Now I am said to have adopted a position of quasi complicity with racism and its never clear what this means anyway considering what an extreme thing racism is – I know they are a bunch of goons who are deluded about the fact racists are aware that any situation where they had played their racist card until somebody got hurt was a very bad thing and theirs is one which suggests racism is the prevalent social evil in the UK which has not been tarnished by much by modernism that is also likely to have been a part of it in the first place, hence a very solid disposition for nepotism that can be used to acquire other peoples property either by stealing it or by using the powers of the State. I personally have always been of the impression this sort of thing tends to target those who have a lot of liquid cash that they can part with when targeted, obviously it targets me because I am Royalty and when I say they need to shut it down and leave me alone we find a no can do response; we know this to be developed by gits at the Monarchy who never listen and HM does not want to do business with, we know that it is not in their interest for Royalty to get a job because they soon become traumatised and take it out of them while they need to be famous and popular but whilst they see me take up jobs and express an unwillingness to get along with them, their obsession with me grows instead to a level of civil disobedience dangerousness. The Politicians will then say that its pointless to have me talk about it when their careers had been ruined and it beats my imagination they should be think I ought to serve them thereof as well all together – these were the same idiots who consistently and disobediently decided they would be spending tax payer funds to help support Celebrity careers, now whilst I am concerned with the fact that the idea that when they make money they didn’t tend to bother me because they had a different lifestyle from mine has not worked by a wide margin, they think verbosity if I expressed a disposition concerning the fact Celebrities are insane and think of nothing but owning all the money that exists in order to get people on bent knees serving them, which means that if their original success came from the treasury they will never stop hunting it for more, is something that helps make sense of their current position, about which it goes without saying the disobedience is all good but when they wreck my academic pursuits again, I really am going to burn their fame and fortune popularity madness world for it too.

Hence the continuation of amazement around the extent of animosity that exists between me and Celebrities which doesn’t in actual fact – what we are looking at is a bunch of very abusive and insulting characters who think of nothing save the luxuries that people get when they work for the Government, whilst those who work for Government think about it in terms of keeping them out because they are not ideal company, they think about their own position in terms of acquisition of such luxury and being able to make sense of what it means in terms of the business of making those who serve the Country comfortable on account they worked for and ran an entire Country – then there are the gits who get involved with it for the purpose of fooling around as per the preference of Celebrities to Royalty, making a mess around here all the time. It has always been as simple as the fact that on no other occasion should the business of how I handle my finances be picked up and deployed as a tool to build this sort of nonsense, to hang around blabbing all kinds of insults that would not have been pushed off if they did not have access to Media until they were mad enough, which will cause it to blow up too – likewise the Politicians seeing that there is nothing they can do about me if all they are is a bunch of suit wearing Office gits who unlike those who work for the Private sector, are in the payroll of the Government; the relationship they have with me is too violent, too abusive, too insulting and need to stop.

So I am then told that this business has advanced so far that my work will no longer be able to save it which is not the case – what we find is Celebrity fools grabbing and deploying my work and property without permission as Industry twats who like to fool around at my expense congratulate them and set about throwing money at it while the Media threw publicity at it as well – much the same as the other trouble makers at the Monarchy who take up what the Queen says about me which is meant to be motivational and turned it into a social and community based insults that young people can channel at me for self-advancement, will not let me be and the outcome is that I have been using swear words more times that I can remember for instance and they are out of their depth, telling me the insults of their children being organised into social activity having been the cause of it, I am no longer worthy to hold my Office. The reality being that even if a Company is worth 100 Billion pounds, it will still be the same arrangement when Mr A was a Doctor and Mr B was a Lawyer and Mr C was an Engineer and they came together to start it – this is what a board of leadership for Large Companies really looks like, these Celebrated idiots are not it. That said, the whole problem is still under control, provided the other group of fools had not continued the habit of showing up unnecessarily on Media to make statements on how my social Media was never a Royal Hermitage making a Public appearance while it is – their case usually being a wholly different story whereby they are employed to do a particular thing especially in terms of Media and social Media but spend their time making my decisions, only to show up somewhere acting as if it was set out for 100% success on account I made a statement. So what happens with Companies has been as simple as Asset Equities they broker with me – for instance the Auto Industry which as far as this Hermitage is concerned with it, is an Industry of very exotic and expensive mental work; they broker the create Assets for inside Auto Hospitality that they need to build and everything associated with what they have agreed with me in our way of communicating, is what the personality of an Automobile will be, right down to the drivability – there is no part of the engineering that actually goes into making these which I am conversant with in anyway.

The Politicians say the Government is a mess because I have been allowed to get completely out of hand by the Crown, while reality is a bunch of goons in suits who work for the Government finally realising the situation is desperate since last the narcissism had become a more important thing for them. We see the same attitude at Industry where they were not the people who started or owned  a Company but get to decide if the owners had brokered Equities with me or not, giving into another story that a lack of co-operation from me can be a real problem while I have co-operated for years and seen them lay off useful workers that they replaced with gits in the City centre talking nonsense about respect for millionaires and criminals in my neighbourhood, the outcome now being one of Celebrities buying shares in the Companies to take over Large businesses by, as they have come up with new rules to show the bottom chasing insults is how business is done, while their bottoms never get chased for it. Personally, it is quite clear what I do with my time is write Books and there is no Law prohibiting them from reading. I have been said to have completely omitted the part where I spent years supporting the Celebrities which I have not - the business of saying that when people make use of your work or what you know or your expertise which you acquired when your parents had decided to spend money on it instead of buy you a House for instance, they ought to pay for it, is so flippant that you may simply just allow some Celebrities run off whatever they want on the issue but it is quite incredible that people would use this to extract money from my Public image that they set about beating me down with via corrupt Publicity, thereby my own sense of wealth equity being used to help people and completely wreck my life: so I do not wish to tolerate anymore of their stupidities handling it, while those big bad boyfriends are clearly looking for trouble as well all together, they are to spend time on their lives as Celebrities and deal with the fact people want to chase their bums all the time by themselves and if my work supports them on that, then so be it but the business of being stuck with the dirty parts of their lives will never ever happen again; it is supposed to be like this, so that they might allow me get on with Royal work while they concentrate at being Celebrities, even for those I may have authorised to handle what I am doing for any set out reason and or purposes - it is the same as the Men who help them to all these things in a bid to punish me for supporting women not getting violent as there is nothing to get violent about and this is not their property.