We appear to be tied down constantly with this story of a group of ageist idiots that claim to be the ones who get to whip my anus all the time – I wouldn’t know anyway, we know that what really happens on the streets is that every neighbourhood is worth living in to a certain extent but its impossible to live in any neighbourhood at all when the bloody idiots are spending time building a crowd that hears them boast about the reasons they get to deploy my work and property to make their stupid selves comfortable being that I am afraid of them and what will come to me if they didn’t – now looking like it’s a very difficult thing for them to shut down by themselves, looking for a response as stupidly as possible. It has been an arrangement of them and their friends from Asia, Africa and Middle East on one hand, while Celebrities took the other and bother spend every 24 hours ripping up my finances with insults using a Media presence and since HRH Prince of Wales has always wanted to run a Country with the rogue landlords and the Politicians have always stopped me until I dropped out of University, I don’t think I needed to do a thing about it as well but when this sort of nonsense builds up into a case of society idiots, Celebrities and the young people that are complicit with it on one hand while I took the other because I was being made to choose, I wonder what it is exactly as a matter of certainty that their stupidities would do about it. It is not unusual for these matters of affect people at a Royal Office but it beats the imagination that any is running the Country with it – suffices to say that all will be well if those who are pushing mans world gimmicks did it without bothering others with it, goes without saying they are aware that by the time they had run it through and gotten a government prepared to provide female community with security, it would be too late and that when the correct way to get things done are overlooked, it is never a political manoeuvre but an intention to cause people harm as it were – for my part, while they are pushing a Men’s world on the Heir to the Throne who has now been spending most of his time doing the things he mother did with these stupid Men to secure his future, claiming she is being hypocritic, I will be spending time sacking that stupid Celebrity culture that shows up here for the purpose of a disobedience that affects where my Books and Publishers are, where my Royal Office is and what their stupidities can do to get rich quick is supposed to have been. Its nothing unusual that we know they spend their time whipping peoples bottoms for the fact they had made money and others need to be pushed towards success, looking for trouble – here in the UK, I have developed a habit associated with chasing money and they have not yet vacated the Public image I am communicating with people by, in the Middle east they will run it through in their insulting well off neighbourhoods and bring home the terrorists which are unleashed on completely innocent people while their Politicians performed beauty parades whenever an attack took place; I have had enough and each time the idiots show up around my concerns without buying and reading what I have written, there is set to be consequences to follow going into the future. It would be enough to satisfy myself with saying they are utter scum but I cannot say that if the idiots have got money apparently, as stupidly as possible, the current complains are about the consequences of insults and abuses and processes of following me around on how I can be used to make their stupidities financially comfortable until I dropped out of University are cause of the main complain and the insults with respect to my Public service is about to get me assessing what damage their corruption of involvement is causing my concerns at the Monarchy, of which if there is any that warrants a response, I should make it the finale as well.

So far it appears that there is no amicable way to avoid processes by which Men and every twat in the cesspit of life they live in, seeking out the most useless existence in their youth and suddenly discover wealth they never worked for on account very evil scum continue showing up around my concerns to assess what they want to have from me, ranging from a the use of my personality to my Public image, finances and even getting their Penis up my bum and so on, which they show up to demand once their stupidities were done performing tasks in the security Industry - it will say it hates religion and people like me are disobedient with it but leaves this story along with the gimmicks of its stupid women out of the matter when it complain about my sense of Public control leading to matters politicians must be aware of with respect to my attitude. The claim I am finished is utter nonsense too – what happens is that these fools enjoy nothing better than to make stupid comments that extol the money they want to chase around my concerns, which alters what people feel about my Books and robs them of time and space to read it thereby robbing of me cash. It needs to show up here or express anything around my concerns when it is interested in my Books and not when it wants to massage its stupid ego expensively with a trail of war behind it that really makes sense of its stupidities doing this while making so much trouble over money because its money was more important than everybody else’s money, federated idiots talking nonsense about me being the same as they are, over their ideas on Fashion, Celebrity, Media, beauty and sex while that is not what I do for a living. The blabbing being that I am living on false hope, the reality being that their professions are the only ones performing this sort of nonsense on other peoples profession for the time being and I am about to join that stupid game of theirs too. I do get told I am relaxed about a matter so serious but I am not; it’s the one same problem as ever i.e. there were rumours that I was planning to make a living from the shadow cast by businesses and I had to cover the grounds since its not good to leave the businesses hanging in terms of thinking I am coming in while I am not – once done, found myself stuck with the stupid Celebrities and the Fast Cats and the Industry fools, once I had cleared that out, then it became a full scale life changing game of a lifetime with Media fools that had some media presence to play with, abusing me on a provisional basis, just in case an industry scum wanted to buy into it, so they are on the left with their stupid women building me publicity that sets me out as the guy that engages in a war on women while the cesspit idiots who think they are real men on the other hand frequently pick up my work and public image to get into a fight with people by especially the wars where they shoot somebody and have their brains shot up in the process as well, when I want to make them real men if I am fed up living off the idea they get their stupid imagination up my bum for a reason. They love to boast that there is nothing I can do about the money Celebrities have made at my expense and the bottom chasing idiots with a society too fool around with love to follow up such abusive nonsense as well but its an old story of half the time thinking when they put out show business products, it is sweeter if they put pressure on people over it by antagonising me, so the money is what happens when people decide to spend cash making stupidities like their own very rich. That said, I am concerned if the situation is that it is happening with people I built a trust system with, where we can set out exactly how I am going to sell them Books that make them better off as a whole, which is why it is developing into a game that will end very well, especially as their stupidities have now advanced to a matter of finding ways to exploit market I have built and add the money to money they have already got as substitute for actually working on the business, which is the part that sets the stage clearly when it comes to the idea that the whole gimmick will end very well too. The others that love to tell the lies every so often introduce themselves as the scum that can handle me naturally but the ones I share a flat with will first steal my medication and then find themselves using the loo more often, so they will get on to stealing 2 litre soft drink bottles to ensure the sense I had lost something was created, an example of how Police brutality was the main problem. They say I am an example of a character that thinks he can do whatever he likes and what I am doing with myself is an example of what it becomes when things get tough - utter rubbish naturally, since what happens is that but for the physical processes of the violence and violation, taking advantage of me and my work to get rich usually comes with a natural limit, the abuses ensure there was a response and that response played into Media presence which ensured the limit was either eliminated or insignificant - we found the same processes show up because my Books set out an alternative statement that supported Stock Market Traders I brokered with, they had to attack the Books until they got a response even though they could simply have bought a Book that supported traders when they went to the stock market to trade, it aimed ensured that the limits to abuses for money were either eliminated or insignificant as stupidly as possible and it never worked. The claim there is nothing I can do is not based on reality as well - its the Media fools with wives and female friends claiming I am the one engaging in war on women for obvious reason and the cesspit of the world of men at society, garnished by the activities of some scum who spends most of his time getting imagination up peoples bottom because he made some money and the activities are so widespread that it affects Education system leadership and makes it difficult for people to decide what kind of education they are selling to young people, while the entire time he does not have an arrangement with me that says I am bound to lose something if I burned it - like they claim that what I say does not deter them from continuing with their activities and yes it does not because they are addicted to my concerns after years of that big mouth building a crowd to say what happens during a recession is recovery created from grabbing derivatives, property, market and ideas from the kids - it has since become so difficult they want to get back to the drawing board and have it sorted out but have not got the stomach for it.