The other story of how people wish to pick and choose areas where the Brexit referendum will apply is of course utter rubbish; it was a National decision and we know that the majority that made the decision came from the older generation who have had two dispositions to worry about in the last decade and one of them is that Politicians are more interested in lining their pocket these days than they are interested in creating wealth which means poorer younger people than what the older ones know was the way they lived earlier, the other disposition being one of the bank of mum and dad making a decision about what will become of the children’s future. So if bank of mum and dad says Brexit and the kids say remain like the referendum really happened, I am a loss as per what exactly the politicians think they can do about that decision when they have not created enough homes – if older people think the communities are rife with crime and becoming weaker and weaker and decided Brexit was better while the criminal children decided to stay, what is it exactly the Politicians can do about it when they have not controlled crime rates in the communities. In the end, it was a National decision and we are all supposed to take responsibility for that decision which by the way was made in good faith because it was a National decision, not come up with media based nonsense about picking and choosing areas where the result of the referendum will apply.

It’s like when they say nobody knows where I stand, whether I am blue or red; whereas everybody knows I had to show I could do anything I liked too so as to control people having a need to make fame and fortune with my public image and then either ensure I am said to be stalking them when I chase my career or just get in touch with me again to dominate me with their new found wealth because they think they are my personal Gods; so I chose a working Court from the Media and can now shut down their celebrity and popular culture if I wanted it, this however is not what I want to do, their gimmicks have pushed me out of University and in the last years spent more time keeping me out of my academics than it has on anything else, now I am published with a Company to sell the Books by but cannot even organise an event because I am renting a home and it is not actually my residence, being that I do not have a mortgage because I do not have a job; so it brings back everything that makes their gimmicks so annoying and the importance of taking back the aspects of my public image that brings about that stupid fame and fortune as well – this then feeds into the insanity of their Politicians i.e. a shop manager earns about £30,000 and they all use Luxury saloons and have at least 3 Bedroom mortgages, a Politician earn twice that while their financial expenses are sorted by the government as well, new anchors earn three times that as well but have rely difficulty behaving like civilised persons and regularly need National Media and National Parliament and National civil service to prove I am cursed, every time they start ideas based on that nonsense that involved suggestions of persons I am supposed to offer subservience to, which will then apply they know my parents are aware there are few things I have done which do not amount to what I want to do, therefore does mean I do not owe them a debt as such. So that it does come to the government bits and they will then pick and choose areas where a National referendum will apply and its incredibly stupid, really enjoy assuming it knows me when it knows nothing like that – assuming that it would not have changed its position and complied when I do not want to see its stupidities around my Books and Public image if it knew I could catalogue everything I see it do on that stupid media and set about making sure I did not have to deal with its stupidities ripping my career for fun anymore i.e. like when they say I appeared to work against society earlier but now appear to be in a deep mess all together and the truth is that I am a massive part of society, decided to show I can do whatever I liked as well by having a Court that was based on Media, in return for that stupid civil rights of theft and robbery that means only idiot who have ideas about what everybody should be doing to make them financially comfortable are seen in government buildings these days and only idiots who have ideas about how they are more deserving of jobs and financial success than those who are younger are seen talking nonsense on media to affect civility these days and I am fed up with scum who face the same challenges as I do and do not pay my bills taking those who process of treating somebody like a child without being punished, which is what they are getting from me, as far as they have; more serious things of which have happened since then anyway – more serious things than stupid talk about homosexuality as if they are rather convinced that it would be my prerogative a fuck if I did tell tales about my position on men fucking men etc. it’s never really a mystery, when we hear them speak of the absence of a difference between me and lower classes while their bottom hurts like hell i.e. the problem can be solved if I hurt it more it they cross over to the other side etc, that way they pay attention to what really matters and leave me alone – otherwise it is rather clear it’s a matter of their media disrespect and their celebrity disrespect and their fashion disrespect that continues to do things that expose me to hurting bottom stuff like laying claims of ownership to my public image, knowing that worse case would be when they had anal sex while worse case for me will be when I went off to some really big and bad society goons who will then stick a knife in my tummy; otherwise its clear all celebrities really know, all fashion people really know, all media people really know, all Industry people really know, is the hurting bottoms that follow them and push them hard for the things we see them do to get by and trying to be happy in order to sell the goods and services after that – I myself have made my position clear on the matter, made it understandable to them I am fed up seeing them on my Public image and seeing them around my Books trying to keep it for themselves all the time. They do love to blab about moving into the right hand because I got pushed out of my studies, got desperate and became intolerant of the celebrity and popular culture on account I needed to start making my finances secure – but we can see the first time they got involved with culture and society and took it out of where it should be and made a mess of it, that mess only ended up in my life so they can grab  my public image while I dropped out of University, this time it will have been done because they are having revenge for the fact that I got rid of them and commandeered the financial benefits of my own public image, making stupid assumptions about knowing what I am capable of when they actually know nothing whatsoever.

They speak of being in need of their help on my part and what we are looking at is a handful of ruffians, having gathered a clique and provided some public place leadership for it, now has a job in a Company but it is more important now to try and avoid the impact of their prestige of there being any suggestion of them working for me or in my interest, so it has in that way developed a need to handle my equities and assets and do whatever it likes to create profits for the company and in that way it is doing some management work – I cannot tell which stage their stupidities that cannot say and do anything while it keeps it hands to itself, their stupidities that does nothing unless it is finding out where peoples private parts are for obvious reasons of methods that can be used to pressure people into giving up industry property developed into something I needed any help from as such but I can imagine all that media illusion has created this sort of impression and I bet it will come through to build a sense that when I sack it my actions have been completely unpredictable as well. it’s like when they say I oppose society whereas we have too many scum like these who want to sell peoples personality to celebrities when such persons have stopped them peddling the religious faith all together – I can help them with that naturally but cannot guarantee they will not hurt themselves in the process as well. it’s all being shown some gonadotrophic nonsense I like to describe as a process of being seen all over my Books and public image, talking nonsense about what they are capable of when they want something and those who have it have not co-operated and I have warned them enough times about those stupid threats too, blabbing inequality after. I am aware these things are a leadership that Liberal America is providing obviously but it’s like the Politicians in the UK wouldn’t say they ripping peoples finances and setting them up as personalities that others can pick on so as to cope with what life throw at them is threat to life; so am I aware I get out of bed every day to engage in a struggle with what happens when Liberal America is stifling my Book sales and has been that way for the last 9 years; I don’t mind either way, it’s an old story where it has a peaceful initiative associated with an action I may have taken to set out facts that prove their fallacies about wealth inequality to be just that since it is obvious when it is done with such things shall the case of the worlds wealth ending up in the hands of a few become important never mind the fact of that few majority of them are conservative people and not Liberals or socialists; we saw it all the time while they held the White House in the last 15 years, even their President cannot talk about his own problems by himself without setting it out on somebody else’s life and we all know the misery that those whose lives are used to develop those problems so that these fools might see it exist outside of their own lives to talk about is immeasurable too; it’s an old story where it will say it lives in the land of the free and has the right to practice its witchcraft and should I then decide to hurt myself by knowing what is right and not doing it, such as stopping him, it will eventually lead to outcomes where his civil rights means I am fighting for my survival in a neighbourhood. Its never really been a problem for me as a whole contrary to what they claim; the reality has always been that each insult designed to widen the scope of freedom and equality in the world will amount to making sure I am prone to being hurt as a result of the involvement of their deviance and everything they say with it just does nothing else save damage that thing your wife who is chief doer does to put in order when you set out for work and your kids do when daddy wants to bring home the pocket money etc – so we are very well aware of Liberal America stuff but I like to think that the best case scenario will be one where I set out to prove their stupid theories wrong and that ends with years of setting fact after fact after fact at their expense in a process where there is no asset and no liabilities, so they get to understand there are people who wouldn’t get scratched making sure they can neither peddle a faith or deploy a public image that is not their own to make money and the end of it will be a global test of American Liberal leadership as well. as a whole they do tell me my actions are creating more trouble than solving them but as far as I am aware, the bit about how when they see something they must have it and since they last saw my Books and ideas had coveted it, leading to outcomes where I should co-operate early otherwise whether or not they do I will be damaged and homosexual etc will be the rest is going to end, and it is going to end my way or it is going to end the way they want it and I am not particularly mindful of the carnage that may have done so in the process for my part either.

Eventually it still comes down to my so called sexual habits – which began with masturbation years ago and whereby when I do, they want to find out whom I was thinking about and then I will be punished after; we have only just ended up with an outcome whereby I think of somebody when I masturbate and they are fighting for their lives instead, so my sexual habits will remain exactly where they are, they will remain a testament to stupid Liberal leadership and especially so their need to invent and enforce curses that parents have placed on kids who have not behaved, to a point where they need the National civil service and media and parliament for it as it should be.


 It all comes down to a certain group of issues but all of them come right down to the claim my books are not up to scratch and will have to be redone and only then will I sell them on and get the work done - my books of which are really perfectly fine as they are, only that the titles we have presently in published equity form or the books which are currently being edited were created by me on the platform of academic distraction - evidence of course being the progress made and the fact we are already talking about those who were supposed to save us financially bearing in mind the country had been prepared for them to do business with by those who were meant to.

  1. The claim some fools make that I steal all the fame in their country which I really don’t; the reality is that they issue threats at me and the attention they get for it is so expensive not to mention the financial damage they cause with their abuses and insults; so because of this, whenever I say they need to leave me alone it becomes fun for them like they are doing me a favour and it needs to be clear to them I had settled what my people want and if they do not comply noise making about how they have their people to protect at popular culture evils and crimes which I dare not cross, will not stack up against the military; I mean it cannot stack up against me an unarmed Office man as it stands anyway but they never stop making noise. Fair to say my programme of showing I do not wish to see that stupid culture and popular culture will eventually develop into a fully blown process of hunting it down all together because it will be the only way to prevent that process of stealing and sharing developing into a process of killing me to take it as if they are the only evil thing on this earth and of course I maintain my position that the Politicians that continue to help and fund it are looking for violence all together as well. No idea what the threats are about when they complain so much about my actions; I mean the last time it happened it was a matter of football people and corrupt girls and racism and how I will be the priest people hate because they live in a modern racist country and cannot be a statesman because I will only be one of such if they approve, along with black people in the middle doing holy religious disobedience in order to make money in life, did not end very well and that is what we are still dealing with to this day; I am never of the opinion that any threat from them can be light enough to ignore – I mean I cannot make out what brings it on in the first place, besides which it is important to see the only thing we have in common is a one process of how they will steal all I own and if that fails share it through their politician idiots in government office who think when people trip you they should wee on you and there will be no consequences and if that fails then they kill me and take it with a big mouth, hence all these threats in order to get into my spirit and get me possessed or something – we hear them speak of somebody stealing all the fame in their country and none of it as it were: I will not tolerate the Popular culture and they need to keep it far away from me too, this much has been clear.
  2. I am not talking about their Politicians, those always think they can do and undo with me when of course it is a simple case of what I have mentioned before i.e. once they reach a stage where they earn more than those they assault with their wealth distribution gimmicks it is no longer wealth distribution and of course they have their excuses as well which does not make any sense since those who did such things to them did it over their own property and had law and right on their side for it, just like there is confusion in my case at present but the fact remains a matter of my company and the socialists and myself and how I will earn a living and something needs to be sacrificed of the three to make that happen. They make their noises of course but last time we checked the fact their friends in west Africa who have gotten one of their own into the position of UN secretary general and are therefore of the evil money madness opinion people have things because it was stolen from them, who work closely with their other friends from southern Africa who get themselves beaten up by white men and think everybody should be grateful, were unable to do anything when I took care of international implication of their insults and of course the results did not even make up to a page on my book where I put it up as part of the work I did to write it. Same old story of course of whether you handle a piece of meat like a Politician or wait for somebody else to tell you to first. For the most part all these things about political idiots and their thing with wicked black people who are infantile and think that they can bandy their give me back my thing story on everybody and pretend that all black people are like them and will not stop playing stupid games with me in such ways, is largely a function of what people vote for; they never listen, nobody can convince them that wealth distribution is not an excuse with which to get away with spending four years of party political tax payer funded parliamentary time to chase a person on the streets and then realise you need to get re-elected later – people should never re-elect such idiots but they never listen, I mean it is not as if they attend the parties these fools attend or eat their food and or drink their wines or anything so as to be well informed about the wealth distribution and social equality that was more important than a job that for their political party alone costs the tax payer millions to fund their activities every year and we have the biggest deficit in the world to show for it too.
  3. They say I am a scared cat of course but as it were they are the only ones in the world that seem to suggest criminals are mature reasonable people; if I handled it now they will tell me I am an extremist. I have never in my life seen a process where the fact people want to cleanse a Christian of his Christianity because it is a modern country, becomes a major stand point for political debates, instead of what the electorate needs and the facts out there for government to be concerned with but it happens in this country and I always feel it gets support from the politicians especially when they build fame from infamy at my expense and then make money from it because my evolutionary standard falls below that of normal people and so it is for this I will reverse their human rights as well and replace capitalism with theocracy so there can be a proper fight too. The violent bit is the bit where they boast about power but in actual fact I have taken hold of and bent them up the other way as well since it appears they will not exist unless I am unable to be a person who has a past and a future – after all, when at the precipice, we all tend to evolve, so we can see what they will become too: I am on my own and the laws and rules do not apply to me and that is why people make fame from infamy here and are happy to debate with idiots policies they have put forward on grounds they want to cleanse me of my Christianity – I need to make my own history as well now that they are through with theirs; the idea I am trying to recover from being beaten by them is utter rubbish, we are now waiting for stories they will tell about how the country does not like successful people like them and how laws are made by do-gooders to control the lives of those who are real leaders and get jobs from angry people or they will get no jobs at all, by which the prognosis emerges that those who do not get jobs from angry people stole it with a big mouth: real leaders who created us the biggest deficit in the world for example and therefore really know what to do, not to mention the fact that it has always been obvious all the money they have is gotten from the treasury and so not withstanding of which they think the means to wealth distribution is to control the treasury and get money from it while using it to get money from businesses, where they then claim the country and the economy and the Queen is involved in this whereas everybody else can see it’s my company and me and them and they will get off my book sales too. For the black ones it’s a case of stories they have to tell and cultures with it about guys whose pockets never dry up being dealt with and since it has more to do with racists who do what they do because they want to be better persons than others getting on my case because they get out of hand on account of me while they think it is for the best because they will now decide to steal it or share it or kill me and take it with a big mouth, they will have to change that story too (like the Banks are at the moment); no idea thus why people cannot see the difference between black evil and work place envy freak scum who talk of people taking their stuff and will never grow up as it were and myself, all I can say is that I intend to end it up very badly too since I am never clear enough to them about doing things with me in which they were the boss that sets the standard for their insults to occur at lucrative dispositions the more important I get (I mean my parents come from Nigeria and the capital in that country has been moved three times in its history, the civil war the country dealt with in its history was entirely based on this one issue of doing things with people in which idiots were the boss and they have spent so much of their time thinking they wish to travel all over Africa to find my ancestors and tell them I am winding people up).
  4. They speak of these things I do which involves supplying awareness about domestic violence; utter rubbish of course because the only awareness I am aware of supplying is that it is difficult to choose a side when a certain woman that wants to control the atmosphere of the city so anybody who does not give her what she wants can get beaten up, starts getting beaten up by the same men on account she has taken everything – especially when it is her husband. I mean I sympathise with the cut lips and black eye and tattoo on the bottom so she cannot marry somebody else even when the relationship breaks up and so on but for the most part there is glee going on in there, hence I do supply clarity to ensure that there are no accidents, where other innocent people become the victims of it. Hence I am aware people think I feel I can say anything whereas in actual fact I have always been clear I am a sexist; all the things I have said indicates that and so is the insults of women that runs like a National and International campaign likely to develop into pure hate as well; I mean since I am already sexist but not a misogynist, I wonder what they will call it when it does anyway. Those who think there are jobs women cannot have are buffoons and idiots of course for the most part, I do not know anything about women and am not interested, if I sit down to have a conversation I am not of the opinion women should get a look into it, however when somebody is nice to you, you must make the effort too. It never implies I am prejudiced towards women but a typical issue for example is that of female Ministers of parliament whom I guess the electorate vote for because they are not well informed about what they are voting for i.e. a little witch that will get into public office and expect a media scum to grab things off a boy to do her job for her with, claiming it is civil rights they are creating, building up or preserving – since I am a Christian of which the conventional way of handling it is not on, so we are getting after such things as the fact government jobs are things people die for all the time and companies are things people go to prison for all the time but they get away with those things because the characters of Politicians in the UK are not scrutinised as much as those of the US or Australia or Canada to speak of a few. As for how this explains my position at church on female bishops; the Church has nothing to do with it i.e. the facts are simply that if bishop today refers to the role of a man then it is what a bishop is, however in the early church women did become bishops because it is impossible to tell those who look after the community that they cannot teach the Bible or that God did not endow them well enough to do so; modern times have meant women have branched out of Church like the men are charged with representing the Church in the world, I am not one of those who thinks that it means people should think they need the rules of the Bible to be changed so that they can be Christians. Contrary to that claim I am vulnerable to women, concerning which they all need to get off my book sales which I am sure will most certainly be their undoing, especially due to those stupid threats that are aimed at opening up my spirit because they want to get me possessed and so on, which is hardly as funny as they might make out it is, it’s just that women are the centre piece of anything that deviant society does due to the sex and I have had it with the culture and popular culture with it and those rubbish they sell and claim to be products: no matter the number of times I have to explain that business operates on the basis of real products and real creations and real qualifications etc and none of it whether or not people create the products that serve the consumer most satisfactorily can work except there is the job side of it being fulfilled even so.
  5. I am not of the view that dealing with evil politicians is a complicated thing either; it is the same old issue, their own version of spiritual believes are secret and must be imposed on others, while that of others silenced and stifled with civil rights. I love to make it simple by telling them when they earn more money than those they assault it is no longer wealth distribution and social equality, what I am saying in raw terms is that they are too quick to shed peoples blood and their feet itch for it all the time, they lie everyday and perpetually too without reason or purpose and bear false witness like their lives depended on it and generally do every single thing the Bible describes as an activity that God hates; if they think they want me they can come round and get me on the streets and get off government property and if not then they can carry on spending tax payers money on themselves to manufacture an effect of dominating me, we all know there is only one way to take away tax payers money people get to dominate others without any real competition involved which will have brought their stupidities out into the open for all to see, whether I do it myself or ask somebody to do it for me and I am certain they have that at the back of their minds too – what I really think is whether their size will be enough like they claim it will; like the old story of how the economy needs to be made to work like they wanted it so they can decide whose property they wish to confiscate, the big mouth that says all the time that the only way to operate the economy is to ensure those who can make it work are controlled and made to make it work from above, so they can get rich.
  6. The insults as a whole are what they are, I mean what they have become is entirely deserved and the idea they are a sign of what society is, is utter rubbish too, since we all know that in their company you always feel endlessly insecure, get a point all the time and then they follow you around all the time too. I do not worry about them very much because I do not want any respect from them but the other story they tell day after day of new things found on my work which is the same old story about trophy power from my life with which to be rich and successful gone wild, of which they have their own minds to make up but think the story about how media set it up will do is enough; hence their Politicians always think they have reached such a peak and I am in trouble on account they are where the government is and my life is where the people are, hence it is never enough to just say no threat from them is too meagre to be ignored and that letting one go un-avenged is bad for your health and even priests need their health to preach the gospel so it is not just me. The state of things is simple i.e. I say people should not do a thing with me or play with me in such ways and they do anyway and there will be consequences for that, of course if I do not have the villains who want to take advantage of it nipped I will never make a living so I find it hard to see which is surprising anyway. These days they spend most of their time getting communist friends which is just fine, I find it hard to see how complains about women will do enough distraction and cause me to lose an empire like they do build one and loose it like that – I mean I am so inferior that I lose it without earning a penny from it and loose it completely too without any leftovers and a big mouth, same old story of course about how it is the way my culture operates because their alliance with evil black scum that come here to buy homes I can rent and so on knows no bounds, especially when they claim all black people are like that i.e. the whites attack me because they get out of hand on account of what I have, in order to be better than me, the villains political and fame freak etc squander everything else and of course the black people think they will steal it or share it or kill me and take it and now we must find out what the end is with this problem of men; no idea what the complains are about or what their problem with women is anyway. I intend to round them up as well and damage their lives to the point where I am always telling them to do what they do for trophy power and energy and the result will be that they will avoid doing things to the point where they avoid doing what they need to and then the condition will force them to do it where I will have my domination as well like they have shown me can be done – the media will not help them with perceptions of what reality is forever as it were and we all know they like to complain but leave out the crucial facts of how it started, like the old thing about trouble I will get into when they cannot stop issuing the stupid death threats, which are meant to open up my spirit for devil possession since they cannot leave people alone. The book selling cause was meant to manage this issue for me and others who are affected but that has become their only preoccupation on a daily basis as well, through to an obsession with access to my privacy so they might find out what I am thinking and writing, so whatever is the complain I have no idea; after all we all know if they get a brush with other peoples bits and bobs as such it is something they think about forever on grounds they are the most insolent scum in the world and their lives and the way they live it is very well deserved too as it stands – if not their parents I am sure there are others out there that screw them up too. So the complaint is that I hand my work to American racist scum to play around with all the time which I really don’t; the truth of it is that the US is more of a market place than it is a dwelling place and every building has a family behind it that is involved with a business; so if I were to go out speaking to them about my work I would be selling it, no idea why others need to speak to them as though my work was their own anyway but the old story is that Americans can do business with anybody and these fools on the other hand are low lives who do not hear it as often that they are, so they tend to hear that they are freedom mongrels instead which is an upgrade with a question mark beside it. I am largely concerned with the racist that picks on me because of black people, the villains that squander everything I own because of these things and the need to make me react and the black people that will share it or steal it or kill me and take it and all three will feel me and hear from me as well. In terms of the US personally I have no idea why those who tell me I am unaware of the existence or working of US multiculturalism, like to tell me also I expose myself to US racism – the US is more of a market place than it is a dwelling place and I am aware they make deductions from how I follow the former secretary of state and of course never did support Mr Obama in the first place and that some career piracy will emerge as well, which is utter rubbish, since I am more focused on what the US president thinks he can do with the army at his disposal and why he cannot leave me alone so we stick with the basics i.e. my working court is a front against US Politicians and if they push it can pack a punch as well; the men and their problem with women is entirely apt. I do not sabotage my state provided security or make the sense that it is insecure to fight for me; now, truth of it is that I am an extremist and so until I have need of the left, it will stay shut, needless to say those who do not wish to live by my thing can stay out and get a life of their own.
  7. Bringing us to the three final issues i.e. the claim I get banks involved in matters then betray them which is utter rubbish since reality is that people want my equities and when I tell them the parameters have other ideas, the results come through negative all the time and they offer prospects as consolation that it will get better which is not good enough, hence with that kind of attitude it will soon become a case where the normal way of doing banking is copyrighted in my name since it is clear that it works better all the time only when they work harder. The part where I speak of things I know nothing about being utter rubbish because the facts remain that if according to their prognosis I think I will make a living by being the Queens fan what do they have to say for themselves if they attack my book sales when she had approved of it. The things I do with the Pornographic industry on the other hand if it has become such a big issue is not just the fact the film industry manages temperaments at my empire trust and emporium and so if they have got it, they and their evil socialist politicians can do it as well and find out, hence the reason I wish to get rid of the popular culture where people think music CDs are real products and make the excuse I sell books and want fame as much as they do when I really sell my books as part of my job because without a cause completed to back me up at academic work they will always destroy it, hence the privilege with it the Pornography industry is not open to all and they had better stayed away from it to avoid trouble, I do not wish to find myself in a place where I cannot control it – besides which it does not mean the Pornography industry cannot take care of itself, they can go and use their own to do it to get the jobs or stay away like I have warned them to, so when they want they can humiliate people by causing them to find themselves and their work at the sex industry. Hence in the end if the UK is not able to find answers to present global financial issues I do not think the rest of the world will be able to ; i.e. UK plc will not make any profits this year because it is not playing my ball has shown they cannot be take on me and my little website, besides which the business systems we have here are heavily defended and subsidised all be it intellectually as well, so we find it easy to mobilise and tell bankers what we see and what needs to happen or change for the better – hence it’s the Politicians letting us down. We are bankers and we love to put people out of work on grounds we lend money; nobody seems to think it is serious yet – their Popular culture fools make references to film when we all know Film is one of the reasons I do not get so bothered about pornography because it is where my sexual activities may cause damage on grounds that they manage what remains as temperament from a process where somebody creates a product but cannot engage with the consumer even if they had purchased it unless they get involved with me – hence a process where some actions I have carried out on a moral basis has become something others can latch onto and make a living if they wanted to do so. Like I said before, it’s me my company and them and they like to make out the Country is involved too and it is not good enough since I am not of the opinion a government can sway me when I am on my own and people can harm and hurt and abuse me and make fame from infamy at my expense and get away with it.
  8. There is talk of course of how I ought to be spending more time with the royals; the problem of course is that I have got such little time for it i.e. the balance between cultural matters and other necessities I need to attend to are so overwhelming at this stage I have such little time to get involved with the royals because I have not got the money to buy such time. It is not to say this has been achieved by any political scum, if they say so they know it will wind me up because if we are remembering properly the one big problem between me and them is that they are such a collection of lazy twits and their desire for destroying my property and person due to their frustrations is astounding i.e. I am too lazy to work out what and how I need to run a family so whose person and property do I need to take it out on so I might never get to ask and he might never get to feel superior because I did, I am too lazy to work out what I need to do to make myself comfortable and so whose person and property am I going to take it out on so I might not have to worry about it since I am to concentrate more on how to fulfil the requirements of my ambitions etc – what they need to hear from me is that the diaries are full and they need to get lost, besides which the whole process of keeping me unemployed and messing up my benefits once it is exam time to affect my grades does not seem to have done them a lot of good either; I have had enough of them and they are aware if they raise it, doing so will wind me up because it is the single biggest issue between me and them. I mean how is it really possible for people to abuse you until doing so creates a social problem then deploy something as big as the civil service to ensure that you then have to be forced to deal with the problems; I mean how does absolutely everybody in the civil service get to agree to such a thing in the end anyway; what do they suppose they are, people that can do and undo and what are they doing anyway recycling curses that come as a result of taking advantage of good people and abusing those who are saddled with leadership? I am on my own and they should never question my actions, I do suppose they are aware they have done that for long enough at this stage too. 
  9. That claim I want to get around with people whom I cannot see do not want to have anything to do with me occurs just as often as it is annoying. I do not want to get around with them i.e. imagine a Christian that tends to get to a group of boys that sit around the street corner smoking marijuana and say hell my main men to them and then imagine one that does it three times a week and then imagine one that does it every day – its traumatic stuff and I do not want to get around with them. What is really happening is that they enjoy taking up my time, wrecking my income and bending my life into something they want, the problem of course being that when I get off my Christianity and live like that then the result is that I am first of all stealing their history and doing things they used to do as children because their parents could afford a life where they could do and realise those things and of course I am also subservient of them and of course the dare here is that I cannot also make them live like I live as a Christian so I can have the same prerogative and get it out of them as well and so this has become the challenge since such activities are a worthy use of my time and their time too. The Politician versions is that I mess up everything they do to bring about the balance of power at their government work but it’s the same story since the popular prognosis is that you have not got an office, you do not think about power issues in it and that power issues does not apply to your office – so they have no respect for you or any harm that you can do them by what you do whatsoever and can do as they please with your person. In the end the point is that all these things from the smallest which ranges from sitting with my family to breed conspiracies about those I hate who have things I need to take from them, wherefore no threat from them is ever too small and should not be allowed to make sense on grounds especially that the victim is too lazy to have revenge, unto the big ones like the Politicians and homosexuals, is some kind of spiritual sensibility and it will never be clear, especially when you are done with getting by 20 women when you went out today and one of them expressed why your head hurts so much and your chest is killing you on account you do not help them women with their shopping and need to be beaten up for your insults of knowing what to do and not doing it, because she is a Christian – they have a real problem with letting other people be. So they say I need to put to be things people need to know about the beginnings and ends of what I own but I have mentioned there is only one of me on the planet and I have a right to cash into that while they have not been given permission to; the royal office equities have been patented and so are the books and writings and scripts and personality that got the Queen interested and not what the Politicians say and more so bearing in mind when they always want to create another meaning into a fact that I was taken away from Americans by the Queen when they would have handed me over and maybe what they want me to say is that it was in her interest to be seen acting, so they are doing very well too in that respect and cannot let me be – they like to do things to my work and property I have expressly told them not to i.e. I said Hello to Princess Katherine today and so he is in for it, I said Hello to the Prince of Wales and who shook my hands today and he is in for it, endlessly and so of course I also spend my time doing the routine where I say hello to Americans and lay into them – you know make real sense of it when I say I feel like killing them. The fact therefore remains that if I stayed silent and worked properly I would be gaining from my work at this stage but of course the issue – I mean most of these things are issues and not problems, the problem are things I deal with the issues are just facts and prognosis, so here the issue that has become a matter is that I do not stay silent and work like I should but of course my life is surrounded with cultural evils, so that since people never listen when they feel like having sex with me they will have to get past it, what I am left with is those who are the cultural evils itself and feel they can do whatever they like with me, in which case the problem is that when I want to relax people do not understand and that gets them into trouble; bottom line being the question of what kind of audience a writer who works from a half monastery office expect and why they are always here to stifle my book sales creating another meaning for it to cash into my name and reputation etc, claiming to be business men and women.  
  10. It is never really true as claimed that I crave the fame and fortune like the popular culture people; no, the fact of it is a mathematical calculation that if I sell my books to some 2 million people, at least another 700 thousand would have borrowed from their friends and if that is judged in terms of replacing capitalism with theocracy in the west, that is a lot of progress and work done. The main issue is that businesses continue to make out they need to take advantage of me together with popular culture fools – so there is always that sense that when they make it up on media it is how it is but it really isn’t i.e. they are the sort of people who walk around this country being so lazy that when they have a job they cannot sleep well or being so lazy that when they have a job those who give them those jobs do not allow them sleep well or supporting those who are so lazy and such a collection of trouble makers for everybody that those who have the jobs they have been given do not let them be on account of that, so they are the ones that need to work the financial industry problems and handle the money of fame freaks who talk rubbish about those who do not have money in the banks and therefore have nothing to say anyway they want, I for my part will keep the left on lock down until when I feel I have a need for it. The problems that will be managed therefore is that process of the systems we have in the UK and the means by which people can use them to do their business and then think about moving out to the rest of the world from there but when they come in feel like handling it and making a show of it that will peddle it without making them culpable as though they are handling a little peachy virgin, which will then see to it that they never run out of inspiration. Hence the issues they have to deal with since I am still a virgin as well; so people can see their own too. For the financial system the problem remains that when banks collapse people loose savings and pensions and wages, which makes no sense whatsoever since that is supposed to have been the part of the bank that is unsinkable, the part that people give back first and then think about their loss and problems and pass their debts to their families after. So maybe the way to ensure that while bonuses never go amiss bankers think it is okay to tell these group of consumers that when they join the boat they are supposed to go down with it is to split the banks into investment and consumer sectors about which I would be told when the idea came up I opposed it but what they are talking about at the time was to do nothing about the economy but hit the big fat bankers by splitting banks and so the result will be that if the consumer sector was still their bank they could deploy the money if they wanted anyway and so somebody needed to ensure what lessons the recession had exposed were taken in i.e. the reasons it happened was that things moved a lot quicker than the operators, so that people tend to pretend I do not know how banking finances are used when we all know what happens is that if a bank lends money to 1 million businesses and while the money had been signed into transaction, 500,000 of them went under, the bank is likely to collapse and all those who had money in it will lose their money which is precisely my point i.e. we need to ensure money gets to businesses quicker and info gets from businesses to the financial systems quicker, technically of which this is a reform of the stock market and how we do that is for example when the Prime Minister visited India and maybe got to speak to some 200 goods manufacturers that are based in china to get a feel of what administration he needed to do for example etc and then the stock market can pick it up from there, but that is not happening and so just like the matter of people seeing that the equities of a royal estate are patented but think they can deploy it if they wave at the Queen somewhere, about which they will continue since we are not yet in another recession at present, maybe one artificially created for them as it were, the case must be noted that things ran faster than stock market operators but the arrogance with which they handle people’s property is still completely astounding.
  11. Now is it possible to match immigration to the needs of the Country? Of course not – it is all a sordid affair between racist scum and lying thieving murdering socialist fools i.e. they can do my stuff like they love to make noise about on media and I will do them again. Now the other issue is whether I have problems with the idea of Princess Katherine, utter rubbish of course since she is Duchess of Cambridge whose entire function is to support her husband is Heir to the throne and so if your life is to support the Head of state then of course you are not a real functional full time royal. I for my part tend to be the one who has what she has not i.e. an autonomy – it is a problem of some sort i.e. I must do all I do professionally or I will be told my results are unquestionable but my methods and of course every little thing I get wrong has consequences that are unimaginably disproportionate since I do not have staff that pick me up and drop me off and show me things etc but generally work on pressure to find what I need to find and do the work I need to do – so there is no such thing as an autonomous Princess Katherine she is a Prince who exists to support and assist her husband – of course it will be said I need to stop complaining because I get the best deal all the time whereas while the lower classes say I make it up and spin it off so I might never be wrong each time the unimaginably high consequences that come with getting a thing wrong for me is something I work on to rectify and then follow it up with how beautiful compared to me they are to peddle me and build their lives around my earnings, the others that are not lower class can make money from being a real pain to me, so I get the best deal all the time but it cannot be seen to be said by them. I am not everybody and have no feelings which have ever suggested I am okay with the idea of the things they want in life and their families that exist as communities on my right or the racists ones that come as single nuclear families on my right; I want them to shut it down and I am not giving back that stupid society either – that stay here just like they never listen when I say I want no part of the culture and society and whatever, reason being I need to ensure the claim I am a Christian because I like to see them get of vices they really like and do something useful with their lives so they can have more money for it become a self fulfilling prophesy; thought action result pack it in and go-go-go. The politicians can speak of the left hand side if they want in my view it is all about people getting benefits of my faith without being converted, forcing me to doing it for everybody so they can copy and have it too and we are not making mention of the prognosis of winning elections and going to office to cross their legs and expect a media scum they will later have anal sex with concerning which they know what my position on that one really is, for penance of the wickedness they have performed on a boy with a big mouth. No threat from them is insignificant and they do not live in my life, I do not want to know about it and they have no right to exist, they need to shut it down so I don’t shut it down for them and deal with media villainy so nothing subverts my statements while I am at it, at the end of which we can then find out who exactly owns me and gave me passports to travel to the UK, whom they can align themselves with and fleece things off me; which would explain why I make it a global issue I can leave for an extremist as well so there can be even more civil rights. I am not bluffing and no threat from any of them men women and children is ever too small or insignificant; I am an Arch Prince and so good at what I do that unlike others who collect leverage on the enemy due to my work with the armed forces, I collect mine and create new ones so that when I die, which I will someday for nothing, there will be another is less than 24 hours who will likely be even more evil than I am. By the way of which I have no idea who would sit at Buckingham Palace to make out I care about their need for royal position advancement; I don’t, in fact it needs to be mentioned my biggest financial problem is the idea I serve both the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh – hence each time that idea comes up it’s a matter of take five steps back, hence the media loves it so much and I have a thing for what appears on media too. I do not think of them as a problem; the Queen allows them get involved with me or approves a process where I have only on grounds of certain behaviour issues, when they want royal advancement they do need to find it and get it another way but this. For those their people that will have me beaten up, this is why I find things really amusing since all I say tends to mean we are only having an argument and that they do shit stuff as well. As for the media scum; endlessly the same story where I maintain a process where some silly girl who hates my guts because she thinks I am an alternative for her and her boyfriend, does not mean that somebody to handle my work to help them make money but it is the last thing they ever listen to, like stories about what I mess up and then demand later when they know what my views on anal sex is. So I tend to do them as well so they can ask me if Princess Katherine is a real princess and stir up the other side of things as well. Hence prognosis of how difficult it will be to beat up or kill or whatever with a big mouth. I do not think it is a problem either; they are meant to have been a collection of very twisted and evil fools that like to think they like girls very much and even when they have found somebody that will give them the homosexual sex, always want to turn out to extract civil rights from me and or my income and earnings all the time and therefore tend to think that when they appear on television everybody assumes they are good people and want to get around with them. They come across peoples bits and bobs and remember it for years, most insolent goons on the planet, the part where women wear their makeup like a mask with which they carry their entire families does not distract them, the part where some of those women are good looking does not distract them, the part where peoples Princes are well looked after and therefore temperamentally sound like I am does not distract them, nothing distracts them unless it is stupid insolent deviantly hardworking saloon cars from (full album will add the word popular culture to list of characteristics of course) where they will not lean further to the right to deal with me like they make noise about and rather like to talk of how I should be preparing the country for them to make money with, of which the country was prepared for those who will save us months into the recession while we are years into it today and they have not stood up to get counted since either, only get after my book sales which will be their biggest problem yet as it were. They always think the media will have me of course but that remains to be seen since I have got the media precisely where I want it and as for their family and community goons on the other hand the question is still whether they are a good thing for the world on account the want the stock of cash in it to end up as their savings and personal property to live high deviant lives with and are thus convinced that working hard for it is work, where my tummy and my chest and my head hurts like hell and there isn’t a good reason for it yet, what there is, is some right they think they have to exist as people on the right hand side of me and will never listen – practically deaf.


The idea I have shown and can and have it and will to do more is entirely apt but I cannot make out why they say it anyway since they cannot make me do anything and never have anyway. It’s the same old media rubbish concerning which the media bosses like to say I write things on my website that I will take down about which I always think what I write on my website was the favour in the first place since what they do is set out shopping channels that wreck my profit margins and vandalise my company to make money and reporters that do what they want to keep it working; so I guess it is fair to get up and say now they need to keep the shopping channels under control and shut their reporters up so I don’t have to shut them up myself since it is difficult to work out if they gang up on people because they need to have some sort of fraternity or do it because they are villains and have always been. Evil business families and the story of people that will beat me up; they think they are bloody minded and I am bluffing and my book sales are their plaything and media runs my life. They say I speak of evil business families after I had done my worst and yes so it was meant to be too; let them start all over again as too and define recession while they are at it, so I can copy as well and set myself up in a place where each copying means I have gained something which applies that I have more and am better than them, which media will like to serve very much, for they have got media and more so have no reason to roll with everybody else when their style is to go out and grab what is theirs until they are back to how they used to be.



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