It is not true that I am a Bible freak who thinks that faiths should be taught in schools; I am not, it is  a sin to know you should preach the gospel and then fail to preach it let alone allow low life scumbags tell you if or not you can as such – so people who come to the UK know the UK is a Christian Country and are not expecting to get rid of religion in schools in anyway whatsoever, those who advocate it are simply evil human beings that work for the devil and nothing else – I mean it’s like the old question of how much I know about what I am doing to which my answer is always that I know they are deviant and evil and the Bible isn’t lying so the question must be whether or not Politicians know what they are doing anyway. I mean in Islam you know you should not be doing deviance and you can but if it leads to violence shouldn’t complain about the war – in Christianity you are commanded not to do deviance and the result can be that somebody does your own for you as well.

They always look like they want to know where my case is heading of course and I dont mind that in anyway whatsoever; it’s the same old story of evil people and telling me to do something they know I will not in order to create a condition of something I should be doing which I have not and they then can enforce even if they fail at doing so, which is a very useful tool for taking over the place that I occupy in the world and then shutting it down after that to ensure it stays in their hearts forever. The problem as it stands is with their Politicians; if you were to be in third grade and fell to second this year because you fell ill, think about the fact you fell ill as something that happened because somebody poisoned your food, then look out of the window and see him stand there to tell you to love the setbacks because he is a Politician; these are not nice people and it is impossible to work out what they are saying so the facts that must be considered are rather simple i.e. lame duck leaders all over the place on account of me and do I have the means to stifle their careers and tell them to love the setbacks as well? A case of threats from them parliamentary idiots will only make things worse; I mean I life without media scum and celebrities and popular culture would mean getting out of bed to stay of fame in the lives of older people, registering as unemployed and getting a job to earn some money and chase my career if my parents do not necessarily agree with what career I want and I dont want their interference but all these things are the things you deal with if there is popular culture and celebrities and media and Political idiots and all that stuff and so I have to make this follow on warnings from the ones that have not yet taken effect really clear indeed: I dont like the celebrities and I dont like the popular culture and I dont like every idiot who specialises in collecting my career for fame scum to make a living with and I dont like the Political fools and I dont media the media goons and one more occasion of love the setbacks from their Politicians being followed by threats from them along with those stupid Scottish Nationalism nonsense they like to play up to complicate what they have to say and I will draw my lines as well and I will push and I will l push very, very hard indeed.

I mean my view in general of these matters is much simpler than it is given credit for i.e. Nazis like to look intellectual when they wear military Uniforms and speak of inferior races, these fools like to do the same when they talk nonsense and explain away everything others do not understand with the good feeling that comes from making use of the possessions of their latest bully victim. They know they are doing a bad thing that society frowns upon in general and I dont want to live like that and do not want people to live like that towards me either, let alone set out boundaries in my personal space like they love to get on my television to do; boundaries they say which shows they are important and I am not as it were. There is a sense out there that when these Politicians are terrified of you, you do not tend to come up as their topic for conversation – the alternative of course is loving the setbacks. An unanswered question about celebrities I get around with they say but I wonder what sort of question that is supposed to have been anyway since those get things from me as much as they do anyway. It is the same old story of celebrities and how I come here to get rid of evil cultures when I dont get rid of them in Africa but in order to deploy me it means that they set their sights on how to determine where my limits are by my personal space and personal life and it all boils down to every idiot who has a plan about my usage including Black twats with ideas of how I was ear marked to fight for others but decided on a different life and of course the damage they do here to that effect as well; so I am well justified about my activities in this matter as well anyway.