There are questions about diversity of course and how some people want to know what I think about it; what I think about it is that people keep talking rubbish about things that happen when an economy is richer and when they use it to hold the Nation back like to pretend what is more important is whether or not people like me who can get things done are being made to co-operate. We are not wealthy enough to afford a condition where social matters are allowed to take place in many forms and then translate themselves into economic issues, yes this always pays off in the long term but at short notice what we need is quick short term results and growth. So it brings us up to the other matter of what I think that should be and how it should work and so of course the question of whether we are working hard enough bearing in mind it is up to us Britons to get the country out of the crisis. Hence clearing up a lot of matter as such i.e. when I put up leadership and properties on what should be done and where I stand, media goons will like to use it to make out it means I can do more and more and more: of course they say it in royal circles and at the Army where people are loyal to me but the media does not run my life and its people should avoid getting off to those stupid things they do with my work to pretend that what happens is that when they get angry they get me to do something about what is troubling them. So the other question becomes that of what my model for the economy ought to be and I have put out equities to express this too i.e. we have a strong financial system and should not try to have an equally strong manufacturing sector, however we have a manufacturing history and therefore have some foundation of which to build anything and hence how our manufacturing sector should look, much the same with tourism which should be kept away from the other two and all sectors given space to function in their own right. I am not talking about the future here I am speaking of what I have already done: I mean I have made it clear as well I want the left hand side to be completely shut down, perhaps so until we have a use for it, I personally am not of the opinion we would have to have a use of it either – for the most part it picks up itself and moves on anyway. Nobody cares what happens to media bosses and what media bosses want, they are always going to fight and oppose such things anyway, I am a typical example here; I mean I have a working court of female journalists and that affects how media bosses run their business, what then is so particular about me compared to other people the journalists get to meet or befriend? It’s all spending and spending and even more spending: you have to create a product and then get off to spend money on a campaign for it and then spend money to deal with the alternative idea campaign that some goon on the streets spread about the product and then spend even more money to deal with the other campaign that emerged about how you reacted to the alternative campaign that came out of society about your products and the list goes on endlessly. What I have done for businesses is securitize these costs and put them up as functional creativity equities; i.e. when I create a car and have to spend money on a campaign to sell it and then even more on the alternative campaign that emerged from the campaign and then more on the way I reacted to the alternative campaign, what I have given them is a means of making those campaigns into creative product and market equity i.e. in an automobile for example I create the main stream product and then a functional brake pack and a six speed pack etc; of course I imagine they have not necessarily got the money to make that happen all the time or chase the market whenever they do, so I have securitised it and placed it in public and patented it to buy them time. As for the media on the other hand anyway; they say when I act like that the media will cease to exist which is precisely the point – I mean what exactly are ratings and how can people get paid for them when they are things that happen in the past? So what really happens is a past rating portfolio put forward and payment received for it and a media that go out to make those ratings a self fulfilling prophesy. In the end they lay out complains we cannot list but of course we all know the claims those women they say I had taken away from them and got off to do their thing are people who were never good enough to tag along with their modern and trendy plans for fame and fortune recently, hence now that they are good enough to tag along with somebody else’s own, it has affected their existence and their jobs and even their media boss families. I mean when people say diversity is good for the economy they ought to be able to see that the difference in the facts and figures is to be made up for by them; in context of which as I have mentioned before we hear health advertisement all the time but of course we have a huge big Olympics stadium somewhere in the middle of London and on no occasion do we rally people into it for health community health programmes – we close stadiums instead which I guess the argument that less people use it is a one that is good enough for such a drastic measure for a local council: my point is that the fact people have less money is not to say their memories have gone away and what they have lived and experienced has gone with the money – let the economy and the market take that away from them, never the government, it is against the law, hence some things for a local council are necessities and should never be cut, otherwise when we do it and the fascists do it as well, we cannot possible suggest that the fascists are wrong.  I have made myself clear about the whole business anyway and explained all I have said and done about it as the fact they need to put their shopping channels under control over my books and shut up their reporters so I do not have to do it for them. these are not things I plan to do, they are all things I have already done and equities I have already put forward for and all I need do now is market the work and sell the books which I am not yet prepared to do, even though that does not necessarily mean that people cannot pick up copies of the books. These are some of the reasons our position of the EU really annoys me because as I said BMW fan club is going to have a sense of tourism about it, not necessarily because they watch car shows as such but because it is the way it is, such fan clubs are likely to exits in their version of mini Glastonbury and every auto company has got one of them and they are everywhere, there is very little space to push National sentiments into the Manufacturing Industry especially in the EU. So what indeed seems to be our problem is beyond me i.e. we all know that Greece is in the condition it is today because the bigger countries have been very irresponsible and we all know that if Spain were to recover the entire European Housing Market will have recovered by then. I am not speaking of Nationalism here and have been clear about where I stand on that i.e. anybody who does his Nationalism, shows us the academic support and prove of what he says and the prognosis on which he says them and stops talking so much rubbish about people moving into areas of life that women should fill when nobody knows what they are doing in there themselves anyway – so we can find out and know where they get those their stuff from and perhaps be able to make academic and logical sense of it. Media will not be dead if I can read a news paper with a sense that I am reading what is happening in my local community, the sense that I do not want to steal something or get angry and hurt somebody and appear on it etc, so that when I see the advertisement I understand that is what stirs my imagination. Not a process where the news and the stories are to stir your imagination for you so that you see the products and buy them because you have no choice which is so because the country does not want to become a republic; they take your house and do it and sell it back to you as it were for huge profits and it needs to end as well, since they are the one selling something not the other way around. 

Am I being taken advantage of therefore by statesmen and diplomats? Of course not, they always say they are doing so and want people to believe it – the fact of it is rather that there are normal people on one hand a large number of whom I lead, then there are others and they are twisted people who normally are the world’s most evil goons who live with their cultures in bed and are the world’s worst work place envy freaks. I mean apart from hierarchical advancement there is nothing that explains what happens in the mind of somebody who sees other people’s career and wants it, except that they like two jobs. It’s the main issues I guess where people like to pretend that all black people are like them and it makes me want to go to great lengths to see them complain all white people are not like that too all the time, not to mention the fact that their Politicians love to travel to none white countries and bring those fools in here to play such games as Mr sunshades who must make money in this life and those of them in diplomatic circles especially really, really love real estate business and when the Politicians are done they start talking so much of other lamentations about an economic conundrum. I am not being made to give up who I am with hysteria either, the only people that are attempting that are Obama and other goons like that who work together as it were; the ingredients are supposed to be World War 2, Hiroshima and who will talk about it to make it go away so they can locate new forms of fame and so I end up in a place where I have to tell them they will in their dreams. Of course they say Americans fought the war for Europe it is all they get as it were; the fact was that Nazis were spending spies into the US regularly and so were the Japanese sending balloon bombs too, they did not fight for Europe; the truth about it all has more to do with the questions that were answered in that war and it mostly had to do with things like for example the fact there were fascists in the US and in Germany but which one made the other feel like reorganising race in the world etc  and the Japanese ended up in the middle because they as some people put it thought they were on a roll, they were having a party just like they do all the time. Am I saying that Americans are fascist; of course not because of what we know i.e. they have taken years and decades to settle the matter of who they are – the one civil war to cost the highest number of lives in the world etc, these were all matters set out to settle the issue of who they really are with all that hatred for people who are cultured and live with a healthy level of respect for others, travelling to new lands to serve God as they want thing going on and so it has come settle on the fact that Americans are really Apaches and Comanche etc under the skin and those who actually think America is a white country is completely deluded.   

So it remains a major issue: broker equities with businesses and have insolent familiar nonsense from black idiots become a norm with the result that you are a Prince that wants people to help you make money so you and t your family might rule them; through that process of buying products from businesses that they cannot if they want to use to get rich without doing a harmful thing to me and my property. The claim I never tell the full story about anything is utter nonsense too, like the story of my lack of respect for women; for the first one the full story is rather really short i.e. when somebody buys a product from another who brokers equities with me they want to find out who brokered the equities because they intend to put the product up as the standard for securing their new found fame and fortune gained from buying it and the only process that is viable enough for it is attacking my income, stifling my book sales and telling me I am a Prince that is financially stuck and needs their help to make money so I can rule over them and their families. For the respect for women part however that is to do with things I must do concerning which people can never buy the books and the end product like the Politicians want it is that process where a media scum is always able to turn up and tell me the Politicians authorised him to collect from me their share of what I have done to serve them and to deploy it as they wish, which they seem to do every day as well, leading to a process thereof where all those really silly abusive insults from women like a National campaign and the lazy appalling behaviour with which they sit around and expect media to make me do their jobs for them even when they are elected into public office, has come to a head – hence when they mention it, there is simply the sense that I have won again. I mean you are on the left because of an issue with really insulting women but of course when you are a Prince as well there is absolutely no need for a limit, for the need to beware; people will simply think what they believe at the standard of their rumours is as it will happen and more so an otherwise situation will see them make it that way with a big mouth. There is a lot of respect for women, I am just obsessive about things; people should not mess up the empire trust or the books or the equities or the public work, much the same with claims I sabotage my security when media goons play a role that seems like it and later tell me I have no security and therefore not quite the class as it were, naturally of which when it eventually reaches a stage where people do things that are abusive and instead of reprimand and social chastisement get fame instead and I have to overhaul their society again knowing somebody will die a result somehow.

I have no idea what they want from me anyway, all I know is that they complain about me on media 24/7 – the complains always take one dimension only i.e. I need to give them back the history of their lives, which they have forgotten where they left or kept, these fools are the ones who think that when you had built a literary empire, you should be living on JSA as a result of it and I mean not a penny from it should your earn, hence this is the problem i.e. that they want to have a new model modern life and that it should operate on the parameters of preventing you from earning a living with your job and there is no other issue but that alone. So we see the media games all of the time where the reasons people see your job and want it is because they have got one of their own to want it with; the bloody idiots think they have got the strength and the stamina and everything therefore they need to be seen doing two peoples jobs at any given point in time. If I did things to them people will know that I have done things to them, I have not done anything to them; all I have made clear and said is that they need to get off my book sales, bearing in mind they cannot even brainwash the world into believing it is their own like they make noise about; I mean I do not see any priests get off to cling onto media with which to press a homosexual with bible teachings everyday as violently as possible like they do me over their popular cultures and alternative lifestyles and they never listen about that media too and I will rip it to pieces for them as well. I am not giving back that stupid left hand side, I need it, to ensure that when they handle my work, it stays in their lives and offices intact until the day I claim it and that is all I need it for and nothing else; the part where I will be preventing them from getting famous and more so all the time is just the eventual result that should have been expected from deviant people who are so violent i.e. they do it because it should eventually lead to a day when I am the guy who is expected to do something about deviant society for a living; maybe most people do not know they are deviant society in their view, because they see the nice dresses and the academic success and all that stuff they believe people think gets to make them better persons and does not therefore call upon them to change their behaviour; I mean how do you build a literary empire without earning a penny from it because people like to cling to your personality on media and have now located your books to cling to as well. The history of their lives they say I have handled and it sounds like a demagogue which I will demagogue them with one of these days soon enough. It is important they leave me alone and get off my books, especially the media ones – they can do cultural fame these days if they want, I have been clear about the fact no threat from them is ever too small and I cannot figure out what brings it on either. The part where I am being kept away from the royal family is the old stuff as it were; all through history the normal people no matter how insignificant get on and the fraudsters have their heads lobbed off because of course when they find people whose personality they want to mess with they will do so and pretend later that they are royalty – so usually the incumbent will not give them anything because it is just completely ridiculous but by the time the granddaughter comes to the throne these fools must have found their way into high society and hence get given something but it is when the owner later realises they made a mistake and somebody needs to hand back what they were given that the problem arises and so heads roll – in my case they will make sure I lose everything and that such things happen to me and so they are obsessed with what I have turned my own property into and you can never stop laughing at these stupidities no matter how annoying they get. As for things I could do to them on the other hand; it would likely run along the lines of the fact I wake up every day and cannot even brush my teeth before I had behaved in a co-operative way so somebody can sell more music CDs, hence the need to wake up every day and make sure your actions deplete peoples music CD sales before you even brush your teeth and then take the rest of the day up from there too – as I have said before, I have done nothing to them and if I did it would have been obvious that I have and by the way it seems they will not yet lean further to the right to deal with me like they make noise about or get that media off me before I rip it up and stay away from my book sales; everybody but them seem to recognise life is evenly divided between them the deviant society and everybody else on the other hand. It is not a problem overall as such; I simply believe a person who ties me down somewhere and uses me to provide himself with personal safety and security that he does not deserve after he hurts people to get rich does not exist – these fools can try especially the American ones, let them give me all they have got and I will handle them again as well since it appears my books they hate so much is not hurting as badly yet. I am happy to be of service to God that they destroy all I own, so I build a Literary empire without earning a penny from it so I might not be a threat to those I flatter with my work when nobody told them to handle the equities on seeing that they had to make plans to turn me into a dog at some stage which they knew would never work – they do need to learn their place, I never needed the pennies to be a threat to them anyway. Its like the Politicians who claim that when I secure my personality and Identity on a global scene I think it will be the salvation of me but will only make things worse and that the provocation that comes with it is that I lay claims of ownership to things that belong to everybody on the global scene; reality is that they started with telling me that they needed a revolution that will get rid of Monarchy but in order to ensure nothing gets to wind them up over their civil rights and equality and what have you, they need to put together contingencies that will ensure that I cannot own personal property that I deploy if I no longer have government office, to find a job or do a business to earn a living, they say this is something they must do to end the existence of royalty which winds them up. Much the same with these fools who believe that if they work to television it makes them more important than other peoples princes and that he flattered them and they are taking a complement; hence if it is not that way they make it up and try to superimpose it on reality itself. I do not fear any revolts as such; if I need to hand my job to others that are better at it then that is what I need to do, however these fools need to be seen doing the politics as well for their part and need to be seen through it putting an end to being so stupid too. We have basically gobbled it all up i.e. the part where politicians can convince people serving the country is the bees knees, since it has not really been for quite a while now, so they have to make up new ones, otherwise continue down the path they have chosen, which also works well for me in the sense that lesser and lesser young idiots are getting involved and I am having to deal with lesser and lesser problems from idiots that get tax payers money through trust systems arranged by Politicians. Everything I do is such a big joke to them e.g. my mum is fat so I am one of your Heirs and if I don’t get what I want quickly bearing in mind you can see what I can do on media you are in for it; I mean I have always known the villainy that gain from a process where I never let people get away with harming me is my shit and so are the process of silly revolts and the idea nobody knows it is a product of people getting used to channelling hate in my direction – these are the sort of things I will be famous with and by in any case, so this is hardly the end of it and I maintain the books will be their doing as well. The suggestion I do not take matters as seriously as I should is not really the case: I do take matters seriously as I should, I mean she goes off and latches onto a male politician, abuses me and get elected into government office of which the male politician must be the biggest idiots on the planet and so she finds herself laws that were made and locates how to change them to suit her goons and stay in government office, while handling some media scum who vandalise my job to gather up things for her to do her own with as the boy that is being treated by her in such ways, crosses her legs and shows in public the most appalling behaviour imaginable and rewards herself for it as well and feels she has now settled in a place where she can piss me off on a daily basis; nobody knows why they like to say it has something to do with the Queen when they should stand and fight and win the fight anyway and I have warned them by the way if I want a job from the civil service because they will not stay off my book sales, I know exactly how to get that as well. It has something to do with the Queen and Royal family, that therefore indicates whom they feel is their level which I don’t mind anyway, just that I will have so much fun and they will win this fight too. I know that living in a way which means when they hit you, you do not hit them satisfactorily in a way which sees they do not ever again, leads to big problems but I also feel so hard done by living in the past as well; hence for example educating American Politicians and their support for popular culture bearing in mind the size of their country on grounds that I stay in Church and tell people how to live when human being should be free, so they can do as well while I hold them down and that is a start bearing in mind so many have died on this matter both in the past and at present, I will think of more as long as I am not disturbed.

Hence they always say I am one of those who have not got a clue what I am doing and therefore always set about trying to rule over others with some made up morality, which a free society should normally hate. I would not know, since I am only aware that if we live in a society where one person is famous for things he has done and another can claim to own that identity on media for the sake of culture and popularity shared and people buy products that are being created on such a basis to make such people exceedingly rich, then we live in a society with real problems that need to be considered. I mean people tend to feel that when they have media to play with, you have not got the right to get out of your house and attend to your affairs without dealing with the evils of society and my personal position on this is that there would be less problems if for whatever reasons of the problems they have brought on themselves which they completely deserve, they had ceased to make such a mathematically conclusive means of showing extremists that when they want something from people they can always take it, publicly available on media, then there will be no problems and I would not feel that I need to march them to Church and wait for them there to see them pervade it and gain from it without believing in the Bible first with a big mouth aka when they speak of civil rights and civil trophy freedoms that are clearly my shit and the villainy with which people gain from a process where they persecute me normal people expose themselves to extremism and evil like that and hence which makes it funny too. They say the way I deal with things is lousy and that I give people information they should not have and then pretend others are supposed to do something about it; years ago however it was the bees knees which is how I built an empire without earning a penny from it, so these fools can turn out in every public places to try and make it their own as well – that somebody will get a job that costs the employer no less than fifty thousand pounds and has not got a clue what to do and the employer does not sack him on grounds he has a conscience, while I am the one that has to restructure my thoughts all the time so people can trust me on a job and I can trust myself to do a job without expecting people to look over my shoulders and tell me what to do, completely destroyed my aptitude to secure popular culture for the pressure that offers the trappings of power and the employer has a conscience – now they say I am the one that gives them information that makes it difficult for people to control their employees. Its turned up as an issue because they have now got a real job on their hands these days I suppose. They will usurp all of it they say and I think it is a challenge as well that needs to be explored.

You have no right to attend your affairs without dealing with evils of society and they are completely oblivious to the fact they are attacking you and that you will never stop hitting them as well. Since talk is talk and fight is fight and they on the other hand are completely out of control. They say on that media that they have got the better of me and I am patching up i.e. a process where my personal life and faith and work is something that must be sacrificed by them over the need to possess some spiritual activity based trappings of power by which to get wealth and glory and because of this cannot let people be for any second which has a resulted in a process of how they have gotten the better of me and I am patching up and need to stop pretending I am a threat to them and it is for this I will murder them and it will improve. I am not talking about their MPs thinking they are making the country a dangerous place for me; it seems its entire purpose is to get me to understand what people meant when they said MPs too i.e. I cannot sell my books because of MPs too, I cannot get a job because of MPs too etc and now there are people I must fear as well with a big mouth. I mean they think they are running a party and deluded as much they think I think so too, when I rather think they are running a system of threats and proposed intimidation with a big mouth and fear by which they will decide where wealth is placed and I have spent money to get qualifications and am also a Christian and such things are not in my interest i.e. question being how long have I been a Christian exactly and hence why they suppose such nonsense is possible, so we have to get right back to the main issue of attacking my finances and jumping on government office to do such activities for no reason or purpose and how I must chose which to react to, I always like to chose the damage bit because it is criminal, just like the media scum ones think I should chose whether or not they are being famous by hurting me so they can make out that any attention controversy or legitimate attention is acceptable over the fact they are hurting me and I need to hurt them as well – hence when I say such things as people can either think they should do nothing about it or think they should do something about it, it goes either way and there is no middle ground, middle ground means it never stops. Some do ask about the logistics of doing what I say but it is the same old issue with personal security at government office; how long do you ignore the fact there are people who will be happy to murder you and take your stuff because stealing and sharing had failed them – okay they are not killing you yet so you do nothing. These are not things we think about when people tell us to and the idea that an IP administrator who writes books that help people with creative imagination that detaches them from evils of society he does not want explored will have those evils taken up by MPs and used to kill him shows how much rubbish they yap all the time, especially the insolent Labour party ones. The idea these insecurity is something I have created which I am not complaining about is utter rubbish; the fact my stand on these evils and those who have work them have been so emphatic that they look like normal people is not to say that they are and I have put up enough information on that too. They simply believe these days in a work place that is a microcosm of their political parties where MPs work the worst Satanism available to them and therefore think I should be in hysteria each time they have to make laws I never asked them to get involved with government to make on grounds they have to make them on the basis of equity, which is why I usurp their time as well since it is such a worthy use for it – they have this idea the work place is their plaything and it is all very well of course, people there you meet who come from your party and know what you are talking about through body language etc but what is it with the threats except they are meant to open up my spirit and get me possessed and I have made it clear none of those no matter the form are ever too small; especially the media ones that have gotten the better of me and anything I do is attention they get by controversy, as I said these processes of hurting me are the parts I will ignore as it were because the parts about whether or not they are making fame from it and having anal sex to build up civil rights while collecting my property to do their jobs to be decadent is more important in their view. The part where I do peoples stuff for them is all very well too, they always make out its my biggest insecurity but in actual fact it indicates the fact there are too many people who are older than me and under my care as it were - one of those things their popular culture really likes since it is largely based on how some peoples children are to work really hard while they get rich and famous and then share later on, which as we know has ever happened.

They are supposed to say those things; people like a Prince because he can take care of them, I cannot understand where, why and or how it became my greatest weakness. Its the position on personal security therefore i.e. how long do you ignore the fact there are people who show they will want to and like to kill you and take your possessions on account stealing and sharing has failed them? This then brings us back onto the issue of my position in the US i.e. what is happening there is that people are trying to sell books for a Prince, so they use your own to do it and then do it for you as well with the result that they create a community and hence the question of whether I will accept it and or look after it – I could never understand those questions myself since I would not write the books if I didn’t want to, hence it continues to present itself as a barrier  on media. It has nothing to do with World powers and where they are placed and whether or not I like one and despise the other etc - that part is easily explained i.e. it is better governments talk about my actions, it is how I know that my people and friends are catching up with their governments and not being left behind for wolves to pick. In Russia for example, the intelligent guys are getting the government jobs so the ignorance and violence is something government can manage from above. It has nothing to do with where world powers are placed. Of course they say government get out of hand doing space travel all over the place, the reason I guess is that they can no longer do their Politics party boys and trust systems to which they can funnel public funds of their own in order to get around insulting people and then getting on media to tell their victims they do not want to hear it and we are not talking about the personal side either which involves well off women who get around me because they like the nature of my personal security which is not possible without the government office, which they claim and make out to be the process by which they will ensure I am married to women who are richer than I am and will then collect all I own for them and cannot give a rest to such things on their stupid media for what seems to be every single second, so its bad luck I guess, overrated really. However we all know things move very fast these days and that can be detrimental such as the economic crisis with the question of how to prevent double dip recessions from taking place since it appears it is the only way forward i.e. if a bank were to lend money to 5 million businesses by next month and dispatched the money by the end of this month without knowing that 4 million of those businesses have collapsed how do we ensure that information gets to banks earlier and likewise for the businesses how we ensure that the businesses do not go under after immediately after they get money from the banks - so if space travel is trivia, I guess it is a good one then anyway.


Naturally I do not live under some blinding shroud of an ignorance of the fact there are claims I am making enemies, in the UK especially so in Royal circles; I mean I do not mind making the enemies anyway since we can see that there has to be a connection between what you can do and what your boss wants along side a process where He or She or One offers you a job - sometime you might even get it due to physical evidence of a promising achievement of what you can do and other times you have to show it before you get a job. For these people however we are not beginning to talk about other things like when your boss decides it is best to give you a job and then many other factors, we are talking about the fact that even when their boss knows that they are getting what they are presenting as their own from somebody else, in fact somebody else whom they know very well, they are still pushing through as violently as they possibly can which is incredibly annoying but they interpret it as ambition and drive to succeed, like the deviant fools especially female who work their insolent popular culture do to help them make money which behaviour is therefore not surprising at all. I am just not miffed at all anyway, only of the opinion that whether or not peoples bosses give them jobs have got nothing to do with hurting me.

So we recognise the other story of how I mention publicly what they already know about my behaviour towards women and the idea they do deserve violence; I personally have never really mentioned anything about anybody deserving violence but I do know I have mentioned the fact I do not feel comfortable with the idea that when I am having a conversation with people, women can chip in as well and therefore accept I am sexist - the problem of course is that when you are sexist evidence of which is that you have set yourself up on the left hand side of the society but that does not deter women from a public campaign of insolence in your direction, then it is fair to imagine that in about ten to fifteen years you are likely to have become a misogynist - for now I am only concerned with the funding they get which they get from those really stupid abusive evil business families and will most certainly destroy all of it too. As for the insolent communities of incredibly stupid average and violent men, I am keen on the abuses too and the idiots can always continue with what they do best at all times. We do not hear much stories about how poor they are these days anyway, nor do we hear much about the need for social equality, whoever on earth has suggested to them that poor and lower class are the same thing anyway.



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