I am aware it is said that I never ever do what I was supposed to have been doing and that it is the beginning of a colloquialism that Politicians will love a lot but then again I have no idea where it is meant to lead anyway; all I know is that if I were to ask them which part of what I do happens to have been the one I was not meant to, we will see them get stuck the way they do with everything since a simple case of running my small business from Home must tend to give way to a condition whereby whom the Monarchy gets involved with and actually shouldn’t is being discussed at length and we see them at it all the time, showing up on Media to kill off peoples livelihoods like that endlessly and then running off to the Civil service to follow on the profitability of violence which the victims must contend with and never win a fight as such, in order to ensure people do not get jobs as well, then turn up at the shops to try their stupid hands on control and in the same we see them at the benefits system; always organising themselves and always good at working it, always good at getting council homes and will not keep their hands off my Book sales as well for good measure which means tempers are always frayed. This is what I want them to do; the reason it happens is apparently that they are a collection of ill inbred scumbags who come from diseased families and need easiest ways of making money but the problems they have created for me how now resulted in its own outcomes whereby it is too tight for me to give up mine and I cannot understand why they find it so difficult to understand that too all together – hence never doing what I am meant to have been doing, which the very first time it had some effect on me was said by some really filthy gay bastard all together, so it is one way to go too around here as it were. The only item in this case which matters is that running my Book sale business from home should not lead to a process where whom the Monarchy should be getting involved with is being discussed endlessly – the rest has always been a case of me and equally as they are, making it as complicated as possible, so that we can see how far their big mouth stretches too.

It is not a complicated matter in anyway; it’s really difficult to locate what they do hope to achieve by blowing off their big Mouth like that aka not doing what I am supposed to be doing – I mean the first time somebody said it in the way that actually affected me, the person was a very disgusting and filthy gay bastard, so it is one way to go as it were. It is never true they are trying to get through to me about what I have while I love to squander any support I get from the Public; what happens like in this occasion for instance is that somebody thinks I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and I simply have to predict that their need to go from their own industry leaders into my life by fingering my bum to ensure I am not selfish which makes that behaviour in itself although they like to develop it into a power of the crowd primarily hurtful and very painful all together, into a process of telling me I am not doing what I am supposed to, so I can get to kick him ahead of the point where he gets off to it too. I mean their own is ruined and just like they love to damage my finances claiming it is money that helps them get what I have by nature, I find it amusing as well, just like homelessness that is due to another person’s behaviour which can actually change; of which they like to pretend they are really British but know nothing about it and honour-dishonour is a matter of ripping up people’s health to do vagabond popular culture that gives tooth to the Media ones, of which I really have no idea whom they will say their entire communities and stupid children have been dishonouring around here anyway all together. So that when it comes to the matter of not doing what I should be doing, it is very difficult to locate how they intend to make me as well.

It all still leads back to the same old issues; where they speak of the need for the UK to move away from the Monarchy and yet are unable to answer questions as per how the Weather for instance affects the culture which then affects how people behave towards sex and sexuality, meaning that they make it up as they go along and a Geography student can have a new country and run Politics better than they can; as for me, it will always be a case of abusive idiots finding ways of making their behaviour financially beneficial, only to find that Politicians have spent tax payer funds on it and I have therefore ended up with the problems I kept out of my life and in a corner before I was 17, return and with more money than I have, poised with political support and a footing on my entire Career all together, about which they love to assume when they are finished, they will then get off and have a public life, which nobody is stopping them from doing if they are able to as it were for my bit too.       It has always been the difference between peoples idiot children playing games on one hand and a reality where you can spend £40,000 to study government and Politics and live in no doubt at all that you can graduate and buy a car and a mortgage with it, what they do is make it up as they go along whenever they get elected. So that for the Monarchy the reality has always been that you have this business and property of which a past area is used to run a Country and when it is take from you, each time you put your genius to something else they follow you there and cause the same trouble like the part where they took a Country from you was not even real; hence we all know about it and there is no point thinking about if the Monarchy should exist or not – for my part however it is a story about the fact that the UK is a Monarchy and the part where it was made into a constitutional one was the best idea in the world – for them however it’s as I have mentioned above, mostly to be emphasised not just the part where they think that their society will make it work if they turned the Country into a republic and found decades later that their bottom hurts because it was always a Monarchy and that those responsible are the Majority but also with regards to when they blow off their big mouth about the necessity of their tyranny which is because of the nature of the Country all together. As for the process where the moral fabric of the Country needs to be degraded because I do nothing to preach the gospel then attack others people I have not been doing so, we have already done the bit about bad things I managed before I was seventeen being funded to a point around me where they have a footing in my career and poised with Political supposed to do as they please, which does also mean they can get on Public places and have a public life if they have got it like that too – so I have to imagine they are heading towards the religion bit again and we have already done some bit which is why they are ever always so angry, so it will be nice to continue from where we stopped.

So they say I am fast running out of chances to stay in my high position as the Monarchy which does not make any sense whatsoever; everything associated with chances I run out of is a version of me that has to do with black idiots who are angry I have stopped them peddling my faith or public life and therefore set out to run every relevant aspect of my life and keep the best bits for themselves, ruin my reputation and cut off my connections with the Royal family by being abusive towards everybody in incredible ways – I have no idea how they got into the Monarchy anyway and what they have done has nothing to do with me and should not be the Me that people pay attention, it is completely made up; I am happy to handle these matters concerning Africa and the Middle East but it is tiresome to see them get about at the Monarchy as well. I can understand it is said I am meant to have done something about them of which I have no idea what more I am expected to do about them since their links with Communism generally always means that my sense of accountability to those I lead have to be commercialised and then socialised by them to bring about inclusion and now they have lost all communist relations due to an incessant need to abuse me and provoke me and stir my temper as well and really hate my guts for it, the design of the whole thing meant to ensure when they socialise anything it gets to make sense that they are westerners and are being led by applicable authorities but for the Politicians it will never make sense why they love to support the other fools in order to play up the bubble between their Law making Offices and the prison services, who get on Media to express something about how they ought to have enough money to afford them the things that my Faith has afforded me to a point where I am not vulnerable to what they are vulnerable to anyway; it usually means that these other black idiots sell my Royal privileges to them to give them a personality they can use for advertisement and entertainment, while the Politicians then become all fed up with it and want me to do something like they are paying me all the time: all together everybody that loves to ensure each time they are under control as most of these things are a function of revenge for disrupting their criminal enterprises which have not yet been discovered by the authorities are now fed up with the effects of making sure they are always free and out there, ready to catch me when I least expect because they find my reaction amusing. So they say The Queen had an opinion about Europe and it was controversial; it never was – the reality has always been the same and it has now reached a peak, where the EU hands a lot of money to Ankara over the Migrant crisis and pretends the problems that will result is not pertaining to Politics and therefore perfectly okay; of course if The Queen has an opinion about this and the impact it has on the celebrity type goons that are the fundamental problem that Monarchy has to put under control especially with respect to terrorism and insurgency, then it is not going to be a favourable opinion of what they done. I for my part however am just on their ill regarded persons list because I take away from them the profitability of abusing and taking advantage of Women, especially those that fall within category of Temperament mistresses that are loyal to me, all day long, all the time. Its like the Terrorists who are actually people that have consistently and systematically over a period of many years banked the profitability they gain when they laden somebody else with an original provocation while they get Political support for their position - now they ave reached a stage where they have enough stacks of personal self preservation and the ruining of others, that they can plan tricks by which to earn money with their health through what they are doing and will kill anything that challenges them; the Black or African ones who do not get radicalised when you handle them as well because they are more freedom gits than Muslim ones were always going to set out a stage by which the meaning of life for them is to attack moral and religious people until they set out a parameter by which it is financially profitable as they go along, the Moral and religious people that do well in a world that is so cruel they are unable to cope but are inferior to them at the same time - hence an outcome where they hate my guts and it gets to a point of attrition since they were always going to push down and trample on absolutely every single one of them.