I have been told that I refuse to accept responsibility for what has happened with the Celebrities and it’s difficult finding how the responsibilities lay with me – we know the abuses of Celebrities and the destruction of my patents which makes impossible to simply get off to a Royal Hermitage literary Empire and work has been made impossible, we know their need for fame based wickedness and a sense they were ruthless would not stop suggesting I spent my time trying to rub shoulder while even criminals were buying films, which we know they are now unable to handle since last the fall out came by, my personal favourite at the advertisement on National and International Media where they are seen suggesting what I do is being done to offer them means to be more important and the practical jokes that causes me distress while making them financially comfortable on my Public image never abates. Their people continue to suggest the idea of me as a successful person is questionable, the same why the gimmicks of the goons working market systems to talk nonsense about how I would sell nothing if they were not rich first, which their society idiots pick up as a tool to show up around my concerns and perform all sorts of violent and abusive nonsense they claim is linked to making money, as a means for handling the way that their lifestyle have eventually caught up with them – this is a Hermitage and the Money issues are not the main thing but it does not mean I am meant to be completely penniless – the single reason for that is that their stupidities are so potent it is able to switch consumers off a product even while they know those consumers will be worse off if they were, talking nonsense about oppressing me the entire time like a new bench mark for human stupidities.

I have been told I am struggling with Homosexuality and it is utter nonsense; I am not homosexual at all, what really happens is that these are a handful of socially and morally corrupt people who have very nasty behaviour going for them that they had gotten accustomed to, the problem now is that they are in their early or late 30s and did not think that they will end up spending their whole lives on the practical jokes, so once they realise that they were thinking about being gay, they come up with ideas on how good looking people ought to conduct the self and suggest that I am gay when I think that is too low for me and my morally upstanding Public Office at a Hermitage, so it’s a constant battle for them to get involved with me and continue on the same trajectory on one hand, while on the other getting me to make compromises with the socially corrupt way that they live in their Communities and Cities lest it churns their tummy. The violent bits will be that they are always ambushing people – the career ambush, the love life ambush, you have been through hell, you are thinking you should take a break, your head is screaming its insanity that you need to stop and then when you do it’s time for them to impose friendship on you and you know there is nothing you can do about friendship which will enjoy support from the rest of society, the blacks take it one step further and stir up racism, so they ended up looking like my relatives, then there is a reputation that goes with it suggesting that most people underestimate how far they will go when provoked, which reputation and a need to live up to it is the reasons they follow me around churning my tummy, making a mess of the career and saying I am gay all the time, only likely thereof to continue until I rounded them up like they were sheep as well. The question now is whether it would make me gay if I decided to handle this matter and make it one of my main preoccupation, if it would make me homosexual if I considered that they like to do unusual things to me and get all over the place when I want to do some to them as well, would it make me homosexual if I decided that corrupt Royals and Politicians making a mess to distract me from spending time on them until they built a community that got the imagination up my bum and built a Public media disposition for it was going to be the thing I spent my time on – so I guess when I say I am not homosexual it is probably enough. They do say I make such claims but the smell never stops but the cause of the smell is the abusive behaviour and the fact I don’t spend my time on such things meaning I must pull myself around the two sides of a lifestyle to do the same to them as well which churns my tummy and they do say there are people who do not endure the same effects and yes there are but it does not stretch me completely either, the reasons for the smell is that I talk about it and write about it and they were supposed to show up here and read Books I have written, to ensure they got themselves straight and stopped inventing perverse imaginations at my expense – it’s an old story about the same behaviour that created the atrocities of the world wars; that there is a person and the only behaviour you could think of exhibiting towards a person is the ideas about the things that can happen to them – today an insult, tomorrow a mockery, the day after that a pinch and beyond the pinch is the stab and shoot. They claim I suggest I am not homosexual but people cannot take my Public image from me either and I have no idea how it would have had a thing to do with homosexuality anyway – what happens is that they are a bunch of corrupt people who spend time gathering equipment and venues that lets them engage with the Public in a way that calls people out to be part of a structure which purpose is to make a mess of people’s lives, personal finances, career and family finance bases – when I either leave mine dormant or decided to do something with it, they would come up with an incredibly perverse nonsense that suggest they can take it from me which I can prevent by making sure they are always in a very difficult situation for thinking it. It feeds into the thing about homosexuality and me being a matter of insults that have added up over time and the idea I am homosexual suggesting people wish to go down that route, such that when all these facts are paired up with us living in a society where we ensure the lives of criminals are so difficult they ended up taking it out on somebody very random, to think it makes sense, we find that the Bible is probably wrong on why people are homosexuals and what homosexuality is about. For my part there is they have come to suggest that bearing in mind I am an Arch Prince who does not get involved with violent bits but has an uncanny manner of manipulating them into doing it, the mess they make tended to have created the idea that we are no longer able to tell which one is State Ceremony while reality is that it’s only a matter of how we get to hurtle down that rabbit hole to show up at the backyard of Industry where they can grab Public image and career if they wanted, reality whereby Royalty does not engage with the Public the same way as Celebrities or Industry people, as I have pointed out that the insults of their communities and what they do to follow it on and damage the career can easily lead to an outcome in which I wanted to become a part of the families they left behind to drive around on the roads abusing me on their way to conduct tribalism raids in the City centre in order to get rich quick. The part where I am said to do nothing about it was never an unusual story, as there is nothing that can be done about them in a real sense – it for instance may show up and begin those insults that concerns its whole life being spent on practical jokes and how it’s about to recover the academic work and finances at my expense, so if it spent the rest of my days in horrendous abuses it claims are linked to the process of doing so, as insultingly as possible which regardless of what I did would not stop the fact it was taking the academic work and the finances and therefore the financial success out of me either way, there is nothing to do about what really does not make any sense; so those who bother me over it must then decide what can be done about them, I for my part am in a position where it means they are not planning how to live on my right hand side anymore and should they put the foot wrong I will be the one cracking them up instead, the bottom line being they are now out there chasing career and academic work, being useful members of society for a change. So, I wonder if it makes me gay or perhaps when I say I am not gay it is enough.

I have been said to be in grave need of support but I am not – what happens firstly is not just Politicians enlisting their social goons to tame something they have decided added up to a shrew around here but also that when people do not disturb me it tended to have suggested as far as they were concerned, that I am important when I am not, so what happens with it is that I use their ears by saying what I am thinking when I know it only becomes added baggage to them while the fact I have said it increases the prospects that I will remember it. The response is usually one of whole neighbourhoods going from the use of my personal space to feel good about life to trying their best on the matter of making me shut up and so their revenge is that before they stopped anything that made me uncomfortable, they left me lobotomised. They do claim I am incredibly annoying and I am sure it makes sense if I said that everything I did to ensure I did not expect security from extremism and discrimination to fall on my lap is saved only at the expense of my entire career and public image because their stupidities shows up there every day and then at the end of each day a large part of it dissipates too because of it.

We soon find they have got friends all over the world with the same mentality and want to make something of the idea that I say people are stupid but I am stupid and size counts endlessly, the Politicians echo it blabbing of how they don’t know if I say people are stupid because I am using my own Culture and Society to get things done, while the reality is that if somebody had an injury and people enjoyed sticking the finger in, their insanity and the way it stops others getting on besides the pain must be incredibly clever but mostly it’s about the idea that other peoples careers are a Toy and the amount of things they will do to manipulate public sensibilities in order to have their fun with such a Toy, which feeds into our good old British Public control issues, talking rubbish at me. I don’t want them play with me as we can see what the consequences are, needs keep off my Books, and shut down the stupid Comments, especially Media and Celebrity bits.