They now say that I needed to take more seriously the fact that the Labour Party as an entity hates my guts intensely but its rather completely irrelevant which one the Labour Party hates – their need to pass abusive and life changing insults at me, which they claim expresses to the Public that they are important had led to more serious issues a long time ago, when I dropped out of University and are still creating very serious issues to this day, the only reason it continues being that there is very little prospect of there being a response or useful response on my part, so after all their insults and abuses are still making them very important as we speak. It goes without saying that the need to be seen hanging around on a professional platform, to make a case out of what happens when people share a space with gang members while building publicity which suggests that I am responsible for their personal security as a stage for disobedience that lets them work financial corruption at my expense, using it as a tool to exert what they regard as a business of oppressing me, playing into a case where I have to face down the abusive process of raising some very stupid children to get imagination up my bum on claims that I am a bum, while none has yet been fully addressed as to what their criteria for a bum actually is, the outcome being my academic work and career are on the red corner and their stupidities are on the blue punching each other’s lights out – it goes without saying that this nonsense will lead to outcomes where they chased my bum because I killed again, bearing in mind it involved a process of inviting their stupid selves into my Court and Coven and continue to make a mess that looks like these with a National and Local stage Media presence – I am not responsible for their security and there is no doubt an outcome will emerge where they chased my bum because I killed again as it were, like the real Men that they are.

Some people have said it’s a matter of the idea I am right and they are right but its nothing like that at all; it’s a matter of the fact the world is much bigger than the business of having such nonsense take up all your time because when the idiots get it into their heads they are so important a section of the Population should be groomed into doing violent things on their behalf, it is set in stone and that section must abandon the career and academic and end up with all the conditions which ensure they did, while the abuses kept them in line. The Muslims for instance really have no way of pleasing themselves with jokes and humour save if they are handling another human being in a very unacceptable way with the violent lasciviousness we see them run off around being real Men all the time and since their leadership knows this, they then set about saying that ridiculing the Prophet was unacceptable and they are left thinking they can do whatever they like. The women simply pick up what we visualise women doing in society, turn it on its head and practice that all the time. All together a handful of absolute scum and it is the love they have for nepotism they practice at other peoples expense and the things I do to wipe it off their faces when practiced at my expense, nothing like they are right and I am right according to the way we talk about it.

Their friends at the Monarchy say it’s a matter of getting me involved in the Military and I could never make sense of it anyway, as it would all have been settled, if only they wrote and published a dossier that made clear what kind of work I would be doing at the Military and how it would help keep the general Public safe, otherwise realise their relations with me is likely to get worse and worse as their need to create me enemies and seek fame or fortune for their friends at Royal Business has always been counterproductive with respect to what the Armed services stand for. They say I think it is okay for me not to take part in Armed services while others did which is utter rubbish as what really happens is that the Armed Services is one of the biggest sections of civil service and they do nothing on HM Peace and Public engagements save set out Publicity on how it should be engaged in some form of war or another. For my part they say talking about a reality where I am not allowed to is bad overall but it isn’t, it aid recruitment processes, such that either way goons showed up there to fight my battles and do my stuff, the outcome will be that of the Military getting access to staff; what happens with this is that the secret services find my work very supportive and this is the reasons I cannot discuss this aspects at will – all I can say is that their own is not straight shirt matter, one moment a person is a Civilian and the next they are disciplined Military Officers, I have heard then this stories my work with them had fallen into difficult situations, of which if I did, so would I take steps to ensure it got safer while those responsible where held up at the shaft. What has been happening is some roles changing hands and some people being unable to understand how my Royal Order works while others are frustrated whenever there is an appearance that I am not being co-operative due to the absence of understanding. The part about the Police will be the one where people have legitimate jobs and spend time mixing it until they made enmity with Police Officers for the colloquialism of where their personal decisions have ended them, then hang around the streets issuing accusations my way and playing foolish games at my expense whenever there is a Police Officer on the streets, whereby it becomes increasingly obvious that the Police Officer on the Streets was the actual job and they needed to think of it in terms of people playing with their jobs as well – those that have ended up on benefits having an opportunity to see that they should develop a better appreciation of other people’s jobs due to where they have been as such. I have been told that the very bad US influence that is afflicting me is something that I will never escape from and its utter nonsense, the big idea is usually that we sit around thinking the US has a coherent government that agrees with what we are doing, while reality is that any person can acquire US Citizenship and use their position as a tool to target and tackle the British. It needs to complain about me when it cannot be seen doing anything else save the business of handling me over matters concerning its stupid greed. The foolishness of Celebrities fits in at the heart of this nonsense and those always peddle the stupid story that Royalty hates them because they are good looking while reality in my case for instance being that I am cashless while my Publishers are not getting their commission from my Books because Celebrities want to be the ones making the ultimate decisions on what happens with the relationship I have with the publishers and production team, such that let it slide bit a little to gauge what is happening and we find famous idiots move away from a world where they hang around inflicting abusive activities of others, who then get involved with the show business to sell the products and return the favour right up to the stage where they took over the show business, then the famous idiots will get involved with Politicians to take it back and people will get involved with civil rights movements to take it back and its always messy, having so much to do with me, that the bloody idiots could not do anything without making reference to relations I have with publishers and production team, any commission I have at the Monarchy and my relationship with the Royal Family – famous idiots getting from this to claiming they wrote my Books and are armed with plans for making very stupid individuals in their society wealthy at my expense, that my Publishers should not have been publishing my Books since they are racist and I should have waited to be published by proper publishers when they thought I was worthy, which adds up to a case of that old business of people picking up what I have done to ascribe to somebody that mattered to them financially which I tried to protect myself from and was stopped by the Politicians until I dropped out of school and had gotten serious since. The European idiots are a typical example, where they must pick up everything they are well aware will get people in Europe sliding into depression and then set about doing it, once done, they were off to the US, to seek US influence that will then facilitate the most insulting and disobedience famous idiot nonsense that I will have to tolerate in this place, garnished with all sorts of stupidities on why it offers an amusing prospect that people were poor, hungry and homeless, full of insults that continue the campaign of showing that their idiocy indicated they were real Men. The idea I think it will be a walk in the park is pushing me very hard and is incredibly insulting, for something that is so easy for their stupidities to stop doing; they did not write it, they did not do it and need to vacate the Public image.

I do get told relations with my Publishers is everywhere and yes it is because they have a certain market and usually place my Books in that market to earn their commission – what these famous idiots are doing, adds up to the business of helping stupid people get rich at my expense, patenting bits of my life to their names and getting me to take full control of the market that serves my Books. The outcome is that the Publishers are not getting the commission and I am cashless because I do not have the time to take full control even if I had published it by myself. It does need to come to a stop or I am going to put myself on a schedule with respect to everything that makes the show business a show business and I will not stop until I had completely destroyed it and copied their insults to set it out as a means by which the general Public may enjoy conveniences associated with reading what I have written at the Bookshop and then it would be a walk in the park the way they wanted – always easy to see they are very disobedient famous scum who have money and media exposure to play with and the issue with become something I needed to work very hard on and ensure they felt me as well fully while at it. It is never clear why their society gits always believe that their abusive behaviour has to be performed over my Books anyway, I can only image that the contents do hurt terribly as well for the part I have to play in the matter. They tell these lies that I am a war monger all the time, while their famous stupidities were primarily responsible for the sensibility that causes people to commit grave crimes such as murder which are the worst but really have no benefits attached to committing them as such and then it comes to bear on the business of Celebrities on one hand, me in the middle and a process of running a country where sex work is happening on the other - then we find settings emerge where it is said my work supports sex workers which it does, as what people are selling through sex work is the Public Office support and tax payer funds that were spent to support them and help them build Homes, Families and a social life but the reality is that I have got so much going that panties that are created from my Industrial Colours have enough security to deal with matters those who need security in extreme forms like sex workers do may require and that commands a lot of Loyalty from them even while doing the sex work all together - the sort of thing that I will beat Celebrities down and completely burn that stupid show business with pretty soon, if the talk of me being a war monger does not stop setting the stage that allows that stupidities to make comments that affect my Book sales. The warning is very clear; I am being forced to chose and the idiots will not like the results; they did not say it, they did not do it, they did not write it and need to vacate the Public image as their producers are paying them peanuts by the way and we do not see their stupidities do a thing about it (failure to comply will see me launch an action against everything they do to peddle the show business products as well, right down to the conventions and conferences, the Red Carpets and A list meetings. They do claim they predicted that I will attack them and I did while what really happens is that they drain my career and finances and set about building a crowd that will provoke and drag me into a stage where should a fight break out, they will win, then hang around looking like it deserves what it will get, talking nonsense about which one I think will be a walk in the park - its much the same as the processes that facilitate their claims that Royalty hates them because they are good looking, while reality is that it has every opportunity it gets off you as unappreciative as possible, to keep away from the wars and crimes but the only one it wants its the Public image you deploy for administrative purposes when you handle bad people but stop short of direct action which you do not have authority for and its stupidities are never nice about it with a big mouth).

I have been said to be one of those very ugly people who have copied beauty from somewhere and liked to think he is good looking enough to contend with fame that Celebrities have because he thinks he can do a better job and its utter nonsense too, as we know that those who want to challenge me because they had decided what I should do with a hermitage is seek publicity can show up here and do it, as we know those who do always tend to remember me over a very long time while there is little they can do about me, considering they are very tough and even if I beat them, somebody will take revenge on their behalf. I do get asked if I know a prognosis behind their behaviour and yes there always is, its something we experience first hand at Church, where an environment had been created in which people want to be nice and it felt like the atmosphere that exists when 5 people who earn a million and a half each every year, are having a meeting to decide the future of a company and peoples financial well being and career etc, while the Church had done nothing to deserve it, hence they want to own it – should you want to know what will happen if they don’t, you will not be spared facts on how your Church will be ground down over their love of gimmicks concerning obscurity nepotism, through which its members will be predominantly OAPs and very little Children.