Of course it isn’t true that I am afraid of clever women – it just isn’t a regular topic for conversation this whole thing about celebrities and a need to get people bigger than me to collect my career for them to make fame and riches with but now it has become one because HM may come for the proceeds of what she expects from me at any time and they are doing it here because they want some of mine as well; yes I am aware it means they can see that One is greater me of course – same old case of thinking what they think about me is what The Royal Family does hence it might have remotely mattered. The confusion is that I love to punish women, the anger is stirred because the need to punish women must be forced on me so they can spend my work getting rich in order to prepare to satisfy that need but I dont like punishing women as we all know they are a bunch of idiots managed by foolish men that turn up on my Television to take their stupid spectacles on and off again regularly to look clever when nobody can really understand what they are saying but it does seem okay if they explain it away with my work of course. I need to look after the Court for example and not punish them because of course we all know when these fools are teenagers all they think about is making a mess of somebody that will be used to plug their money games and save up some money to pillage his life and make twice as much and then go again and again until they become young millionaires, so having no respect for my livelihood and even starting a campaign it is not valid, they know that the Court will prevent them from doing that by making sure they cannot turn up on media to think they are untouchable and always want to see me in a fight with them all the time. the men however speak of me giving social media credence when all I have done is use it the way they use it i.e. To get in touch with all who have at any stage deployed my equities because if not for any other reason I need to keep hold of the memories; they on the other hand I have no idea why the world simply cannot see that they turned up here to conduct their corruptions of involvement and destroy everything that was as displeasing as religion can be to them, then get on media to attack me as well because it is my responsibility they say, to change how it has made them feel; so over such matters as how I have taken up the great outdoors and set fire to it, it is the insults that will kill these stupid men you see – same old case of the politicians breeding all these dogs they push people around with and once famous and important start to think they are somebody else’s problem – these celebrity and media ones simply want to exchange their stupid lives with somebody else’s own and it is such a license because I see no reason they ought to have any stupid civil rights when they are that powerful and hence will never stop confiscating it too. My hope on some certain female journalists is not misplaced as largely claimed; it’s an old case of what I do to bend the men towards violence when I sleep with peoples wives in National Television and then become mentally disturbed as well, so they can seek those people they love to claim will have me beaten up to please them more intensely than ever. The women however are an old case who always feel like getting involved with my work to squander everything in the hope I will one day try to cash into the publicity that has existed because of their involvement so they can set out that they have no clue who I am in public – these idiots are only journalists for goodness sake and so I dont mind plodding on since the punishments do not work, leaving my work with their bloc heads and picking it all up whenever I feel like so doing – it is never really difficult since they are so stupid.