They say that if people knew what I was really like, the esteem in which I am held would vanish and its utter nonsense considering it’s a conversation loved by a group of people who are always seen overseas because they were fleeing conflict and extreme violence somewhere else – they are never seen overseas due to some positive reason to be there. So having been they turned up in the UK on claims that I travelled down here to share African culture with the world and have for the first time travelled overseas on a positive platform all be it at my expense, then spent most of their time on Publicity where they can make out they were superior to me, its difficult to see if they are actually now able to explain to people what it is indeed they have accomplished by spending their time in such ways. I don’t believe the matter to be a terrible crisis either; the Labour Party is supposed to be the Party of corruption but we live in an environment where the Tories will be sure to tell us what Country we should be living in – the whole business of this playing into voters distrust helping to run the Country has been eroded so badly at this point, due to their need for perverse policies that gave them ever increasing access to our personal lives, that we now need alternatives.

The Politicians have said the problem is largely that I am not a proud owner of a reputation that says I block peoples exit which has no basis on a reality that is more about them blocking mine everyday – the men spend all their time on a process of making sure they were the ones to ship my anus when I want to defend myself from the bullying on the young people, while the young people get imagination up my bum because they want all of it and are waiting somewhere to expect results, whenever I want to defend myself from the society bullies, the Celebrities and Media and Politicians applicable on the other hand are usually busier with a process of ripping up my career and finances to put labels on me and set out the idea I suggest people are bums while I am the bum myself which adds up to a marketing tool and the Women think I am not entitled to a breath of fresh air because there are men bigger than I am all over the place, ready to do their bidding. I don’t think the matter is a crisis either, what will likely happen is that I will pick up some very important issues in their lives, one after the other and then set about performing exactly the same activities they perform with mine, once that begins, it will become quite obvious that I had started to block their exit as well. Its not an usual eventuality, they are at it all day long and each time they see me engaged in something challenging, their only interest is to show up and make a tool out of me over it, then hang around somewhere with lies and Media presence to offer up my achievements to a Public that will secure conveniences from it and buy products they are trying to sell, followed up by counter measures every time that I respond to get rid of it and it only can likely continue to produce the effect of something I have learned which is not taught at Church, such that I will get my hands on their lives and careers as well and will want to make a tool out of them.

The others who love to issue threats endlessly are all good, save they are rebels and all rebels are usually interested in grabbing anything that adds up to an identity difference between you and an enemy, spend all of it to express the fact they believe they are superior and should be running the Country and then spend the rest of their days working out how vulnerable to external threats you had become – we all know if I took it personally enough to get confrontational, they will become deflated, feel hopeless and then want to kill themselves. I have been informed people think I am a soft touch for racism but I don’t think most people believe I am either – the trouble with racism is that it imposes identity consciousness on everybody by force, then it sets about deciding how much of the British some people are allowed to be, never clear exactly why people do it as it were. So, some say certain aspects of their causes have a merit and yes they do but it’s the way they approach those issues that cause the problem i.e. the biggest that trouble them are the same that trouble everybody i.e. criminal feminists picking up men society issues and then hanging around somewhere looking for the easy pickings, the easy pickings that are likely to be people who did anything to support the female community in the first place, like in my case where they claim that I am exactly where they are, as a small weak man that likes to provoke some big and powerful people, which makes me feel as though I am about to explode each time they do – again their cause has merit since it is what women become when they have to live through the grinding process of the activities of men that are primarily about greed and the process of dominating others i.e. as I pointed out above, every time it sees people do something to get out of a complicated situation, all it wants to do is make a tool out of the lives of such persons and its not that it will not make money out of it and its not that you will not be getting violated either. Hence the main problem have always been the Men – save the Men and the racists and the criminal feminists, we would enjoy everything the culture and society has to offer and live like the breeze, free of everything associated with insults that people pass at those who are doing well with problems they faced because they had money and hence set about building people alternative publicity or spend peoples time doing everything necessary to appear that every one of their ill feelings were God’s gift to humanity – which racists pick up and then make out they hated whole populations and race of people. In the end it’s a matter of the wicked activities which are practiced by some unsavoury characters and affect us where we believe that security should have been guaranteed and therefore became complacent and it will be said that my methods do not suggest any sort of proactive activity but it does; should I run this Bookshop in a way that says these trouble makers were my primary customers and the longer they left it, was the probability somebody else will buy the Books they should have been buying and I will cease to sell it to them even if they had the money to buy it, allowing me to develop a platform through which I can take their jobs and careers from them all the time as well, I would be stopped by Politicians until I dropped out of school, so in the end its usually a matter of the wicked things people believe they are availed to, if they had access to Government buildings.

I have been told their gimmicks are so wide spread and so bad it has reached the Monarchy and yes it has, since that was the primary stage where every gimmicks associated with fighting my battles to make statements in Public about who deserves what was likely to be set out. Their involvement with security services is something I do and I am supposed to tidy it up each time what has happened at the battle field shows up in general Public living and then come up with a new one to aid Military and Public security recruitment processes but such eventualities as the involvement of Politicians and or HRH Prince of Wales wanting to set up a Government in which they played a major role, has been a major setback. I have been asked what will happen if I am unable to control it but there is no such eventuality to likely emerge from this; what will happen at the most is that I lost control of it because others had taken over and the Public got to decide regularly that when people disturbed HM Peace, there was a way by which they would end up somewhere in National security services to sort out the problem, that will happen very quickly indeed.