I understand it is said my main problem was that I get myself involved with relationship arrangements I cannot handle, which is nothing unusual; I don’t know that the way they run their lives is set up structures women can make money by because women in a Court who hate me is how I sort out my Mobility matters but it’s encouraging we they have had enough of me and felt as if it was time their abusive, feral and hurtful stupidities got to listen to other people as well.

About which it is then quickly said that the end for me is very close, I can see the Politicians and Media gits and every fool out there wants to strike me all day long and it is in a way said to be linked to the leadership of another group of idiots who think that Government buildings are places where their wickedness would never be questioned but then again it is an example of how far it may go when it knows that I have a history of not hitting back when they damage my property, when they damage my Books, which they damage to keep hold of my finances and control the personality they want to squeeze and lean on, as stupidly as possible. They have pointed out that my Books are provocative but it was clearly an example of the things that they can control in this world, never likely will the issue get worse when I got out of this and built myself a public image on it – otherwise I suppose they will have tended to understand why dropping out of University to wait 6 years for people to move their big brother and big sister gimmicks that ensures I smell of what I ate and cannot go outside of my door, concentrate on anything or get the academic work finances, makes an important point a pointlessness of these nonsense, for the Books to raise me funds that I can pay my way in the world with while making it quite clear what will happen the next time they follow me around with their Celebrities to make a mess of me and the academic pursuits when they are not paying the fees or disturbing their own gits that will become the brains behind their stupidities in the future in much the same way as they disturb me too. I could never understand why they are the ones complaining or thinking the end for me is close when it is quite clear that what happens is that each time I want to release equity and funds from a Royal Estate that was built for me, their stupidities want to release some for themselves as well, which has now become a habit that their veritably brain dead and incredibly stupid celebrities want to practice and issue threats at me by with a  big mouth that they have got all the days of their foolish lives – so it is not the end for me at all, what is happening is a case of a group of incredibly stupid gits wanting a response from me which they are about to get.

So it seems that when they want to communicate, they want me to say clearly what the problem was; which problem was simply that we know white goons love to chase my bum and the ethnic minorities love to chase and try to own my Public image – so perhaps those who can see how badly my finances and well being are affected when they disturb me at this Office really now need to start thinking about not doing it, if they were complaining of the consequences. They blab all the time of me getting involved with other peoples women and making their foolish lives complicated but it will not be the first time I had warned them I have psychopath tendencies too and can break up relationships that are a threat to me, no idea why either their stupid boo boys or foolish women have become so accustomed to addressing me, talking through to me or talking to me via media anyway but we all know it appears the response they might get bothers them so much all together as it were, so the question is still that of whether this nonsense is actually what their insanity, secret society stupidities and Office space fight gimmicks that will not let me breathe was paid to do. So it does come right back down to the same old case of their foolishness building their own Country for themselves like a Country within a Country and I have been clear about the time spent here to tolerate them which has made the issues worse, the next time they follow me around at the academic institutions especially, I will ensure they got the trouble they sought – the women on the other hand feel as if they want to address and insult and talk to me endlessly so that their stupid men might claim I get off sleeping with them when we have never shared a personal space in our lives and will not spend their stupidities on an alternative source of fun yet as it were. It does not bother me half as much as they think it does; this is what happens when people learn my identity, what happens when they know I am Royalty and the same case still applies; those who want to chase my bum want to do it and those who want to own my public image want to do it, those who on seeing how disturbing me at work and at school affects the finances and well being really do want to think about not doing it, if they are complaining and we have not even started discussing the business of my time being wasted in the sense that this handling my finances and public image is important to their stupid selves to the effect that when I build relationships with people they invite themselves in and use media to turn it into something else and blow up that big mouth about what feminism should rise up against – same as when I build a relationship with businesses and that relationship fades away on account the businesses floated their shares and idiots who have always wanted to control and use my personality for the creation of their stupid popularity personal riches bought those shares to access me and keep the stupid hope of being able to do so alive by destroying what I was doing with the Companies and then the work I have done will be wasted like a question of how stupid human beings really can be as it were. It is a matter about which the fundamental issue of making it clear what is bugging me, makes obvious as it were. If my Book provokes them, it is not their Book and we all know it is not their Book by Law, I may not have to write Books that look that way in future if they keep their hands to themselves, their insults off me and more of their time was spent with their own mates and their own concerns, especially the one that actually pays them the wages.

There are these claims made of people making trouble on my account but the only one I am aware of as they say it is that the Girls were barely born and grown up and these goons were seen all over the Prime of their lives, hence something worth dying for, as it comes through from the Public and there is this sense of a group of girls that are just prepared to defend every parts of my work and interests with respect to Public image – wondering if a conversation about it was expected to go as I have stated it. I am then told that I am going to kill myself because others are better than me, which is utter nonsense – they set themselves out on Media to ensure that they built up at least five times the problems I solved through my Books and crashed me with it, then run off to my Public image where telling them off will mean they tell me off in a more important way for depending on their work too; so eventually it does come down to stupid Managers and CEOs and the Hoodlums they get around with needing to build this bad history for me that will come in handy if they were competing with me for a highly paid job, on a provisional basis and no process of telling them I am working on a Royal Commission that has nothing to do with them and is not really something they can acquire, will tell them off, not even the business of being resigned to my fate of being insulted by them all the time is good enough, it does seek a response from me and is about to get one at this point too. They do claim I am a small man getting around looking for trouble everywhere which is not in anyway linked to the point, the point which is that these things never happen when you fight for and defend your corner, in terms of people you can stand up for if they ran into trouble, it always does with people who appear to have no brains whatsoever and are also out of your league but cannot keep their hands off you, therefore the outcome is that nothing is ever enough and you are always stressed to a deathly point. Personally they say I find it difficult getting along with other people while reality is rather that I understand that I see the world according to what I hear, see and smell and it is very intense – so they know this business of saying I wrote a Book that causes nostalgia which is a threat to their freedoms to start the fight that will ensure they can take advantage of it to make themselves financially comfortable whether I liked it or not, has a certain incredibly damaging effect on my personality and wellbeing, likewise their need to be loutish abusive all the time which they claim helps them get ahead of me on my own work and earnings and property all together, so it had to be set out that this bullying has been managed on a personal diary to a point where it is now full: the same behaviour got me dropping out of University you see, trying to make me into what I am not because their stupidities were chasing money and trying to get ahead which they cannot do without handling me and since then, I have waited five years for them to move on which it has not – instead we find media experimentation on me concerning the powers they want to have, such that the culture and society trouble makers will attack me and when I push back, will likely want to get famous where their local councils are located and Politicians are likely to spend tax payer funds helping them out with their finances but what I now have to deal with is another group of idiots with Media jobs helping them claim they had grabbed my career and if they do not get anything from it, will settle for the hassle it causes me, despite being warned about the fact that the point at which Politicians spent tax payer funds on their needs was not the stage at which they were in need of money and self confidence that is usually the reason for bugging me and telling lies and that I am likely to ensure they did not have it anymore if I felt threatened enough too: it is apparently their incredibly stupid plan for boosting profits. So it still leads down to the same story about the reasons it happens i.e. they need to escape the process of hurting their bottoms because they got a job and other peoples jobs and public service exists to prioritise their needs; because of which we end up with such reality as the fact that it is counter productive to respect to street hoodlums but we have to anyway because those who damage the career and finances will not let us breathe unless we did and so on, except the idiots are the ones complaining the most when I respond because my response was not the kind that they were working at, like the devils spawn – so whilst it needs these nonsense to ensure it keeps an edge, I will continue to build my own structures that ensure the high salaries are always temporary.

It beats the imagination every time when we know their Homosexuals hang around the City ripping up careers to blab about the respect they deserve from others, yet for each challenge they face, they abandon their position and other top staff do the same, leaving customers to the wolves, whilst we know that if we went to the Shipyards where people do not abandon customers in a whim, it’s all Millionaire business, thus the question of whom exactly their stupidities expects this respect over money that we hear them talk nonsense about all the time. As for their foolish women telling me I have a small penis however, it was an old story about the fact I do not find them attractive except if we are grabbing each other, squeezing flesh and trying to get over the fact one of us is incredibly stupid: so its all good riddance but if their disobedience and that of their celebrities does not cease to affect my academic work and my finances, they are going to get a response from me that will allow me enjoy the freedom based perks of being so destructively disobedient at their expense and then they will stab and shoot me if they had the fucking guts for it. They speak of some position I am stuck in without a chance of reprieve which is utter nonsense, I simply need to ensure that since everything they do and say destroys my Books because of their needs and the process of chasing money around me, they will stop doing every part of it too: it does mean that it’s a step taken which will make some other idiots who think all the problems of the would should depend on me while they got to put their feet up as well, comfortable, which is utter nonsense as they know that if their Liberal and Socialist societies are complaining about me because they have a habit of showing up at academic institutions to wreck the academic work of personalities they want to ensure are stuck somewhere making their popularity more profitable, as if we have never seen them stab and shoot the frugal in this land and they were comfortable on the left because they have these societies of their own, I am lost as per how difficult it could possibly be for them to heed a simple warning over what is really a behaviour and attitude issue channelled at me here. I do get told I have been making compromises with them, which is utter nonsense; I have not – what happens is that when you have a Public image, it must have been because you took something from them when they were not looking, this adds to the fact you should have been sodomised when you were younger because your own was a disposition that your parents and grand parents ought to have deployed to feel important and respected by and builds up to incredible frustration; it is indeed a scary prospect when we look back and when I was younger I used to think what religious people did with them was good but a little overbearing and I used to think the Politicians were probably okay and had their reasons but now its obvious I have to face the same challenges and I am looking the prospect of putting an end to these gimmicks over my livelihood, followed up with insults, disobedience and excuses that allow them continue by making sure their cycle was one of work, school run and shopping as will be that of their children too, it is a scary prospect but is looking increasingly necessary i.e. I do not make compromises with them.

Now they do also claim that I have a tendency to commit crimes on one hand while on the other I am a tool by which they learn what is happening with the society around them – for the first, we know the purpose of committing crimes is to solve a personal problem and if it is a bad way to solve it the only method of making it work is to get away with it and since we know this to be impossible literally, then there is no point in doing it, besides whatever crimes you wanted to commit is an issue to which somebody has been assigned to get a job done by the Authorities which you are not being paid to do and hence crime is not your job. In terms of the second matter however they are not learning anything from me, just a bunch of twisted fantasists that for some reason enjoy turning the very tools that people deploy as a means to personal security and comfort into the tools that get them waiting for death, the death that was necessary because their very important stupidities have been so bad that there are enemies chasing them everywhere, so a collateral damage would raise some media publicity and allow them to continue living but nobody knows whom they think should be responsible for their attitude and behaviour into the foreseeable future in the first place anyway, what they have expressed is that my position is a case of complicity with extremism whereas I simply think when they are interested in me, need buy my Books, especially seeing they were talking about Murder. What these goons are playing around with is this sense that only the authorities have the right to handle them and if people are worried about this, then people need see what will happen when they had ensured the authorities could not handle them anymore – it was the same with the Nazis whom nobody really paid attention to when they did Nazism as such but once they started doing genocide, it served as a reminder that they were convinced they were never going to pay for their crimes, so I have no idea whom they suppose has the time for their Media and Celebrity stupidities and whom they suppose is playing with them around here anyway. personally I get told that it’s a matter of the savagery I dish for others that I have been made to suffer but this will represent that old case of some punishment for bad behaviour that I think I will get away from but will be saved up for me until it was meted out with a big mouth they have got, such that if I mentioned the fact that its difficult to see how I am the one dishing savagery when although the Bible forbids thinking about money issues, every time I appear to do so, I get a lot of tackling concerning the wicked things men do on account that women exist anyway and when I mention it the result is the doom of the female community: maybe the idea of idiots disciplining me does not annoy me so much because we have a ladies first public policy and I build myself systems that women can make money with around here on account having some women in a court who hate me in some way, is how I resolve my mobility issues but those stories about disciplining me will likely be mentioned in a terrible location and then somebody will end up labelling me a freak when I am finished too.

Then the talk of my case with Celebrities starts to make sense; the reason their goons at security services are so keen to see me get into a brawl with local hoodlums and their media twerps are all over it; they turn up here to extract job roles from this Hermitage and then because they are Celebrities, when the purpose of doing so is to ensure they put their feet up and discover new forms of decadence, they do it alongside a process of building Publicity for the job they had taken out and my person – this has already caused me to drop out of University and I have already made it abundantly clear to those who are involved with Media, Celebrity and Popular culture, that this is the effect of their behaviour. So it has always been said that the reason has been that nobody knows what I am thinking, so I do not think this excuse existed along with the fact I had set up a social media as well in any case – the social media that is just a click away from them and is a part of the job they can do with their fingers; now I simply want to ensure the business of being told that it will take all their Celebrity culture and Popular culture to either shut it down or get the job done, put an end to leaving me inundated with gangs, criminals and hoodlums, especially while I am attending an academic institution leads on to a point where I am in control and can decide if I want to shut down the entire system or keep it going for my part too.