It is now said that I am allowed to get away with hatred that I express towards society and culture people and the bad activities I practice towards their communities and its utter nonsense. What all those insults and abuses really indicate is some form of random hatred which when exhibited at my expense leaves them with social, financial and sensations of convenience but at the end of the day while it is not getting all up close and personal serious with that big mouth being channelled at me every time I step out of my door, they are looking like the bits they express in a social way is something they are unable to shut down by themselves on seeing how their stupidities affects me, especially when it allows them turn up where I have done the best work for my career, to freely and with a sense of entitlement, express their stupid nepotism even while their parents are complaining to Politicians about my so called attitude. They do love to blab that I like to think I can handle the Celebrities but cannot and it has always been a simple matter of keeping the mouth shut unless they were either sharing that salary that gets to their heads or that they actually did write my Books, otherwise it’s the same old random hate gimmicks that I will try to hurt them seriously for if it became an up close and personal thing for my part in the matter as well. The Celebrities on the other hand do need to stay away from my public image regardless of which insulting fan flatters them with my work – they did not say it, they did not write it, they did not do it – failure of stoppage will mean that I too take steps to ensure their conventions, their red carpets, their advertisements and conferences are no longer profitable as well. It cannot be that difficult for people to avoid or keep away from another person’s Public image – it is not their Public image and each time they handle it, they are not living in their own lives, its very difficult for me to understand how the matter got to degenerate into attrition. The rest will be the bottom chasing goons who practice their publicly humiliating violation of other people each time they made money, whose stupidities is said to be the way the Monarchy works these days at my expense, hence that I am the one expressing hate towards them on account people like to tell lies about their behaviour being one of random hatred towards people indiscriminately on the streets, looking for more of what their stupidities are complaining about, while for my part, I have just as much a right to live in the Communities as they do, so its fair to say that if the effects of the insults and abuses did not get better, so will they feel me too. I am told that they savage my property all the time and yes I am aware of that too; the good of case of society idiots doing what they have to do to compensate for the consequences of their personal decisions financially and Industry idiots looking to handle my assets without paying for applicable products or not handling it at all when its not for the handling – the Fashion gits are a typical example of how these fools will not get help for their mental illness instead of wrecking my life with it until it goes horribly wrong; it will get off and avoid everything to do with buying a Book for Equities to build a Fashion item at my expense and each time I clear the stupidities out its back again with a deal that puts its insanity in even better position, worked on the same premise of building me a Public image that says I should be getting into a fight while it wants my public image all the way to the USA. Originally the problem of their stupidities blowing off that big mouth for patenting bits of my life to their names are explainable i.e. they did the building fashion items on my property and I did the running off social media activities to clear out the problem, so some of their insulting and just as insane fans will make up ideas that according to my writing career, I will want to set about writing Books on their almighty fashion creations that they deployed my assets to build without permission and that this was their property, so what I had any opportunity to do had to be sabotaged in some way – outcome being they build their own couture Books for instance and its all the end, my life being patented to their names and there is nothing I can do as far as they were concerned but they only realised that after they had the books published on the creations they built from my life without any permission which I likely would never have given – all completely avoidable, if only the idiots put down the ego and listened to what I had to say as well – so we have one route for it into the future i.e. taking my public image seriously enough to run a Bookshop in a way that runs them down until they sort out all jobs associated with the property they have built up crowds of fools and media presence to handle via insults. They say people think I have wrecked their lives, which warrants some form of action but what really happens is that the Men follow me around to churn my tummy with Car sounds and HGV on the roads until I dropped out, they simply build me a reputation that sets me out as the person that will tackle gangs and criminals so their stupidities may make some progress for a change, while their Moms get imagination up my bum and build me a reputation that say I am a bum – we have not yet worked out what brings it on at this stage but it is fair to say they are fooling around with a character that will likely decide exactly how their days on this earth were spent against their wishes. The Industry goons need to keep off my Trust; we can see what will happen is that I required a couple of months to make a public presence for the control I am supposed to have over it, during which time their imagination will get up my bum all the way and when I get there, there will always be a new reason for it to continue. We see the same behaviour setting their stupidities out as a handful of geniuses while I only have a talent to act on or say something about bullying that churns the tummy and then we find its all some sort of fun aimed at teasing an Arch Prince which I bet they will one day fail to point out at a stage where they had made it more serious than usual.

They say people having been getting rich at my expense and they wanted some of it which is utter nonsense – what happens is that people get involved with me on a business basis and the business is a full time one while the product I have with them is not something I spend time on all day long, which it could have been if the same gits were not wrecking the Shop with Media presence and Celebrities, so the people who get involved with me end up making money for getting involved with me – outcome being that neither they, nor myself nor these goons own the money that had made them rich and hence this conversation is one of those bits that come through because people were in need of the services of an exorcist in my view, talking nonsense about me making money with access to land and Country or allowing others to while trying to keep them out and working against them when they want to get rid of the Monarchy. The other part of the story being the claim I am unable to handle the pressure naturally which is utter nonsense – it usually leads to another expedition to make sense of claims I have made out I am introverted when I am not and then will I respond with a sense that they are introverted instead and the outcome will be a history they think I am ashamed of but while such an outcome is scarce, their stupidities at my expense do not diminish. So I have been told that I did turn the effects of the tummy churning and bottom chasing insults and abuses that will be the reason I lost everything I have worked my entire life for against them and yes I did; I have been writing blogs about it and their problem now is that of how they will manage their position are square cut men I should not want to go up against and can do whatever they liked with me alongside what I intend to do with that Publicity to run a Bookshop in peace. When they say I need to patch my relationship with Celebrities as its in their interest that I did, it becomes more obvious the consequences of getting around building others half a decade history of insults that will allow them control my needs on account I had put out products that were useful to them and they considered themselves to be my personal gods, using tools like publicity where they showed up at red carpets to claim the relationship I had with my Publishers is where their fame and fortune lay – the only reason it happens being plain simple disrespect but the scale of it is quite unimaginable. If I got around making the same case for myself out of relations they had with their producers, I would make the same total mess of their finances like they have done mine and set out their producers as blood sucking greedy racists which publicity I ran off long enough to make it impossible for them to keep working with such persons unless they spent their own money to rectify the problem, I would have produced such incredible insolence and abusive effects at their expense too and they are very well aware its all their fault, as equally as their stupidities are a behaviour that anybody else has the power and ability to exhibit contrary to claim we have to tolerate all the time.