I don’t think the case of Politicians destroying my property everyday from the socialist and liberalist sections of Parliament and sending crowds to keep it up and tell me if I resist them there will be a war is that much of a problem – the reality is that there will be no such war because all that will happen would be a case of them sitting somewhere completely bemused while I blow their arses off all the time; what will happen however is going to be a case of something they wish never did happen and it will involve getting out of bed every day to settle what I will do about them as a whole over the damage they cause, so as to create competition and ensure when I say damage is not competition having that level of control of their parties and Political futures and activities and even finances will mean they listen, so I can win all the time as it were. We all know violence profits nothing because it involves walking up to those who would happily spend money on your products if you have any and hitting them in the face to end up with nothing, except it does with them because they know where my Books are and how it is to be sold and they need to show off the physical essence of self preservation for the purpose of gaining influence that is an answer for everything to that effect, which is something I feel obliged to kill off as well. Now my whole life is being factorised on the basis of how much money I worked for and others brought out a spoon to scoop as a matter of whom I can beat up and whom I cannot. They say the fact I am always being factorised around the matter of whom I can beat and whom I cannot is my fault but the truth is that it is not – it is a product of the reasons behind why they must keep that stupid money of theirs very close to their hearts and never lose it and doing so will be the beginning of the end, since it is clearly the one reason they have such a great level of disrespect for others on the basis of an age that is less than their own, especially when it comes to being more successful than they are except of course such younger adults were their stupid children all together – everybody has a limit to their insults it’s just that the limits vary  person. So it comes to a peak at Celebrity culture and media where they have areas people can go to be more important than I am and if not make money with my public life and return for violence that will enforce their importance; so what I have done is a matter of if I could do something about it i.e. reign it in, control them, give them access to me so that I do not get accused of cowardice and lead the hell out of them as well, especially the Politicians that top up the money by which they do it all the time and rob it in my face at Parliament. They do say I am a big headline and publicity grabber which I am not as it does not make sense to have publicity that ruins a personal space you share with people that are buying your Books every day; I mean publicity for your Books have nothing to do with that space and the people in it in the first place but it is impossible to chose which publicity you get; it is unprecedented, something that has a chance of happening once in a blue moon and mainly because you got yourself involved with people that you shouldn’t have – so I had to reign it in and lead the hell out of it so they can get on public places and be more important than I am; they have an ego as well of obviously a hell of an ego with that big mouth. They do say I get involved with people but that has no truth in it whatsoever; what happens is that they have opinions about religion which is scary when they actually do not believe in religion and then it gets worse when you see them in the neighbourhoods and they will kill you for talking to them as it is what a fight comes to these days but when they get off from there will get involved and that will lead to a disposition by which they can fuck their girl friends and one night stands, not their wives of course as it will have ceased to be a gamblers choice with your feelings and then when done even when they are younger than I am a more rooted in the land while their older idiots turn up on public places to seek ownership of my prospects and personal life everyday with popular culture they can ask to make fame and fortune with; nobody told them to get involved. They will say there have always been immoral people with violent opinions about morals and religion but that is precisely the point i.e. a process of daily involvement with me to undercut me at the basic of my provisions and instincts is organised by socialists, liberalists and Media and the question is what for? Their answer is a statement ‘fuck it’ which is something I wake up to after a five hour prayer session and not enough have died yet as it were. I mean this should have been the end of the story, except that I exist as a moral person so popular culture and media big wigs can have a person’s life they can point to and borrow a public life by which to make them rich and famous on one hand and pacify them when they are angry on the other which means they cannot leave people alone and yet it still appears to them that was never the problem in the first place and so when you see an idiot that was not raised properly and likes to feel he can get anything he wants when if that was the case he wouldn’t be such a frustrated goon in the first place, its fuck it as you after 5 hour prayer session and those that are eldest of their siblings do not know and do not understand and cannot tell because their brothers have always been afraid of them of their parents are partly afraid of them too etc, turning up here around my Business all the time and ending up somewhere to talk nonsense about sodomising me because I feel as though I am not in control of my job because of him and a chronic injury I have lingers in my head to make me appear cold in their eyes and I start to explore where their own hurts as well and it seems they work in construction and factory and every other jobs that require their superior physical strength which you can have a problem with as well to save your anus being fingered violently all the time. It does seem that the people who actually do get to tell them that the homosexuality is not acceptable are their wet dream, I never will; since the story is that I am able to confront them because I have had years of training and they need the same as well to ensure they are not being ruled by the inferior – however which if I had years of training it would have been about writing my Books while for them about finding out how to extricate the aspect of the lives of women that involves living at home, simply because they want to stay off work or feel they can have work on one hand and the feeling of living at home while a husband does it on the other. It takes years and years of being put away in a secret place to train as well; in order to become a popular culture big wig that collects the lives of moral people to pacify idiots who are frustrated but still feel they were raised in such ways as means they always get what they want, after using the public lives of the same victims to make them rich and famous as well; it is not a secure platform for stories of inequality but above all is the factual reality that this fight was meant to have been over before this stage. So here they say I make religious pundits look incompetent whereas the real issue is that since the part of my brain that says I have an ego and need to check if I am important is missing, they are in charge and not me: however a religious pundit would be concerned with a congregation, I am concerned with keeping their evils out of mainstream living where it can become the thing that will happen to those who don’t give them money – they say it means I am forcing them to get jobs and that when they get jobs they will have money anyway and that will mean I have enemies which is utter nonsense as the only thing that can cause me concern is the usually process of Politicians damaging my finances so they can turn up here with abusive perceptions again to try and put their twisted stupidities into mainstream living all over again; the Politicians who need something that will show them that there has to be a way of living in their stupid society whether or not there is evil in it and they are fond of doing things to ensure unreasonable crowds turn up at other peoples door step. It’s not a matter for grave concern, just the reality evil people are crazy about government office because they can rule others in it but the rules are there to provide the structures because in the end they might kill five people and then one will shoot them as well and that will make six dead and one murderer which they should practice only in their own families with full agreement signed. As for me, if they move into my right hand I will sell up that stupid culture again. I understand it’s a matter of Parliamentary pundits squeezing me for my Royal Commission and thinking they are becoming more and more powerful at doing so but that would not have changed anything about the fact that the point where people felt they were such wealthy popular culture big wigs like Simon Cowel for instance that they knew I would be unhappy if people grabbed my personal and public life to pacify idiots who feel they come from an upbringing where they always get what they want and are a likely to become violent if they don’t, was supposed to have been the end of this fight but it wasn’t. They do speak of the reasons it happens but that reason comes in only two forms; one of them has something to do with picking on those who are not part of the group of people they hate because they have had a bad brush with in the past, like walking into your local Kebab shop to find people behave in appalling ways towards you because America kills Muslims and has a black President and you are black, not because they are not aware you are British or that you do not take part in it but precisely because of the fact they have very obvious physical clues all over you which suggests that you are not a part of it and it’s the same with the Whites and all of them with that big mouth that is seen on Media everyday – the other side is that they are meant to get their feelings of coolness and calmness and glory from fucking women and it is better still if they can from a Male Christian that is unlikely to complain and so today I woke up to a sense my Books were okay and that was taken away in less than five minutes after, so it’s been a bad day and if they are not convinced we will give it 24 Hours and wait for a repeat performance if they have the fucking guts. I understand the story of me picking a side but that would have meant people now have a problem with the idea when society people like to hurt popular culture people right up to terrorism and popular culture people want my property to hurt them back with as well. So they do say I think I will be able to come to some middle ground that pleases the racial extremist that carry out activities I complain about but I have not devised a Middle ground for the next most notorious ones which are the blacks and the Indians and Muslims, so I find it impossible to locate how they came to such a conclusion. The reality is that they love to play their games; make sure I have a literary empire while racists have the money and then see what will come of it because it will be amusing – for my part however it is usually worth an observation to go to the Affluent neighbourhoods and get chased around by women who want to play with me because they are bored and so on and then when I get past that meet them and wonder how on earth they ended up in that neighbourhood should I have removed the part racist parties play in where their members take up camp in various neighbourhoods that is and then they will start to hate my guts for turning up in that neighbourhood and for finding out but then again the above games Media and politicians like to play was clearly the Bees Knees. I do get asked if the affluent people do not look down on me and the reality is that they don’t; the problem I complain about is usually that which they say they have to hurt themselves and cut themselves to be in a place where their physical appearance by which their money is made and actually looks like mine happens but I just seem to have the physical appearance and have for good measure taken steps to prevent myself ending up in places where I can get hurt; so the women want to play games with me all the time and it is all hurtful games all the time as well. I should be able to prevent this whole process of getting out of bed to attend a job that then leaves HM work flying around all over the place but it seems that is never going to happen until and unless some journalists get seriously harmed; for now its neah, neah, neah, something thinks making compromises with extremists will resolve the problem. My main barrier has always been Journalists; it can be anything but the effect has to be that it weighs heavily on their self absorbed stupidities and when it does I get it as well and the details can be that the news report they wanted went to a female journalist or that they had to stand outside to report news when they rather like the one where they are indoors standing in front of a screen etc; so I need to start pushing them really hard and violently as well before it becomes a racist thing all together having been its gone on for way longer than it should already. It’s like the case of how I do not take seriously the fact that not everybody in Parliament supports me, which I really don’t need to; those who do not think the moral indicatives of the Law matter will never support me and the reason is that they want to make themselves immune to the hurtful things they have planned to do to others, so that when they do it to themselves as well it will turn out that it does not harm them and thereby constitute a matter of civil rights and so it is at that point where they start to say it has to be that way because they come from a sensibility where they have to deal with violent youths all the time, then people start to think they are responsible people and therefore it is permissive; however they have as a result of the Leadership of the Labour Party in the past few years pumped the legal system full of these useless laws that do not really do anything because if it is meant to make them feel comfortable, it means it will never apply to anybody who is anybody – this is the point where they say they are able to see my real personality come through mostly but I have no idea is the hundreds of pages of things I write on my websites do not have a moral imperative attached to them in the first place which says 20 years of provoking others and five years of civil rights movements should not make them money and should not show itself off to be okay because it is not. They do say I am making enemies and I am not, they need to get off my Books and clear my space; obviously the narcissistic routine takes away other peoples breath and the need to savage my Books and play it out seems to be an acquired loveable taste they get to show off especially on Media – so there are various points at which the fight should have ended but didn’t since it is not something they want to do until a more serious result comes of it. It is obvious that if a process of protecting myself from The Bush government while I was unemployed with only £20 in my Bank account was translated into a threat they would never have survived but they have no wish to stop it until it leads to far more serious results; apparently of which at present the narcissistic routine takes their breath away too. I hear I never acknowledge that my activities hit poor people but I was never aware it did actually hit them, I was aware it exposed realities about the fact they are poor because it is a skill the practice which gives them an advantage over others into the future and facing forward; so reason is not one of those things that will prevent peoples parents turning up to try and corrupt my Christian mind with sex and vice, reason is not one of those things that will prevent them from making out my life was given to them by God and now because I have hands and feet and a mind want to rob them of what they have meaning they have to deploy what they know of human body metabolism for an evil purpose and for violence that will eventually bring about War because I am being selfish; it is the Media ones that like to make out I exist to fight to make them feel comfortable and no amount of events in which I tell them to take steps to ensure it does not affect my Book sales will ever stop them – so it’s another 24 hours given here as it were and if it does happen again in the Morning we will have progress from here facing forward and into the future; in retrospect of which what happens a lot of that some people are evil, so they let it run until they have to talk to somebody about it and then at a stage where they mention the names of these fools, the problems will be intensified because the idiots don’t like being talked about according to them and then when people stop talking about them even when they exist at the heart of problems others want people to talk about they will get off and do it again and you will end up hearing that somebody got stabbed etc – it is not one of those tools I will use but I will give them 24 hours and if it happens again we will make progress from this point facing forward and into the future (again);because of course we all know if I tell them to get such convenience only from their living Rooms they will then tell me to get out of it. 



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