They do claim people had a real reason to tackle me and yes they do; something about building wealth equity to facilitate popularity that churned their tummy, so if they knew the risks they stopped following people around – it is not clear why the Politicians loved taking it down alongside their Liberal gits, then show up here complaining about the problem, hence it is an opportunity to point out that they really did need to get mine looking as they found it, if they were complaining. The other part of reasons people tackled me was more elaborate and completely meaningless at the same time i.e. I am a low life and not up to scratch whilst they were ripping up my finances by running off fame gimmicks with respect to a two part tale of what people who used every aspect of my career got up to and what people who claimed my career as their own got up to – so it really does need to make the comments about its own career. I am aware this situation is a product of Industry goons doing something about me and it is not an unusual story but it started when they became so entitled to my career that my finances were regularly crashed simply because they had an ego and if they said something it would crash – then we progressed to the part where they did because they did not want to do the work for their Offices and suggested I was interfering, ending in the part where they appeared a bunch of characters that were paid to feel entitled to my career. In any case it is not such a problem for people to say I interfered with their careers, there is simply not enough respect for mine, to allow me run a Bookshop safely and so my finances are still a mess because of that. The question that turns up from here is one which asks about the idea we once used to get along but we never did; what happens is that when I come into contact with some public mobility female journalists, a bunch of characters whose existence was simply annoying invited themselves, here people would say I was discriminating but the reality goes beyond the schools of gangs that needed to fear my wealth equity suggesting I was on their side and or trying to force me to do something, looking for trouble all the time whilst claiming they were civil rights victims, it develops into a real problem when they had scripts to read from and were for every sentence gesturing to the person behind the screen to abuse and tackle somebody because they had placed an investment on the persons social life and or public image abusively, it probably involved gambling family finances and the person needed to be made to remain in a single position, which is how they borrow my PR and suspend my earnings for 12 years. I am said to have been aware they were doing damage long before it came to this but I have been; it always wants to get me into a fight and rips up my studies to make it so, it wants it so badly that when I carry through activities I am passionate about with respect to my Books, it claims I had succumbed to its demands and gotten into a civil rights fight, then set off from such a position, either it shares my career with sex workers and takes pictures to splash on the internet and or it shares with the boys from the neighbourhood in case I wanted my career back, when I collect the pictures and or videos of the sex work and it gets feedback, it begins another gimmick to suggest that according to certain areas of those pictures and videos, we had history. I do not mind the comments and insults but people can make them when confident that my Bookshop will not be affected: recent damages are that my career was something everybody could share and that we had history which suggested they own me.

They do claim that a lot of how bad people were is heard but not what is evidently seen when they were being nice to me but it is superficial – what happens is that I campaign for family life and met some people, so where they fit into my concerns was a means to provide them support especially for those who hung about somewhere in Public telling the Public the news, this is done by running of a certain aspect of my lifestyle where the abuses of society was just a means to the method by which I organised my personal and family life, whereby I had to marry somebody who loved it as well, not a bunch of gits looking to get into a fight with everything that moved. So since last they started to sell out to the boys from the neighbourhood, take pictures on my social life to blow kisses at criminals and eventually ended up sending out gits to collect my career, claiming it was something everybody could share, I had to move them on and out. In the meantime, this place needed to be quiet and their inability to respect this is the cause of the bottom chasing issues when the society gits thought it was loutish enough to play with. Here they love to suggest I acted like I was really big but they would have to save me from their children, while reality was that I needed to be able to say that I met A amount of people and got B amount to read the Books I had written, a measure of how stupid they really are, especially in terms of making comments about my career if they could guarantee that it will not damage my Bookshop to do so, but it will still leave me wondering which one their employers were paying for. They raise this point on information about my Dad and claim that I behaved much the same and was likely to end up like he did but the facts about my Dad are sketchy, although being family I can tell what it was, since he was fond of supporting popularity people even when he knew his family did not look like that, I mean don’t get the wrong idea, if I looked at his graduation photographs, it was full of women who went to him to support a lot of the times, so I assume that the popularity people bit happened later, sort of something I could put down to the things he did to show he was head of the family – then the point where his Daddies took him out to war and abandoned him to his death or he probably engineered the process, which leaves me with a different sense of what is required to establish my authority as head of the family. They are repeating the same process with the Prince of Wales but it is HRH fault, as he has been running off this idea that his mother was a threat to his future, so much so that authority was diverted from the Queens Office to his own and they believed they had hit the jackpot, like we see I worked so hard to keep them off my Books and the business of using my personality to enjoy life and they worked hard to get their practical jokes woven around my career, so they might be able to use my products and tell me they would pay on a later date, looking for trouble if they were likely to complain when I get what I want as well. So they claim now that I did not get along with my Mum for my part and I don’t as she is fond of sending out word to get people preventing me from finishing University or being financially successful until these idiots gained a footing in my personal life and finances, which outcome is that the financial well being is delayed, I do not have to raise children in a setting to do with German influence highway to schizophrenia talk of the town insults that gets worse after it breaks up your marriage as well, hopefully, I did not leave it too long to start a family, which is where attacking Celebrities comes into the picture, since last they were financially better off from handling relationships I had with my parents and spent time tackling me while I had not made the most of their own, claims usually being that the money would be shared in some grand civil rights equality action which we know will never happen and it all comes down to my schedule and the business of their need to continue the delay of my financial well being, whilst building up the society gimmicks to tackle me with a big mouth, an issue associated with a certain influence going towards the stupid money. The Celebrities who claim I had no way to catch on and this is the fun I want to prevent; accessing the public at my expense, making money from it and chasing my income margins because it was prestigious to have it, if I feel that I had lost the means to fund what I am doing like Royal Property, I will track it back to when they started and burn everything responsible too, then will I have caught up properly. It is a simple matter of plugging gimmicks into my social life to get paid for being popular which is now on borrowed time because they never stopped picking up my PR and income margins as well, which was the one thing they had to avoid doing to make enemies of me (now its just a fun game of getting me to serve them while telling them off meant they told me off as well, indicating they understood only one thing very well).