bookshop. The other ones will not currently give up the whole claims I won great battles while they got attacked bullying thing – the part where people said one mans food was another mans poison clearly not applying to their cracked up and yet out of my league at the same time stupidities, talking rubbish on media to cling to my income margins, breach my patents and tell lies, backed up by stupid women working me on the problems by jumping on my chest while they got imagination up my bum, to fulfil stupid dreams of being important by getting me to fight for them. It says it did not understand why the British were always so up in arms against the bottom chasing issues about which they needed my assets when they faced problems it created for them as well and required the Americans to collect it for them, while prostitutes took clothes off on my Public image and used social media to continue a disobedience of involvement with me to tell me what to do, blabbing about the military power in their Country; we know on the other hand that they have never explained what they were doing with this nonsense and have never explained why it was appealing that women supporting their husbands should be perpetually tired at the same time thinking the Husbands should not give up in the course of providing for the family and men who needed to provide for their family feeling perpetually tired made sense. Then there was my party piece, where the purpose of this nonsense was to say that they were male society and I was female society and they were entitled to abuse me as much as they wanted as long as they would do their thing on the fighting front, the misogyny and narcissism relentlessly all day long and every single date unmissed – when I do begin a family to have my Children complain about it, I think I will end up with a state of mind that thought their gimmicks had arrived at a point where it worked the beginning of its end. The part where America was in charge being that the US Government gets them into a fight every time they tried to get rich fast as well, all the time.

So this is what I now have to do everyday since they invented a media bubble for it, at the precise time when I had begun to work the Bookshop for income purposes only – a place built where people can claim my career as their own and the meant cunts especially shooting off the big mouth about some real men handling me, needed to stop playing with me and needed to stop playing with me in that manner, especially the Americans who needed to play with their own careers. Eventually the claim that Government Office people always end up blaming Celebrities for their failings does not apply here - it needs to stop playing with me, wrecking my career, building communities that get imagination up my bum and a place where my career can be passed off as another persons job, which is enforced through a job in which they had to deal in news and current affairs, shooting off the big mouth at me and assuming a disposition to address me worse than their stupid children.