The issue of state provided benefits and conservatives is not an emotive one; the Church has waded into the issue of the cuts and it is said I have always supported it which is actually untrue, since what I have done is to set out the test issue of what the economy is and how much cuts are acceptable bearing in mind Mr Cameron owns parts of banks that have been bailed out by the tax payer to the tune of billions of pounds. So it seems that they have now decided they want to make the cuts to a point where the benefits are below an inflation rate and of course my position on that is that it will completely alter the British Political landscape as well. I will certainly set out facts where I can pop the question to people on which direction to vote and then when the first Prime Ministerial protest vote over benefits had been settled we will have a new political landscape (more so bearing in mind it will be instigated by the Monarchy more or less) or there can be an opposition to it and a second hung parliament.  As for the media and popular culture idiots around the things that happen to them which people like me do not respond to until they ensure happens to me as well; it has never really changed anyway, their insults and the idea that if being the leader of a person takes up all their time it has to be their major preoccupation, their media rubbish of bullying me into fights and making me into a dog of which they suppose shows they are bloody minded but will not be tolerated and hence I can unlike them do absolutely anything I decide to do without anybody influencing or changing it like their cowardice changes them. same old story all around where these fools can never ask you for anything or indeed offer up any thanks for anything they take or get from you as it will make them inferior and I want to beat up the conservatives like beating up the conservatives should be, beat up Labour like beating up Labour should be and beat up Liberal democrats like beating up liberal democrats should be except that I am not of the opinion Liberal democrats will win elections in my lifetime in any case so I have to make plans that make do only for Labour and Conservatives at the moment. It is the reason I want to maintain a healthy level of hate between me and Americans so they can stay out of my affairs while I do so whenever I want. How well I did and one more task as it were. I mean how many private speeches that a David Cameron that does not own me or my books or public work really gets to make which describes me as a piece of shit without reason or purpose, so he can turn out in public to throw up his distant insolent fascisms at me every time he has something to say in public for example? I do not need any help with problems as popularly proposed anyway; I cannot possibly have need of help from those who wrecked my academic work and my finances when I had not yet thought I had enemies with their powerful cowardice and have now made my books and livelihood a topic for conversation for racists – how do you need help from them as well without thinking it’s the big mouth again. I do not give away my strengths as popularly suggested anyway; the idea of people assuming that stupid left like the election of a Certain President Obama whom they say looks like one of those people who usually sold slaves to the white man and now holds the reins for their campaign of social and diplomatic and economic equality with them, to talk rubbish about freedom and believe they have found a Prince they wish to handle and will not get off my television and get on the streets so we can find out anyway, is the antichrist in my view – a process where people gain from my faith without believing it and especially those their stupid girls and wives being at the fore front of the test of what they can get up to, I am not of the opinion they have got it either and they will need to blow me my share maybe as well. For now they say I have a need due to the gospel and the fact they control it, to see them make progress with their lives which on being their slave I am trying to keep to myself which is utter rubbish, since what I need to do considering that an attack from them every day is guaranteed and I do not wish to keep bumping into them for the rest of my life is control every aspect of their lives and they think they hate my guts presently and have not even begun to measure up anyway. No more moving into any left hand side or right hand side, I need to have a lid on everything they do so we can find out comprehensively; freedom my arse.

They say I look like jelly but talk tough all the time but I don’t; I have only been holding my breath for a decade and talking a lot about their foolishness as well to show off, so they can come around and prove it and stop thinking my television exists so they can talk through to me with it, alongside their idiots that are always on a case against my personal security with an undertone of do it like they do in America or you are risking big problems and I need to shut them up as well typical prognosis being that since my behaviour determines how many music CDs and books etc that popular culture and liberal democrat idiots sell, what needs to happen is a process where I do what I am supposed to on a daily basis to put them in their place and shut their filthy gob for them over it, just like I have warned them about how I would get a job from that stupid civil service if my existence depended on doing so and why they need to get off my books for it or bring that their stupid country where there are no rules that are likely to protect me, behind which they hide to question my actions when I am on my own all the time, so I can rip it up for them too. I say don’t do it and a politician want to sit in secret and spread debasing views of me so he can turn up in public and threaten me, bearing in mind everything they want to do in life are things they want to carve out of me, I say don’t do it because it hurts and they do it anyway and all of them want to do it too and they are not yet leaning to the right to deal with a problem at present anyway; political fools who have found their way into my state provided security determined to wreck everything as it were and you cannot ignore the bullying on the internet and their response to absolutely everything you do, while they think they are supposed to live a different life from that when you know all they do depends on whether or not you are behaving the way they want, which can now be used to determine whether or not they sell anything or make any profits; after all when they make money and look like women for it, the price of power and the price of wealth will be paid too, considering they are not the only ones that can do such things. No more moving into my left hand side or right hand side, they do need to keep their insults to themselves and not pretend a royalty here whose personal life they have civil rights idiots found their way into, will do what they want long before it ends really badly and the media and internet perception bullying from liberal scum whose parents are typically from south Africa needs to come to an end with immediate effect before I launch mine too and find out how big their filthy mouth get to stretch as it were.


I mean they are making capital, political and otherwise from the fact I have a whipping stick on my back and my head and my tummy over everything I do on the internet and the media and any access they have to my state provided security and are ripping to shreds the security I provide for my female journalists against these things to provoke me too - reason being that I ignore it and it grows out of control; it’s as though they are bent on finding out what I am made of as well and it needs to stop with immediate effect before it becomes something else – as I have said before I will prepare the whipping stick as well anyway for the Liberal democrats even though I am certain they will never win elections in my life time and I have to make do with having fun whipping Tories and Labour scum. I bet their parents are really twisted South African farmers and we are not talking about the presumption that a Prince here will deal with them like they do in the US where people take things from their brothers because their brothers were being bad like they have been so respectful in their stupid lives or as if there is anything they can do; I always say their problem with my book sales will be their undoing, the biggest problem they have ever had. Instead of pretending you have got power to back up what you said in your books, bearing in mind we have always wanted integration into your life whether or not we give up our Godlessness and have a problem with your personal security and things you do for people in your life, why don’t you just say that you stole from your brother because he was being bad, especially now we have control of your book sales – with a big mouth; I ignore it and they make political and financial capital out of the violent points they have proven  and it will end like they want it too for my part, considering it is all about acquiring some history of bullying me i.e. example my actions mean nothing I did was as they hoped and so an applicable act of wickedness is void, so they look to and latch onto the history of having done a harm but of course each time they complain we hear absolutely none of it from them either, all we hear is politics and democracy and freedom, it is always the set bet category of excuse. For the Politicians the general idea put forward is that they are anywhere near my league especially when they feel they have royal blood in their veins, when we are not equals talent wise and the royal veins of course will be measured from a condition where I am first of my bloodline and they are somewhere around the 20th generation of completely obscure goons I am sure got to get the Monarch of the day to give them a commission through years and years of personality fraud, like they think their devil worshipping and racism will give them from my work at present. So inadvertently I am only laying claims to more and more things I find on my way to each and every one of my affairs which are mine to claim as a result of a condition where they were captivated by me and will claim as many of them as will ensure their media idiots shut their filthy mouths as well.



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