Of course it is the natural thing for people like these to make it impossible for others to earn money they have worked for; it means when they deploy their lives and work and property to get rich and famous and the owners have opinions about it they can be told that they do not practice what they preach and want a different rule for themselves from what everybody else gets and then it will go on and on and on forever as well with a very insatiable desire to touch anything that belongs to such a person as well, just like they think they need to handle my earnings to create a fist fight between me and them to make their stupid Politicians important, never speak of the far right of their own Political activities who tolerate little of them and want to have conversations about my side of society with respect to every problem they have got. I intend to extract from them absolutely everything they have gained from anything I have unwittingly done which has allowed them to gain from me; it is my only problem, it makes me weak so I can get beaten up and I will send them back to where they came from for it and get them off my earnings which I suppose will happen either their way or mine.Now a few matters have arisen here; one of them is the unfairness of the UK Government proposal on Child benefit – I believe that the matter has to areas, one of them being that the government really should not nothing to shed responsibilities if it is trying to make more money than it used to because it will get these responsibilities back in place when it has enough money to and that will mean it becomes difficult still to determine if the economy really has done better or recovered. My view of a recovery is based on what Human rights was in the 1950s and maybe 1960s and perhaps 1980s and the fact that people cannot have a worse quality of life in the 21st century, that is not progress no matter how much money the economy will make at a later date; a problem is supposed to be handled according to its merit. And the same applies to public transport of which we pay our taxes to ensure the government provides the amenities but the question is whether the government would honestly tell us we are not being violently extorted from on account that what we pay today would have been the tax we would have been paying if we were to have free transportation around the country and our costs were to be taken care of by a general tax bill, just like it is with the NHS. So I believe it is one of those problems that persist because the minds of Politicians are else where and I bet they will be firmly located in the prizes of what money they can make by being linked with multinational companies through the deployment of their public work and the interest of the National economy as we can see does not get served in such a condition either, which again is a fact that shows they do not seem to understand we know they are lying to us, destroying our lives and our finances and that we can do something about it if we want to, in a blink.The other matter is that of Northern Ireland and the troubles there; it is difficult to understand why anybody would take down the Union Flag. It therefore suggests that they have lied to themselves over a period of time and twisted their minds to a point where they come to such a decision through what happens to have been a consultative council. I mean, if Ministers in Northern Ireland are saying to the people there that they are to stay in Northern Ireland while the ministers manage the government as well as the role that Westminster plays, then why do they need to take down the flag in the first place? If what they are saying is that the Northern Ireland Parliament has been run by Sin Fein and the Unionists for more than 3 years now, then what is so mystical about the Sin Fein Party, its codes and leaderships and what it stands for and the job that it is doing, which it has been doing, that the Union flag needs to be taken down so that the content of the Northern Ireland Parliament can be observed and then again still if the flag is taken down to express the fact the Northern Ireland parliament is run by Sin Fien and the Unionists and not the Unionists and the good Friday agreement, then why is it flown on royal occasions, do they expect the Queen to travel around and manage the relationship of the Parliament there with the UK Central government for them? So smacks of what is incredibly corrupt group of Politicians who seem to want the Northern Ireland parliament and its link with the central government for themselves but the ultimate question becomes that of why on earth they considered it fit or necessary to take down the flag. Now they speak of the need to do something radical to bring about an end to the troubles in Northern Ireland but I have no idea what that means anyway; republicans are not politicians, they are criminals and do not act like they were Politicians either so that politicians might expect them to turn up and have a debate for it and then make it all go away through the debate – they have a certain characteristic that all criminals have i.e. they do not like it when Children achieve beyond what they can and they do not like to share things; the good side of this is that they do not tolerate in anyway the other group of criminals at popular culture but that does not necessarily mean it is a good thing either. What people are supposed to do is show and put together facts and figures which express clear fact that they are handling in an obvious way a means where popular culture goons are stopped from ripping their lives to pieces in order to be rich and famous and they are stopped from killing people; so that anybody who is willing to go past these boundaries understands that what happens will end the matter in a law court and that when things end up in a law court they pass through the Police station first and when matters pass through the Police station they would not have been pleasant. Put the flag back on and do it by the book, the way that it should be done: I mean I know this is likely to be the least expensive route but I guess it is just me. For my part they say I say these things but stifle the right that people have to be famous which is something I never do; rather, the popular culture goons have been impudent enough to handle my work and done so to make me the Prince that has no money and have been keeping that up for the last 8 years and running still. They love to make out it has something to do with the British Government and establishment each time I do something about it and that is why I need to do what I am doing about it emphatically to make them clear about the fact that it doesn’t. I mean the general idea is that of things like how I am hated in the US when in actual fact the US Government secretely likes my work and they would say it is a mystery if I mention that whereas they are completely destroying any chance that might occur where people in the US get what they want out of me i.e. I turn up and talk to people and people know what I look like and my voice sounds like etc; so it is impossible currently to make a living and provide people this over arching security therefore from books they already like and are willing to buy in droves because Popular culture exists. They claim of course I need to keep my pain and let them the victories they have had, whereas all that has happened is a process where they have created more questions than the one I did which was whether they would damage the finances of people who had a public life bearing in mind the ethos of all they do is to be rich and famous and that is what they have done and are now talking rubbish because they refuse to recognise how far I will and want to go on the matter to ensure the job is done and I do not have to come back to anything or that they can simply do me a favour and staying away from me and completely disappearing or something – get lost basically and take their evil selfishness with them. As for the female politicians and how my biggest problem of my life is my refusing to look at them with affection or think of having sex with them, I have no issues with that, its all good – except that passing up female news anchors that earn more money than they do would be a climb down for me which as they can see from their point of view of all that being a male political prostitute thing does not express enough class. All I can say about it is that the destruction of my finances on this basis has been explained away as so many things by them for their purposes which does not change how homelessness and 'cashlessness' and joblessness comes from not looking at them with affection or thinking of having sex with them and of course for now they will never see that stupid culture every again or can come round and get it if they want; like that sense that they must not be denied their desires with a big mouth.