I am not in any way prepared to be challenged in anyway or by any statements made in public or through the press by any money markets and stock market idiots, for my actions, I ought to declare and make it so clear hence the prognosis of matters obvious and well understood in that context as well; stories I sponge off peoples ideas and when they are having conversations and debates will not be enough either because of course there was always likely to be a reckoning with all those insults by which over years of abusive deduction peoples get to read my mind so that nothing I do may ever operate professionally - hence reading my mind like they do on a global scale to obsess about markets and getting rich has consequences too, its not just for the thieves and the criminals and the barely legal idiots. The claim that I am an evil person especially thrown around by media goons is understandable of course but the facts behind this can of worms is that what occurred was a group of female journalists getting involved with me, which is how we are able to reach each other through the television lens and stuff and so what the men did with that was get involved; they said I had to do that for everybody and could not just discriminate by choosing those I did it to and even as they speak of my evil their homosexuals cannot stay out of my personal life as well. If I were to tell people that it is a bad thing those actions of theirs, people would have told me I am disrespectful as it is peoples civil rights to interrupt my prayers and that my prayers do not bring people money or indeed any of the good things in life, so it was clearly meant to be like this. All those lies and stuff and it is likely to continue until somebody decides to name the other and make an example of them while they are still thinking it is their civil rights they are practicing. The part about the politicians is the one that makes me so angry i.e. that the purpose of their salaries is to ensure my job and the earning from it can never be mine because I am being made to become something that knows things he is not qualified for so those that are can take it up and own it. These people decided to do their corruptions of involvement on me as violently as they have because I am just one of those things they think they should be able to have if they earn a government salary and or work on media and have enough money to buy most things that people normally want; so they have set me out for the purpose of their sadomasochism and of course the problem with it now, is that they think I am not protected by any laws. Then there is the part where they claim I make assumptions about people whom I do not know and do not know me all the time and plan to earn a living from that; the can of worms this exposes of course on the other hand is that the existence of manufacturing communities is the best indication of everything I own and how I own them contrary to the lies that Politicians and media tell all the time to exasperate me because they have a hand in why I am not getting my books off the shelves and intend to keep their dirty hands there to continue in that way. So they have eventually built up all this sense of fear I am supposed to have had for them which does not really exist and cannot get off the popular culture industry for it as well; where they work so hard to dispute the fact they are stupid which is what is so obviously expressed by what they are doing to me, whereas we know those of them that cannot stop boasting about their academic achievements especially cannot do it unless they are making somebody else that is more clever incredibly uncomfortable which is what they are doing to me and so when they do the other stuff with my earnings, I like to put it down to the fact they are willing to cross the lines o fight to stay alive – since without doing so all I had done to ensure those their stupid communities by which all that abuse gets to work and pay off become gang havens and then I would have sold my books and taken a holiday and all that rubbish would come to an end, hence handle my books without permission and ignore patents on the books which makes it quite clear that only I have such a right, then leave why I allow them get away with it for the time being to the birds to munch on when it is actually their biggest conundrum. I hear them say this is something I stole from them but like manufacturing communities and the fact releasing equities from a royal property to earn a living does not mean it does not belong to me anymore, the Politicians and their plans to have women that are like my Court which has damaged my operations while they talk rubbish in public all the time which will see me have revenge for all of it and my work restored to how it was before only if they leave me alone and get out of my life instead of stifle my income and think it is funny when seen from the perspective of how my mention of ownership of a literary empire annoys them as well; the cheek – I did not steal anything from their foolishness and stupidities that they claim is power, I am still in control of what those stupid cultural wickedness get up to and will not allow any profit made with state funds to create the idea it can make people rich to be made at my expense, not while I have to put up with their obsession for big government as well as if big government was to happen in my life: it is a simple fact that they are on the run for building up problems that people cannot control and means they can be mobile on account that it has become a part of their spirit and have done it from things they write about my faith because they think it is the best way to get away with it and the fact of course that they are using it to show off some new 21 century cleverness infuriates me beyond measure as well. I will have revenge for the damage that politicians and their deviance do to my operations globally and this will not happen only if they leave me alone and go away; otherwise we will have to find out about middle east greed of handling my work at the market place and hitting me at my finances each time I have an opinion and far eastern evils, because that is always what they show themselves to be whenever they are not directly linked to Russia or China.

I do not think it a major problem either, I mean in their eyes they can do whatever they like and what their girls and deviances all the way to homosexuals want to do with peoples personal lives and more so on media determines why I write books and why I earn money but in my view the purpose of sky scrappers have been pervaded by them into a place where they can bald head go in order to sit around with their stupid daughters abusing me to handle my property and get rich with the use of their stupidities. The middle-east ones think they have my finances in the bag because they can access my market place and do what media idiots tell them and then I will have to deal with the violence that results from those abuses, the far-east ones already have a history with me anyway with respect to those stupid cultures. Its like there are those that are actually criminals and are certain they are supposed to play the big government card, climb on my work and get off to the Popular culture industry to get rich, they on the other hand just think they will make a lot of money with their stupidities and a process of exasperating me with it and of course it is not fun and will never be like that for any lasting while. As for my work which they claim is simplistic on the other hand its about a royal crest on a website, things the person who owns it does to make a living from a process where they are a pain and the royal office equities being realised to earn him money hidden carefully in all the operations that they believe to be simplistic. They forget themselves and it creates this no mans land attitude towards all I own as a result of doing so – they are these group of goons that force themselves of entrepreneurs and add problems to people on the left and on the right, who think those their problems are supposed to be the meaning of my life and how it means I make statements about people who do not know me and I do not know and make claims of things I cannot substantiate with what I really own is not exactly clear but they have said so, which is why I find it so ridiculously funny each time their media goons help them out with it too.