I do get old that I am one of those characters that blame others because I hang about expecting success to fall on my lap but it never does – I could never understand the reasons people did it anyway, I know it’s a private equity intellectual property administration business and that I had a huge problem with a handful of people who wanted to make money with it to avoid employment and work processes, so now that the same people are the ones claiming I want success to fall on my lap, its not clear what they want from me especially when they boast about their civil disobedience prowess like we see on media all of the time and when they are not in pain for handling my social life, my Books and public image, I really do look like I want somebody else to do the work of making my Bookshop financially successful. Soon after which we find the idiots will show up to suggest the embarrassing things I did in the past caught up with me to such an extent that I lost everything and we know that if the Police turned up to enforce the law of the land the way they showed up here to enforce their popularity stupidities, I would be well fed and cared for, although locked up, depending on my attitude. 

The story that there is nothing I can do about them is not an unusual one but so have I warned them for what these practical jokes are worth, that I am not emotionally attached to the importance of their democracy and if I can no longer get the best from my schedule, I am going to plan what is left of my career on their savings for it – it does not involve a case of committing crimes as such, the first time my career was trashed to make sense of society idiots blabbing nonsense at me about being able to take advantage of me financially but not doing so until it became a self fulfilling prophesy, we ended up with a global stage complain about my attitude, so what has happened this time is Media and Celebrities running off Publicity endlessly about me getting into a fight with their enemies to help them feel safe, about which they had corrupted by service processes of my Bookshop to make me and extracted the financial processes for their own benefits to get me losing something to women, which makes me sick all day long, then they wrap it up with an onus of whether or not people can take advantage of me financially which meant it was impossible to ignore what the public did with my Bookshop, while all I did was picked up to enhance an idiots idea of what should become of them if they were getting paid for being popular – so I can always copy the behaviour of making a complete mess of their careers, to hang around picking off everything they do to recover it as a point of self improvement that enhances my career, not do something criminal and when I do it, trashing their broadcasting advertisement income margins in the process, I suppose there will me ample opportunity to put the big mouth I had to put up with because I am not interfering with their salaries, to the test from then on. I have no idea how much people needed to complain about me to make sense of what they did not have a right to do, such as handle me, my personality, my social life and my public image which is directly attached to the fact that I am a writer and works my income margins for me – I have no idea how difficult it could possibly be when none of these things belonged to them and I didn’t write their books in this place; so now that they are starting to put up statements on the way I want success to fall on my lap, I can be certain that when it came to their stupidities complaining about me, it was about to get a lot worse.

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