Eventually there is this talk of how I enjoy discussing other people’s failures and not mine, when the other story of supporting Politicians does not seem to get the most attention i.e. supporting the politicians of which is usually a matter of how much Politicians support the Monarchy – not usually a problem but although it is happy to see they are supportive of Leadership from the Head of state such that they refuse to make any Political alliances their jeopardise the security of the Country despite the irresistible opportunities offered by the economic crisis and Brexit but people do not get off it telling me how I am to exist to make others comfortable like that either. As for my failures, I have no idea why the story keeps coming up or why people give credence to that nonsense about being abused by Private security Industry scum especially when they are working at Public transportation, so that when I clip them as well their stupidities will amount to a prerogative that runs across their Industry and finds its way to Buckingham Palace or the Media ones who cannot stop making comments about my Books which I cannot prevent otherwise I will be calling them names or cannot stop showing up on my public image which I cannot prevent because they actually think I have not got any. So we have seen this nonsense time and again as such especially when the Media that runs stories about terrorism where pictures of people who go to Gigs to build happy memories for family are attacked and put up captions that describe the new form of Terror which is meant to execute maximum fear instead of the real news report of these people being attacked by terrorists who have a problem with foreign Policy, which sets up a platform for them to reel out those news bulletins over and over and over – so in my case they build me a case where they have their Media monarchy that confiscates my Estate and hands it to them to influence the real Monarchy with and have created a Media Politics and Media Police as well etc, meanwhile the inability to carry on with their lives without messing with mine continues, right up to the stage where the gimmick of getting involved with me to talk like people who have studied the law when they interview people with has gone from making their jobs more meaningful years ago, to one out outright corruption of involvement based financial bullying which means it has become impossible to establish a relationship with my Clients and readers let alone achieve a process of getting them to read my Books because they have made time in their lives for it. About which we hear the tale that its money that motivates me to break up an Empire and write Books for a living, while the problems of their career becomes other people’s main concern, like traders hurting bottoms money goons at Royal Business, when we already have the society and culture goons to worry about garnished with insults about those who think they have a public image, a blabbing that they do not realise has gone too far even for their own good. All of which feeds into the tale of world powers especially the Russian one, aids their hatred of moral and religious people so much; where they complain if you take action but are rather always interested in making you understand your religion is intolerable, restricts your finances even while it is practiced in your personal life, looking for trouble all the time – so those can Liberalise my freedom and democratise my business, hurt me and turn out to be Judge jury and executioner with civil rights at the other end and talk rubbish when I manage their toilet for them to ensure your job smells like it too, see what I am going to do about it beyond what I have already done; they always say I am bragging but we all know the blacks will sell me civil rights and are fighting for their lives as we speak, the whites and media ones generally have their own on borrowed time at this stage but it is still the same old case i.e. women say your personality is so different they can bully how they wish and nobody would notice, the ones on the right are really good at squandering your property, the ones on the left are just really important around your concerns talking rubbish about the deserved level of success for my size with that big mouth and blabbing about how I do not actually have a Public image for it too. They do say I like to pretend I matter when I do not of course which is an old story about for instance how the fact the Royal Family is not their own Families does not prevent them from handling my property because I am getting along with the Royal Family, of which their situation gets better when they do but mine does not because of insults they got used to before that started to happen for according to them some reason they cannot grasp; so the Public image was there and they loved to cling to it, long before I got a Royal Commission and its important they had Celebrity and Media and Fashion idiots stopped being to stupid (they are not that much of a threat to any; just really disobedient goons that spend all their time trying to be what they are not and even when wrecking peoples lives to grab something they can show off with has created such outcomes as street gangs and murder, rather than stop it, we see them just find another persons livelihood they can cling to and make trouble and talk demagogue that cause confusion by in order to continue). They do speak of dealing with poverty of course which is an old story as we all know people do not wake up on their 18th birthday to realise they should have been working out how to pay their bills all those years but have not done so, besides which there is a welfare state and neither do normal human beings get around playing games with other peoples livelihood to assume the tolerance they are getting is what their stupid civil rights looks like all day long: I mean has anybody seen me go around handling society and culture people that are really good at squandering other peoples fortunes, along with gimmicks about plans they have of which every step involves hurting those whose personalities they use to get things done? Has anybody seen me go around tackling popularity and civil rights idiots who are always important and think they will abuse their victims and pervert an existence into doing his career like women as a need they must have fulfilled no matter the cost? Has anybody seen me get around tackling women when I incessantly get attacked and abused because they say my personality is so different they can do that all day and nobody will have noticed so as to stop them? So has an Arch Prince got a Public image or not, with their big mouth? Its as though I am definitely going to handle them again and I am wondering too if the Politicians will come through for them as before this time.