I am eventually told I have all sorts of problems with people which is not the case, the only issue is that people think they are more important than I am and for the ones that need my support it’s never enough because of that, soon they get used to it, their ego takes over and they can never stop sticking a difficult situation on me to get on media and make demands – for the rest what happens is a trouble maker my size tackling me and having their case sorted so they might have everything all together, then because they cannot handle the trouble makers their size who tackle them, the outcome is that I must handle the trouble makers their size if I want to be in charge, otherwise I am not – so I end up with a minimum of 2.5 times the problem. Then we hear that I still have no respect for Celebrities even so but those are actually the worst of them all; what happens being that you tackle the society trouble makers and the politicians and the media and some of their own trouble makers – what they do is tackle only the society trouble makers but will not go to people who are making a mess and seek to be more important which is where it really pays off, they want Royalty from whose Public image they have been extracting an income as well and then I will be left wondering why I should care that they think they are important anyway; in my case it has gone on for years while they have consistently made the same statements i.e. that they are more important. The part that annoys me the most being that I am repeating myself, bearing in mind first of all that The Queen does not give Royal Commission to just about any soul all together, usually what may happen is that it shows up around my concerns to decry the fact if it listened to what I said and did, it would not have had to spend time sleeping with older men in order to get by but each time I decide what has to be done, it turns out somebody has been stopping her from accessing the sites and Books i.e. I had already done it, so it does make me think that the Media and the Celebrities really love to be incompetent.

I understand this case about Brexit is a matter of what people do not know the Politicians have negotiated for but the Politicians have negotiated to work with the EU and to keep the EU out of the UK – so we await the results of how they will manage that when we share the same weather and Climate systems, we share the same kind of Culture and Agricultural practices. All I am interested in is that none gets to slow me down when they are the ones at the seat where the real issues are happening and therefore, I could never have known more about it than they do. The way it plays out in my world is that people think I exist in a constant state of antagonism with others but the truth is rather that people are telling me they need to build an environment that will allow them enjoy and read the Books I have written, so I need to keep an eye on that until they are ready – so considering that the Industry trouble makers who never work for their money and somehow other people’s position at Industry is their main concerns have been dancing rings around what they do not know of this, apparently likelihood that it would be said any utter carnage I had conducted was largely surprising and very amazing. It is similar to stories we hear of black people claiming I am a Witch or something, while I am not; it’s the amount of work needed to ensure that I do not get to invent any wickedness of my own because they were supplying the ideas and had to try and ensure that what I did to them as well extricated the business of making them suffer the same sorts of misery they inflict on other people who mostly really want nothing to do with them all together; the Americans being a special case, where I am carrying on with my concerns after years of being bruised by National Media and National Civil service along with its Parliament being used to attack me because it was important to a group of goons that they got from me the same feelings of followership that I appeared to have accorded towards my religion and they will without being question push forward that incredibly stupid opinion about not liking soft arse shit, such that when I do not fancy hard arsed cracked up out of my league shit talking nonsense as well, we find them complain to the highest possible levels of authority looking for privilege of injustice as they have ended up with something they cannot be free from and the same goes with the fantasies of sexually assaulting me I endure from their stupidities as well, since I am never going to fuck that stupid society too, thus they might just end up losing the jobs and livelihoods permanently forever or keep their dirty mouths firmly shut. I mean if I said that they would have been better off should I have mentioned these facts a lot earlier, letting them get on with their stupid lives but did not because I was selling it too as it were, they would say the prospects of getting into trouble gets better but the reasons we are here is because they run pyramid sales systems that are about teaching people the secrets of getting rich and since last their tribalism had started targeting me it’s been one abusive vile promise of the woes of the world after another followed by the impunity to wreck what does not belong to them around here while seeing no reason to stop doing it if they are complaining about me endlessly too – we all know their stupidities and its money madness does what it does because it enjoy looking for trouble and spending other people’s lives and resources for the fighting, never mind building civil rights communities where they spend their time talking about their stupid problems in terms of other people’s existence and how they can acquire some of it, which I am not vulnerable to since I have a tendency to peddle the civil rights as well and leave them with nothing to fall back on as a society, leaving me ample opportunity to play my games on them too but then again, not handling me, keeping away from my Books and not following me around especially at academic institutions was always the best exit that they have got. Eventually is this question of whether I am unable to get along with the Germans which does not make any sense at all i.e. we have always known the Germans are efficient and now it seems war will break out when I do not know the Germans are efficient, it has become a far more serious fact – they can stop mixing us up in Europe now I guess. It’s always far easier to hate the women but all people have to do is tackle the deviant ones by making sure they were complaining at the background of Public living like every other women, about which they will also claim I expect women to settle for less which does again show that now it seems war is going to break out because when people say women’s jobs are never done and that they always bounce back, it was never a myth, the events have made it a far more serious fact.