I have been told that what people are trying to say in my case is that I have now failed in everything I set out to do, so I deserve the life that has been set out for me by only God knows whom. I could never make out which part of a statement that they have understood to mean I have dropped out of University and faced a 9 year difficulty and nauseating financial complication because of their Manly stupidities following me around and have therefore had enough of it, they really have difficulty making sense of anyway. The first time this Men gimmick ended up hating my guts, the reason was due to its need to spice up its sex life at my expense, so now I have got one that I can respond to in a way that allows me to develop a full satisfactory schedule on doing so as it were. It will then get off a corner with insults that say it must get self improvements at my expense and follow up distant violence that should be financially profitable, born out of its stupid children knocking wood on me all day but its an example of how I can easily get off keeping their toilet for them as well, so I might steal it too and knock some wood in my own right. So the reality has always been that when you know a thing is incredibly bad, you do not actually want to do it but they will not let go until they got a response that their stupidities can complain about. We see the same with the Children and a lifestyle that is made entirely of stealing and lying, the making deals with Public security idiots to hack peoples lives and lifestyles to help them get out of it, since the stealing and lying type is usually the most difficult to recover from but none knows why they follow that path in the first place either, the money made from it being a matter of evil idiots giving it to them to build a perception of me being beaten down and other stupidities exhibited as a matter of my responses to it – so it is growing into a more serious issue on the case of the bloody idiots constantly being seen expressing their stupid selves at my expense on account that the way to manage the mental illness that has come forth from this nonsense is to be famous on my Public image. Same with the women who appear to be the ones that understand best what is happening when people suffer the tummy issues because of the high anxiety that has been inflicted on them but will be the first to work some female whiles and leave it with somebody concerning whom they stirred violence against and still were the same to benefit first from anything that such victims do about the tummy issues all together. So there is no prospect of me doing anything about the tummy issues either since we can clearly see that the Shop manager idiots are also hanging around somewhere with Media exposure and friendship with famous idiots, to completely alter and change my work role and livelihood on account there are extremists in the neighbourhood, then hang about with public transport idiots trying to force me into a job of protecting their stupid selves through the private security industry, pretending it is their god given right to be forgiven for the damage and illegal activities that achieved this in the first place – the outcome being those abusive insults where they gesture me to the left and I wanted to know if their own looked like that as it were. Hence its clearly the one the idiots want me to be successful at and I have warned them enough times as it were – all writers do is scribble and sell, if their stupidities are complaining about the consequences. as we can see, resolving this nonsense on a global scale will not take 18 month of my time.

They do say its about bugging me until I got into a fight as well and its always one excuse after another to behave towards and handle me in a way that suggest rules do not apply to the way people are to behave in my direction and I think the warnings do their job but if I find myself running out of time to plan a comfortable pension, I will make them understand with respect to what I think of the Celebrity culture and every other stupid social and sexual corruption that facilitates it - it goes without saying I am not a fan of their existence either. Much like the education system goons will see me hunt their jobs, the next time their stupidities hangs around in the system helping these society idiots to wealth and lifestyle making on my Public image while pushing hoodlums through the academic qualifications systems at my expense, to blow off the big mouth all over the place about privileges idiots who need my Public image all the time deserve because they were more important and out of my league, as the reasons for it. The first time I dropped out of University it was so tight - at the time Broadband dongles were selling for £349.00 and you had to top it up regularly otherwise to get broadband you signed up to expensive subscriptions you could not take with you when you left home, to manage a University study schedule alongside these scum getting imagination up my Bum over the need to make use of my Public image for money and wrecking everything around here over some obsession with working the needs of men at my expense was the main cause of that failure - so they should know the next time they hung around somewhere helping hoodlums until education system on my Public image, I will sack the stupid jobs instead of get loans and qualifications that help me mop it up. 

Besides, we know the first time we ended up with the current results from it i.e. the hoodlums got through the education system, their friendship got all the way to Buckingham Palace and an idiot got fucked in the arse, who now gets all over my case being my daddy who thinks he is my personal god due to where his own personal decisions have taken him - so I believe I have said my piece.

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