I have no idea why people are ever so fond of talking about doing my stuff on media, the reality is far simpler i.e. if I check up Germany and I check up Russia and I check up China and I check up France etc and nobody has been out handling my products and squeezing them and doing damage to them to insert their own products and earn income from my market place, then they will have nothing to get concerned about – I mean these activities are criminal of course but rather than settle them at the Law Courts I am content with gambling that stupid civil rights as well, so it is never true that they are doing my stuff. This matter does not get discussed by me because I never see the point, I mean the way to clear it up properly will be to say that nobody gets to play around with who is the personal friend or who is the political friend or who is the private business friend of Mr Obama but it is 8 years into his game of determining how many books I sell based on how much self improvements he chooses from it to help the local drunk that will do anything for his president and so each time I do my rounds at the Royal Estate renaissance and Royal Allies and Political allies to determine which one was bullied into buying products from his idiots and I find any happening, his private business interests must lose the same percentage of finances and hence incur the same damage as well otherwise they will never change as we all know black people are famous for civil and criminal disobedience especially when doing it with other peoples income which is why freedom and democracy in their hands means theft and robbery freedoms whereby they like to show they are willing to kill a person for material gain and for such persons possessions all the time hence the problem I have with their friendship with US Government high positions and dispositions and this is what the problem is, nothing more – so of course they have these two lives they live where media determines what I had done to them while reality is what winds them up – nothing out of the ordinary with secret societies of men, for the rackety ones and for the high society ones alike – they have to make money with other peoples royal and Political allies and they have to help their local drunk to the perks of other peoples offices. I have never thought of it as a problem it’s just that the part where I don’t want them to handle my possessions are always measured with how I came to add to the Monarchy when they don’t want any more of it, whereas before the Monarchy was a case of how I need to bring my life to somewhere they want it to be so they can be where they need to be in theirs and those kinds of insults on the most public and global media imaginable. So I get told when I mention it I jeopardise my own security which is not really the case; reality is that they are so determined in their freedom and democracy of what you do and think is my possession that their behaviour towards me is so violent around every single thing I do or say that it causes mental illness and all those other problems that are associated with it – so if I ignore this knowing it is pure evil, the Politicians will want their own self improvement from my personal life as well; so the outcome is that if I have business with others and the Americans get involved and screw around I will destroy it so we can all start all over again – all very well blaming the Russians and Chinese of course but sooner or later they will have to face facts and leave me alone – but in a more practical way is the part where I get hold of them and lay them low as well so that they might seek media salvation right up to National security surveillance, complete with civil rights idiots that will spend all I have solving the problems associated with the part it affects them as well, about whom I have nothing more to say but how they need to buy the fucking products and then lots of female insults and talk of sex and sex industry concerning which talk is talk and fight is fight in the first place, having said that of which we are raising standards and Americans messing around my Renaissance and my Royal and Political allies will see me destroy it and anything they had going on so they can start all over again in these parts and the story of being a plaything for black people is the bit where we don’t know how works when it kicks off at racism but we do know how it works at the moment – so that they do get killed by Police officers and we are all blown away. They do say I try to exclude people from the contents of my books to spread all these panic all the time and that it is about freedom and all those things people dream of concerning which I don’t want to be a Royal rebel to give it to them bearing in mind it was their own in the first place – hence creating in sense my books contain things they have always dreamed of in a condition where they are superior to me because they believe everybody thinks they are that much of fucking celebrities and even if so, they must have been the most fucking famous in the entire world as well. They love the bit where they work with media to breed a sense of how my work which is something that is pioneering considering their evil nature and a need for a place in the world where they can be powerful, that all I do feels as though it is taken from their pockets and so it leads to the same result i.e. they need to buy the fucking products and if they don’t like my tone move on to the next – the history I have with them as well. The part where they even seek jobs for the elderly to add to the many schemes they have devised to keep me out of work and cash strapped and all I own in a place where they can nibble it until it is their own while I face daily decline as their need to look for trouble really has no limits is nothing new; it’s the part where between 15 and 25 they are busy finding out how to abuse the teachers and between 25 and 35 they are settling in on how to get Politicians to grab people’s lives for them which is why they make these kinds of preparations and anything from 40 and beyond is when they are older and need jobs more than younger people do because they will soon be pensioners and then you will think you are going to handle them a few years and move it on, to realise you are a pensioner already while they have come to nothing themselves and then it all comes to media salvation which I can always ignore provided people do not handle my products. It’s the same all round – you can ignore their evil nature which is usually the only way to concentrate and sell your products and stay out of financial hardship that will lead to outcomes where they want history with you they can sell to get rich and intensify their wickedness in your direction if they are to own you and make it sustainable career but time and again that is up to their Politicians that are trying to get rich and then they try to set out another collection of insane abuses and insults concerning how your reaction to them costs everything else. The story about my sort trying to tag along is an old game, not just of how diverse we are as a society that is largely a matter of their friends and the friends who betray them so they can locate excuses for racism and other forms of violent discrimination the none whites deny they practice – it is a matter of realising I do not necessarily come from a poor background but they are able to settle this idea of how they used to live the way I live but were poorer at the time is something that exists to ensure everything I do is taken out of them as well. Considering they are a people that want to develop negatively whereby the last 3 centuries were a time of social and cultural and political change but by the 21 century they had already begun to set out people from whose personal lives such as myself they can get new civil rights or develop one. In terms of Films in their own right - it seems people hack them and others criticise their makers because people have difficult working out when films are being made on other peoples Empire and Global Intellectual Property space which I do need as it were because it is the business I agreed to foster, either way of which Sony Pictures being the latest victim owes any of them any money as we can see - when it comes to attacking you every single day of your life because you chase religion and morality first before chasing an income they are top dog but when it comes to telling the difference between them and you where your possessions and good life is concerned they become terribly confused because their foolish media wants them to be and so clearly of which the North Korean leader has ample position by which to issue his own threats and build his own resolve too.