So they say I have trouble fraternising with democratic people and yet think myself to be a democratic person; I have no idea who or what convinced them I think of myself as a democratic person anyway but they are the ones that have real trouble with any kind of respect and or regard for other peoples limitations and it is how the idiots were born homosexual in the first place. I mean they are not women who are married to men that will want to have anal sex with their wives because the world is getting more corrupt and their wives have jobs that put them at the centre of it with their faces and names displayed like journalism for example, so why do they want to play anal sex with me or have sex the way I do and of course for such a purpose they are not princes like I am and do not have the same problems or worry about the same issues and deal with the same difficulties and limitations etc? In their minds at this stage, every part of my sex life has now been shared and or even sold, in my mind they are not complaining enough yet. So it simply throws the whole argument about my position on homosexuality into public view when they say such things. I mean it does not take anything for me to get stuck in church and let the people of the world and their corruptions and lewdness and what have you to do whatever they like but I will never let them have it; it was so simple before they came along – clear process of writing books from my half monastery office and selling them in a world where the people of the world were greedy and evil and homosexual but they decided otherwise, brought their banter into the Church and when that was not enough brought it forcefully into my personal life and set out to revel in it on media defiling my sanctuary and keeping God away from me because it gets in their eyes. It brings us to the old matter of why they must get up on a daily basis to abuse and curse me all the time as if human being should be handled like that, simply the old issue of a counter for the benefits of prayer and bible reading and generally staying away from being corrupted by the world and this is how the stories came through that I steal women’s beauties and that when croons work out what they need for a good death I get in there just in time to displace them. Homosexuals are evil people and this is not a new thing, it’s only that when you have a group of Politicians that enjoy puppet bashing you with them, you take an interest as well; the Politicians think they will pay for none of the damages they have done to puppet bash me with homosexuals and the homosexuals have always wondered what would be if they created a lion that cannot catch his hunt out of me, so that when it fails, they find out what part of importance political office of their idiots can play for it. My personal opinion about homosexuality is simple i.e. all they really want is to have some anal sex with a fellow man but are we certain that is all they really want because the other side of the story is that if I do not comply, then the path they took to become homosexual will work against me in the sense that they have no self control whatsoever and like to use it for power by amassing endlessly things they can desire and so when their inability to control themselves is matched with the desire to fuck a Christian then that it is, the world must come together to ensure they are able to fuck the Christian – hence they tell me there are conditions that will change my mind with a big mouth and every other provocation from them which is a function of things they do because they size people up and know they can beat them up works in such manner as well; the only thing in my mind that causes a person to be homosexual is their lack of respect for people which has come to play alongside their infantile insatiable greed and they wish to express it through paedophilia and hence believe that when they speak to people about being consensual adults that ends the story about everything else and they can give each other whatever they desire but since they have little time to work for it, makes no sense whatsoever as a correct thing. The truth about homosexuality is that homosexuals are people and things that exist at the very pinnacle of the corruptions of men; that some of them do things that make it easier for you are for them to consider, not something that you take in for the purpose of deciding what to believe about homosexuals. The way it works is that the female ones spend all their time working out how to gain access to your savings and how to ensure that there are areas of society that you can upset just by existing and then from there it goes all haywire and they feel like making a lion that cannot catch his hunt out of you, so that each thing you do to recover is something they make publicity for themselves with – why they would want me to fraternise with them is not actually clear since Christ in the Bible went around releasing people from those kinds of bondage and for the male ones on the other hand, those take it up from the very beginning of finding your work, love and personal life and steeping it in violence that they themselves will not get out of because it is the corruption of men that they never rest until they had people’s lives stuck in violence and make publicity out of the notion they find it funny and also lucrative, then complain about women when what women decide to do has got nothing whatsoever to do with it, which of course breeds another fight entirely all together. So I know I have a problem with my temper as such but homosexuals are pure evil; for the women who want your safe and access to politicians that will protect them while they are at it, they say they are married and I am impressed – women married to women, they must be joking, they can marry women and leave me alone or it will not stand and of course there are a few things I cannot stand about them – two, to be more precise; the first is when they have reached the point where they tell me I stole the beauties of men that can do violence for everybody – this brings me to my limits and the other is the part where criminals are the best men and there is no difference between them and me and prostitutes because we are all trying to sell something, in view of the fact their men speak of those who work really hard to be second best so they can look like the fountain of all wisdom that need to be sexually abused, this is my limit with them, completely insufferable. Of course they say I talk like a Child who is not aware of injustices in the world and how people become homosexuals but I have been there myself, where they set my work up as causes for criminals and get all over Russia and China to claim I have done things which ensure it is the social and economy story and not the democratic one that is heard from there, so I have no clue of how they mess up peoples fraternity and end up homosexuals because of what was done to them at all. And indeed they do say that I do not like homosexuals because I cannot compete and hate competition because I live in a world where it is all handed over to me which they really hate, the reality however is that they want access to my finances and protection from Politicians while they are at it because it pleases them to secure their own money and jobs and sit around playing a game of I got to that point in your career that makes the most money first and therefore deserve to be the one that owns it, mainly because there is nothing you can do and I have got media and popular culture as well. For the Politicians it gets worse because they have the most difficulty of all protecting their income and so over the years picking on and vandalising things like the expenses system has become their strong point but where it started it the point at which the anger is built i.e. 10 years ago Mr Blair and his one eyed friend from Scotland set me out at the person they wanted to bully into a voice that complains about them so that they can be great and evil leaders who do the right thing on the other hand and since then it has gone from bad to worse and the tax payer has been made to pay the price because they will not co-operate and do something about me permanently, hence corruptions like expenses scandal among others – so it continues to this day, they continue abusing the Christian whom they claim commits a crime against them by rubbing shoulders when the only crime I have committed is get outside even when I know there are physical evidences all over me that I read the Bible and pray; it continues when they know there is racism in their society, it continues when they know that everybody else wants to have a go as well and even tell me I will deal with the effects on peoples livelihoods and the economy which has also become such a desire for them that even when I do not do such a thing they claim I do to satisfy the desire, it continues because people like a Christian must be abused to make them feel good, it continues and will not stop, which is why I have decided how it must end as well for my part, for it seems it is the only thing that they know i.e. abusing and provoking people and they will not let me be and leave me alone. Of course it has not affected me, the only reason that it has is because I talk about it and the reason I do it because I intend to sell my books and take a long holiday from them hence the books are now their only way to be free of me and I to be free of them; so fair to say it continues and they need to leave me alone or else. Such statements made as what happens because I want to roll with the big boys is just as well; first of which I am a small boy myself as it were, however I can imagine myself in their shoes and the fact I have to leave office by mid day and shuttle off to the kids school to pick them up and drop them at home before I return back to the office, so what I really want to do is mix my personal life to closely with my office that I tell people they want to roll with the big boys – we speak of it now of course but bearing in mind I am a writer and work from home, a little bit more and I will give them a zing for it. When I say I need to sell my books and take a holiday I in no way refer to leaving the country, I just mean putting them away for good and I do not intend to return once that has occurred even though I am still not giving back that stupid localism for my part anyway.

So the other part about the conservative party comes into play where they tell me I pretend they are on my side but fail to play their game all the time; I have no idea what it means, it seems they have given no thought to the nature of the women who take my literary archive off a computer at the University and put it in the hands of their conservative party after the fresh faced insults from their stupid children that pushed me out of my studies and the need to wait for them at the industries and employment market to ensure they give it back – it rather seems that even when they do not directly send them out to do these things, they approve of it anyway and turn up to talk rubbish too. A literary archive of which I have a copy and bearing in mind of which should not necessarily be a problem since I am not a criminal on one hand and on the other most of my academic work operates on the internet and is virtually therefore available to the whole world which means I do not deserve to have my studies put through that sort of risk and or vandalism, is something they intend to deploy for their ends, I mean all those years of losing the academic work so I can save my career from them will not have paid off, are they mad? I do not think it is a problem; fact is that people fraternise when they want to run a business and something deliberately create problems for themselves they push themselves for and try to make money to deal with, so you give them time like you do the republicans and popular culture idiots you will kill off at a later date, the only link there is with politicians is of course the fools they employ to show off and exhibit their rubbish at the advertisements which can be made with animation these days anyway. I will make their life hell if they push any further that rubbish about taking physical steps to damage my career to carve money out of me; they call it ambition, no idea why they cannot chew their own and their own families for it instead. I mean I have a copy of my own archives and it cannot therefore be used by others like it was their own property, they had their own and kept it to be ministers today, so they can see if they wind me up and I follow it and those stupid insolent women of theirs it is not going to have such a nice ending  - why would anybody be interested in another persons archives anyway, it does anything except a means by which to force him to haemorrhage ideas and they are not haemorrhaging yet for their part are they? Stupid impudent men and the pain their boy must put up with for what it needed – the scumbags insist especially the American ones. I am done putting up with politicians and their media fools talking to me which is really expensive and hurting me to take from the heart vandalise my work and believe the lies they tell each other on my television for the purpose generally because it does not matter whether or not there is a side of my story as well and it needs to stop full stop; I am not actually of the opinion they have difficult decisions to come to, they are really having a breeze as it stands, I am the one having my finances destroyed by their vandalism, I am the one with the difficult decision to come to. As for the media, it seems the issue is that I must now deal with the matter of those who get contracts from businesses to do advertisements and then when finished deal with the media companies that have to air them and then when finished deal with the journalists that have to work for the media companies when they air them and of course deal with the popular culture scum that appear in the advertisement, so they do need to lose the means to make money from it as well and of course like they could have done their news and not feel the part where they use their publicity to make money is above the law but decided otherwise like their Politicians who think they will mess me up and when I have an opinion they will be the ones that put me in hospital and end up in Court talk rubbish all the time, these fools could have tried not to make money at my expense when they know I am not co-operative but will rather prefer the process where they set up their stupid products and come round to make me behave when the profits are not going high enough with a big mouth. So it boils down to the matter of civil rights idiots whom I am supposed to have viewed as worthless but cannot handle their problems, in which case I have no idea what that means either because it is likely they carry on like that and a process of putting out pieces of work that I should write and sell in legitimate books that they will have to buy on a website for them to make use of, then savage the book sales and talk rubbish, becomes a process of making sure that they pay for the damages once I had settled in on the need to acquire that their civil rights as my personal and private property like I have done the popular culture so far; having said that, I am to imagine they have not seen a copyright sticker on the websites as it were – or indeed observed that their insolence will likely lead them to a place where I oppress them as well, bearing in mind my books do not necessarily do them any favours in the first place. It is not really the case that I am in some kind of difficult and tortured condition either as what I have just said will have shown, it’s the old issue about not being disobedient so as to create an eventuality where I blame others for pushing me away; I am actually not being disobedient, only that when I write my books and broker my equities, I cannot stay out of the world because media idiots get on television to address me and talk to me and stuff until they make money from doing so, which creates that condition where I get off and ensure they cannot have the world and the decadence and the homosexuality and the I did it first with peoples career thing. I mean there would be no problems if the media had not decided there was somebody whose personality they wanted to snoop around neighbourhoods peddling, concerning whom they tell their community idiots they can do whatever they like with such a person’s person and property, which like the insults of their Politicians who drive chauffeured cars and tell tall tales about somebody who steals their beauties and are responsible for problems that pick their feet and get out of hand, there would be none of these and I would not take my place so I can alter the contents of their fame each time I want to until I have the results I need from it. Now finally is the matter of how I go about a Black US president that has opinions about those that did slavery and slave trade; there is really nothing to talk about in that respect either; first of all, I should ask if his country has yet patched up relations with the Mexicans, or he needs to be ever thankful to the Germans, author Wiseman to be more precise, for getting his country and the Mexicans to blow each other up, otherwise I am to imagine he has the same dilemma and identity issues that everybody who grew up to hear things has but in his case feels that it is okay if he takes his frustrations out on another black man. I have the same view of them all; I mean if I were Prime Minister or president of any place, I would simply have finished my work and took out a cottage in the woods for a quiet life, knowing my face will forever be found in the annals of the leaders of a Country but not them – Nelson Mandela for example is over 90 years old but still feels that every young person he comes across ought to fall behind him and do as he is told with a big mouth and nobody knows what his game is these days anymore although I can imagine like the rest including Mr Obama, they all want my fame and will see that I die through racism if they cannot have it or die through racism if they have it anyway and that is why they will always see it and never have it in hell. They always like to make that noise about what my opinion is to be when the government cuts benefits while I am still depending on it, whereas I am of the opinion the coalition government is doing them a favour because only God knows where the Labour party goes when they travel around the world to find idiots they can bring into this country whose lives are based on doing well with stupidities and access to other peoples livelihoods – a decade of cash flow crisis so far and they have not yet worked out how to copy and have it as well and also have social gangs that linger around our local governments which will ensure they cannot be denied whatever they want so I can hunt them as well all the way to those home countries from where they came in the first place because they will not stay off my books and stay away from me and stay off my income; even in this of which they continue to remain the poor and ordinary people in perpetual need of wealth distribution and the basis of all they do is somebody they can beat up who cannot do anything about them which does not run along the lines of discrimination which is what must be changed – their very existence is destructive because they are so unfathomably stupid and think it is power if they have access to the property and lives of anybody they please and yet it is impossible to determine whether or not you get involved with them which indicates they have worked it out on how to mess up your life and be better off than you are with it at the other end as well, because there is a bloody benefit system and it is not that bad therefore. I mean this stuff about men who like kids who like business and how they want to make the most of it is clearly something you can never understand anybody thinking it was fair or fun to play with you or your livelihood against your wishes but nobody will ever work out where that stupid Labour party goes when they travel around the world to find them and bring them to this country and point finger at whom they are supposed to target with their stupidities, which if you were to make a scale of what a human being can be if he or she was a dunce they exist in an unfathomable level all together and like to think their corruptions of involvement and insults to mean they are powerful too – knowing cultural evils they excuse on grounds of being able to make people react and of course I know how to deal with it without falling into the social and political problem of committing crimes of discrimination too and they need to stay off my books and income before it becomes something else entirely because I am certain it will be their biggest problem yet.

Of course they think their hatred for me is legendary like ideas they have about how the black race ought to progress with an insolent big mouth and I think that is because they are unaware of my opinion of who is responsible for wealth inequality and economic crisis that comes after there has been a simple recession - so that it makes so much sense when things I say that will bring progress means I am in place to be savaged and left with nothing by those who are in ea better off position over all I own yap, yap, yap; where they tell me the problem is that I got published in their company which is one of those things I like to put up as an act carried out to make a statement as well i.e. when you have business around them they make themselves relevant to its earnings and decide to have applied fantasies about what to do with your products and think they hate people like you as well. By the way of which it seems the meaning of their stupid lives will be built around the existence of things I react to because I want to react to do so; he brought it upon himself by looking like he does, his achievements are absurd, we are expressing ourselves, the women you ignore and do not have sex with and the process where they curse and abuse you and men find pleasure in that and it goes on like that endlessly, while the Politicians lie about the fact it become more important than their jobs and they need to be able to spend tax payer funds to make out it was worthwhile.    

The problem with the US government is that it is full of really insolent politicians that expect to be able to keep their finances when they do damage to mine, so that they might be able to unleash their political scum and political junkies on me for their pleasure, who spend most and all of their time thinking and acting to see that I should be serving or made to serve them as I serve my own boss, so that democracy might not lose out; it is an attitude they have not yet seen fit to stop so far and have been going on for years now. There is absolutely nothing to say about it either and no idea why it is always expected by them that there should be. Their African counterparts on the other hand have continued to hound me and my Christianity as the sacrifice they are supposed to sacrifice in order to allow financial progress to happen in their countries and it will always continue in such ways until we hear their complains as well. I mean like somebody became the US President and decided I could not get close to the British Monarchy, no idea who asked him and who asked his father anyway but it is the same old story all round. Obama the Soul train president but the big problem is actually those that are successful enough to pull their own off; I mean no body hates me for elitism at the moment which of course is very likely to be the least of their worries anyway. As for the things I seem to have done to provoke them on the other hand by the way; it’s about how they will deploy their homes to deal with those violence and problems they create for me, it is something I intend to work through to the criminal communities and their media that address me all the time – freedom my arse. They always know that criminal causes with my work while the complain seems to be that I share peoples wives in the first place, was likely to have had such an outcome in a world where you do your royal family and people turn up to do their own criminal family beside you. They will sell it or use it to fix problems and I am starting with the journalists; the ones that know they have children at home but turn out on television to make noise about a black man that threatens their existence by doing better than them with what was actually their stuff – referring to my personal life that is and then put a name to their stupid faces and start me off every day, with that stupid continuing abusive parent intrusion with which they claim I am overwhelmed and they have won a trophy victory. I do not want people playing with me in that way but it is clearly the absolutely single thing they want to do.  There isn’t any other matter between myself and politicians/ their media except that one issue that I am the spiritual and temperamental guy with power I do not want to share, the result of that insolence and abuse is that I can never tell people not to do things to me I do not like and it is much the same with my work, where if they left it as they have handled it all would be well, except they will not, so let them do it and I will supervise. It brings us to the matter of the special relationship and the Prime Minister planning to get out of the EU as a typical example of how they handle their affairs; where the US President speaks of the fact it is not in US interest and they say the US needs to butt out, when we know there are Italian communities and Spanish communities and French Communities in the US but the UK is the only one with a special relationship, they have decided the argument that a black president said something to a conservative prime minister is good enough but that sort of excuse has nothing to do with the job either. Their fear on the other hand however is founded on the basis of Europeans that love to handle the plucky brits and then have an orgy somewhere to put away what belongs to them and think it is fun doing that to become richer and stronger economies with that get violent towards the British regularly but he was supposed to do his own job and not other peoples job, to make conservative policies work in the EU not get us as a country out of it. Then there are the other parts where the Monarchy is surrounded by all these industries that benefit from the work that goes on there, where the Prime Minister in agreement says things like the freedom of the press is more important than statutory press regulation but think the US should butt out of whether or not they are planning to remove the UK from the EU, so nobody knows what they are planning, what they are doing, what they are up to or their next step is. Naturally they say the Queen supports popular culture while I hate and vilify it, truth being that I am okay with it only when republicans do not feel like bashing in the heads of popular culture goons, perhaps if popular culture goons do not like it that way they will get off the rest of us on the media politics and corruption spin and get themselves proper fame so we can see who is who around here too. As for the part where I make up my work as I go along, I always say if they leave my work as it stands it will be fine but they clearly will not do that so they can do it and even if I make it up as I go along whenever I extract what I need from them, there is every indication I am in the right for thinking I deserve it as well; perhaps it might carry on like that until we meet in person so they can beat up like their media scum make so much noise about, I cannot say it enough times they should never talk to me, address me, talking in my direction or find problems and throw words into the air I am supposed to react to or indeed handle my work to make me react to them. We have rather gotten used to that media rubbish where they think their think patterns are complicated as compared to other people, about which what seems to create them the illusion my thinking patterns are not complicated is the way I conduct my affairs i.e. they wrecked my business the first time and so on setting it up the second time I do not discuss in detail things I already know. In the end I always say it largely works with those who are too lazy to do something about a process where people handle them in ways human beings should not be handled and yes they tell me there is nothing I can do about anything or anybody when all I am saying is that older psychopaths cannot get away with any occasion they attempt or actually get to handle me in ways that people should not be, while the younger ones can continue to think along with their media scum that I ought to tolerate their insults and attitude until the creep behind me with a knife but all together both continue to dream that dream where there is a fight and they are first to attack. Point being that it is the Christian that does not do violence while their refusal to kick the psychopath attitude is threatening to me and others as well, so I have not got a clue what makes them think they will be the first to attack anyway. Typical example of their wickedness and provocation is bus drivers, about whom there was a time I could buy a day’s pass and simply get off on a bus journey to anywhere I wanted without a problem, only today they wish to be able to know what I am doing with a bus and where it has ended too due to my hatred of black people owned businesses and the attacks and cheap shots and parting shots that result from it, is a condition where they want to be able to tell people how fast to walk part traffic lights which again breeds another result where I could easily be likely to get into trouble with the law on account of bus drivers only, so that was kicked; what was not however was their politicians and their communities i.e. down to me there would be freedom of the press for those who want the city for themselves of course because they know it is impossible to control my movements while at the same time keeping a job but I would have a shut up police too because nobody has an entitlement to health and safety and well being when psychopaths talk rubbish on media and in public places every single time they wish they can as we can see. The best way to understand what I think about them is when I say they need to keep their cultures from me so unintended results are not created from it, since it is not violent towards everybody but specifically violent towards me; so as it stands, somebody is not using public office to ensure peoples culture stay with them and keep them at the grime of society where it comes from, so they are all over the place. So here I have to clear matters further by making obvious the matter of how we say they are nice people but they really are not nice people in anyway and that most of what I do is aimed at creating a divided society that owes its loyalty to the law; typical reasons being such matters as that of Christian B&B where crimes are committed because homosexuals were not allowed to be guests. We are not talking about the only B&B in the area or something, that would have been discrimination, we are talking about a process where the owners life is basically all about the church and so most of their customers come from the church as well and they had to pay a fine for it from what we gather, while the rest of us get told of the need for such sacrifices to deal with racism, which of course is rather their problem. We should live in a divided society anyway, especially so because the arms of government have three sections; this process where homosexuals have conversations and I know about it while when I do they know about it will never work, because it is impossible to convert my homosexual priest who is clearly homosexual and needs the gospel and not to preach it instead; but I suppose such things require the right kind of revelation and blessing that will allow you to tell him to get off the pulpit lest you are coming the rude boy drawing penises on the wall. The big problem is still the big problem i.e. they cannot leave people alone, especially those who believe something different from what they believe and like to try and cleanse Christians of their faith all the time as well and it is that kind of behaviour that provokes me, especially the one that suggests they are going to rule me seriously with a big mouth – where the civil service is full of corruption, so that a church official who sees an unemployed Christian cannot refer him to an organisation that may help anyway lest they be caught doing so, while they keep me unemployed to exact emotional and psychological management that will spice up their sexual perversions, especially when I am suffering as a result and then tell me the older version of them are things I cannot handle, hence need to put up with it. The Politicians of course are fond of such noise making as the creating of economic crisis that will hit me and people like me hardest and since I took up leadership of that economic crisis they have since never been able to do anything too – clearly of which it seems to them African countries do not look the way they do because somebody must have told another the same kind of things and they both ended up getting hold of the economy and tearing it apart; for them its yapping on media all of the time besides which that stupid economic crisis, they don’t make them like that anymore. What we are left with is the result of that process of provoking people and running off to get cover from government office occupied by their fellow idiots, so that once they extract from you a process where you think of doing something about it, now government office can be used for oppression and discrimination and it is therefore your fault too, like homosexuals banging away at Christian B&Bs for example and then when you ask what the government is good for as a tool, you get into trouble. The sense as such that I need to take the threats they create into account and act each time I am ahead is that which I consider to be unfounded because it changes nothing about the fact their Politicians consult shrines before they contest elections because they believe it will help them win and so there is that altercation between me and them because those witchdoctors tell them nothing will work if I am allowed to do as I please; such frauds. I am still as provocative as ever therefore, locating the corner stones of their civil rights and stuff and incorporating gospels into it to determine how it is seen etc, it will teach them to control my earning and make noise about witchcraft powers they have to make people rich or poor; it will also go to ensure their Politicians make laws on Christianity when they understand it, otherwise the extra punishment of information overload kicks off each time they start as well – most of these things should express my dislike for football goons and their corruptions most of which are developed around lies they tell to make these things work, especially the black ones and violent integrations conducted in people’s names but for the white ones it is about corrupting women and blaming it on new boys in town and foreigners, no idea why women have to be corrupted at all in the first place therefore. There is that talk of course of how everybody wants to squander all I own because of the way I handle royal property of which there is no way I handle royal property whatsoever; fact being that the Queen offered me institutionalised security for my work and I took it because it was the way to get it done at the time – nobody wanted it when the problems were everywhere, now they do because the kind of money that comes from it will make them royalty and it makes no sense how people would imagine the owner of such property to exist within those two sets of spectrum in their crazy mad thriving ambitions has no feelings about what happens to it. Of course they are not going to squander anything and need to understand clearly that reading the Bible for hours and praying and responding to government and church matters, are not the right environment for their party life and they need to get off my book sales and get off my privacy as well. The problem with it is of course is that middle classes and privileged background people generally have a mind of their own with respect to what belongs to other people as it were, so in this case they never listen and refuse to see they will not squander anything as they are not the only people in the country who have a life of their own and have to carry on with it like everybody else. As for their political idiots, for those ones the decisions of the Queen and mine are not important on matters that have nothing to do with them, especially concerning the lies they tell and try to get together to believe it too – they even have separatists all over playing their antichrist death threats as well that works as per cornering people in very dangerous situations and pushing them a step further into mortal harm and making their business a major concern of their affairs for that purpose with a big mouth, along with their stupid girls whose only connection with me seems to be that their mothers made adverts and put them there to do routines which showed them I am in no way interested in them and do not think they are the bees knees either, which then demands they have revenge for being women scorned. I really feel the need to take a look at how financially well every member of the royal family is doing and to get about stamping my authority on all that belongs to me, so these things can return to the hell hole they came from. I mean now it seems as though when people do damage to my income the end product was to make out I want to try to get rich with their own income and that the purpose of all I do is to ensure that people get together and give me money to be a Prince with which must be stopped when people can be princes themselves if they have money for it. I am really fed up with a process of every idiot turning out to wave friendships to the royal family and get after my income and those of them that are in-laws are a special case as well. It’s never true when members of the royal family wish to play with me a bit I get really silly about things which does damage my finances; the fact is as I have mentioned before, it appears I really need to stamp my authority on my castle so to speak, every royal family member has a good home and a good car etc and it is not that I have not the resources, it’s just that others are making use of it with a big mouth and so this is where the separatists make themselves relevant and it seems as though if I lose the royal estate I have no right to all I own or indeed the right to find another job to do and therefore there is always that provisional gap behind me to be filled by separatist idiots that cannot tell the devil to do his anti-Christ work by himself which always pushes me closer to mortally dangerous circumstances in absolutely everything single thing I do, concerning which we hear none of the complains when they start those kinds of provocation especially on account they call it change. If my authority is firmly stamped on what belongs to me, no form of distraction will get to me each time I try to work or study by the way, which indicates it is due at this point, speaking of distractions of which the most notorious is the men who are bullying me to have sex with the right women they should be having sex with and makes no sense to be since it is clear that I am not their plaything at this point anyway and therefore perfectly fine. I mean last I checked it was an authority from God that there will be no sex and if I want to make it amusing I say there will  be no sex because turning out to address me with semen seeping from their penis has come to mean the forces of darkness are at work. For the rest I have made myself very clear; writing books, reading the Bible, responding to government work is not a life that goes along with their decadence and party life and I do not want to get around with them or marry any of their girls, although I am aware those girls want to have revenge for the fact I scorned them without knowing I have and they can therefore continue as men to offer their services too for their part as it were – I am not trying to use anybody’s earnings to become a Prince which needs to be stopped, even though I view such nonsense as an opportunity to do something about that fame and fortune culture that will earn me blessings from God, hence I say very little about it, like that old issue of a process where they want to detach people from their good children so they can make use of the Children but continue to claim homosexuality for example is a good thing and of course the opinions I have which sees that I never respond to it, which remains the case of course that even if I wrote entire series of books criticising the Prince of Wales, it is my fans I am trying to communicate with and not them, my business I am trying to manage and not their concern, an opinion I have about a man that will be my boss within what is my own personal affairs and matters I need to settle for my people and fans and none of their business, even though those opinions do them no favours, for only God knows what they doing in there anyway. They can try and brain wash my fans too if they want, after all they have tried it with respect to prospective impacts my Christianity might have on the world, looking for trouble.

Now they speak of jobs I am still trying to do for the Monarchy about which I was sacked years ago; I have no idea anyway, all I know is that what they are very fond of is picking a camera and going off to say hello to the Queen and then feel when they tell her the world is watching, then it’s easy to tell her how to respond to their questions stage by stage, which will culminate in a process where I am no body and all I do is not on; the general idea being they build up so much of it and get together to believe it that they have become certain that those who have work to lose like myself over it are supposed to have believed it as well. I am not of the sense that I am hated and vilified; no, the truth is that so many thing I am very good looking and very cool and very ‘follow-able’ so to speak, it’s the media men who turn out to start me off everyday knowing they have children at home and their wives are trying for that too and so of course like separatists carry out the actions that separatists before them carry out without knowing what it means i.e. that being a separatist is seeing a dangerous situation and positioning yourself behind another person to push them into it, along with your friends who run cultures that are violent towards others only, which breeds the question of why you cannot do the wickedness on yourself each time you think that you should be doing the devils work for him instead of tell him to do it by himself, they claim I sleep with or share their wives and it is like a scandal that can never run out, so they are not trying to preserve a process where there are so many of such things that I am unable to hit them as well for each and every one of them so they can get away with some. It brings us to the bottom line i.e. that it is all about the fact I am their whipping boy aka the reasons people get on media to address me or talk in my direction or mess up my work and throw words into the air for it in expectation I will react is because I am their whipping boy and of course US Politicians have become used to giving them that whipping stick to get on media and do it and I will never stop whipping them too, down to the president that gives them that stupid stick; they are still doing it as it stands, the notion nobody can ever get fed up being insulted by them and a process of twisting arms to secure a condition where their boy must endure some pain for what is needed and then we hear them complain as well that it is my fault for exposing myself to people who are narcissists and masochists, when they know it is their insolent corruptions of involvement, they claim is democracy unless they are the ones that are not only rich but also need to protect their privileged personal lives that is by which they got involved with my personal life and affairs in order to do that with and create thereof questionable controversies as to whether I am privileged or not, looking for trouble; on this occasion the main issue was the mistresses making their position clear i.e. I am supposed to look after you and not the other way around and so it got to make me their whipping boy because they got in and did it as well. Just like it is also said, I decide to get things done and when I am set into the groove to do them have a big issue whereas what happens is that while everybody is okay with their various jobs, I am being set into the groove by them because they copy what people say in royal circles whenever they want to get involved with what I am doing and the main reason for that is to cut off my finance supplies and carry on whipping their boy, so it makes no sense when they complain anyway and I always say it is not hurting badly enough too. On the royal politics however of the Prince of Wales saying the process of setting the succession to that of the first child instead of first male child may have unintended consequences however, it is more like the football thing I guess; you go out and be the girl that will not get a job or a life because she wants to live off the earnings of others in order to have fame and fortune, while we will provide the muscle to hold down such people for you and then before long it becomes a racism and those who travel in from overseas are responsible for corrupting women, of which no body knows why women need to be corrupted in the first place at all.