Now the main point of call is that I believe people ought to think badly of my parents whenever I am disciplined and it is utter nonsense, we all know what happens is that the need the Labour Party has to shower my mum with attention at my expense has left my career in ruins, they can no longer deny this, so we are now waiting for them to deny that it is a problem. I don’t think that it is a crisis, it’s some of the wickedest and most evil things we see a bunch of fools do with Government buildings which mean they can simply show up around my concerns once the business of finding out if they can crack me on seeing I am not vulnerable to the gangs and criminals that their bad attitude ensures follows them around and then becomes a problem for anybody they want to target in order to better themselves and its more to do with how I am a type that is already veering off to a corner where I have promised to handle the violent gangs and criminals for everybody, while the silly parents hang around somewhere saying that one child in the family had to do it – concerning which I have informed them the waiting time for them to move on is over and I am preparing for an attack on their careers as well, of which there will be a way back once it had begun. So what we have had on realising this is how it will play out, is the business of surrounding me with young idiots who at their behest spend time fooling around with insulting obscurity, looking for financially viable criminal opportunities, who then claim I exhibit the same behaviour towards their parents when they are being disciplined had ensued, while what happens instead is that I will use my own to do it and it’s a constant battle for personal space because they keep getting bigger and their personal decisions are about to kill them, so they needed a sacrificial lamb, about which we can see its pointless since we know how it will turn out should they get a reaction i.e. kicking them really hard at the society bits, so they get the gangs and then clip the Public image to handle their insanity, but since we already know its what they will do, the Public image can be clipped without reason so that the rest fell into place.

They claim the main problem with me is that their careers and dreams do not look like their expectations anymore because of me and its very well understood, since they seldom spend time on that if bullying me to blow off the big mouth about what they spend their time on because if push came to shove they would be better off, was preferable. What happens being they spend their time in this way at the expense of somebody who has successfully protected themselves from an entire Parliament, while assuming they will have had time to spend on their foolish insolent careers while at it the entire time. The Politicians do claim such a thing had never happened naturally but I have no idea what they want me to do anyway – we know the Labour Party is powerless to prevent me selling their culture and society for money as well and the Conservatives are powerless to stop me acting on the case of their silly children who are not part of ownership within companies in anyway whilst coming up with strange ideas to corrupt my trust system, wreck my public image and thereof finances as well, telling tales that feed the decadence of their popular culture while deciding how people felt about products at home all together, simply because they have a superiority ego thing about me that is going on with them like the Labour Party bits could not stop showing up in Public places to express their nepotism before it became as bad as it is now. They are powerless to stop me hurtling down a rabbit hole to show up at the backyard of industry stopping their comfortable jobs stupid children making comments that wreck my Trust system, my Bookshop and my earnings and it may not kick off like that if the idea I have successfully defended myself from the insults and abusive vandalism of my property at Parliament was not debatable; in essence politicians now need to keep away from my Books and shut down the stupid Comments concerning my concerns. It is never an emotive issue and they speak of controlling the Country all the time while none has had an argument with them about who controls it, so it is becoming quite clear that if I found a way to survey the economic issues and develop a handle for structural problems which can be turned at will, their relevance to peoples personal finances will vanish and so will their economic influence and an end to the destruction of my property alongside it as well – until then what happens is that I wish I was the only person whose property was being destroyed by their stupidities because then others would be free enough to engage with my Bookshop but now people are just victims randomly without reason or purpose and it has not been explained – so I have protected myself from an entire parliament, if it is debatable because they cannot stop their comments and vandalism, then their own will kick off as well, blabbing at me like I have not had enough of them. There has always been a fine line between the powers of the majority and scrumping and these goons have taken their own at my expense way too far, while hanging around in Public talking nonsense which indicates they expect me to do nothing about the destruction of my property because they wish to own it and use it to oppress me – I did not see the gits were paying me to keep their secrets if it was important to knock on doors and get elected.

They do claim this I what happens when you have everything and people had nothing which is utter nonsense – what we are talking about here isn’t the part where my forefathers oppressed them, it’s the part where between 2002 and 2014, they have spent my days on this earth opting for poverty at my expense and by 2016, had started to put the stupid children who learn from them how to fool around with obscurity bottom whipping me at work for fun onto my Public image with the help of their media gits. They say the way I talk about it will lead to a war but we all know there will be no such thing if I am not lazy on the work of making sure their stupid Celebrity culture was built on the back of extreme poverty among other matters for instance – its always a business of doing whatever they like at other peoples expense, then it comes down to whether their victims will suck it up so that a condition of decadence might exist that can be explored as profitable insanity, which they never spend their own health on for obvious reasons and my point is that I am aware I am responsible for getting them stuck with me to such an extent that they have lost control of their whole lives and will get an exit from me for this problem somewhere in hell., blabbing nonsense about a war, since sucking it up was never going to create decadence vacuums that allows them bottom feed and get up my anus until I shot their brains. The story of me interfering with Crown business on the matter is nothing unusual either; we all know these idiots do what they do at Parliament because of what is happening overseas and when it does kick off, I should do my best to ensure the roofs over the heads of the young never feels like home, the Middle aged stopped blabbing their insults at me on the roads, the society gits stopped linking the process of making money with a business of causing me suffering and distress without action being taken by Politicians because their bottom hurt too and the Popularity culture gits had ended up dealing with the fact I peddled their culture and society for a living as well – that way there will be many Muslims linked to Russians bullying me every step I take to bring about equality, justice and sense of righteousness.

I have been told that this is about the influence of Democrats who want to get rid of the British Monarchy but we all know Democrats usually spend their time, energy and money on such nonsense as making sure a bunch of idiots turned the business of poking practical jokes at Public leaders, to show up later at some point where people had done the best work for their Careers, claiming rights to competition and equality, such as their stupidities deciding what happens with Public leadership until people got killed. We like to think they wouldn’t do the same with the Countries but travel to the US and ask them to give you some statistics on the people who have died on the streets in their Country and then it will be a sad story on either side, with you wishing they might want to stop doing it in your Country as well; their relations with Russia is the most telling of it and you see them show up with ideas about how others are to exist, something to do with students in a Classroom inventing the ideas by which the Russians will be handled, this stupidities build up and build up to the stage where you find them walking around securing ideas on how to live a life from others on the streets randomly while their parents get matrimonial services from women whose names they don’t know and hang around the Media blowing off a big mouth about how getting them off your career leaves it all falling back on them, then it begins to grow and grow and the stupidities start to get more forceful and more violent, the air around them becoming faint and completely insane, in a short while it’s impossible to tell how a student in a Class room could have come up with ideas on how to handle some Russians but they will be expecting you to suck it up and smell like what you ate all the time, about which I have pointed out if they handled me because of it, I should try hurting them seriously as well to make my own changes. For my part, I am told the way I handle these matters creates more problems which it doesn’t – getting the Politicians and Celebrities to shut down the Comments about my concerns, keep off my Books and stop following me around is bound to produce such an effect as Celebrities being the main source of funding for Politics, while will make them a bunch of proper vagabonds, especially when one starts to resist every stupid idea and practical joke that they invent – we have seen their American friends shutting down Government over this sort of funding in the USA, complete with features like security guards standing in front of shutdown Government buildings complaining that they have no idea what is going on in the Country.

The Politicians here in the UK do make those stupid statements about making me serve some Americans and I do not believe they know what they are talking about when they do either; I mean it comes up with ideas on how to get the imagination up peoples bums when it wants to get what it wants, so imagine you shut off their access to Industry and turned off their Celebrity taps, what is left will be a character with all those abuses falling back on them – the question becomes that since you believe the incontinence issues is a social problem people should be assisted with, are you responsible for what has fallen back on them on account you took care of yourself? The fools in Parliament appear to be blissfully unaware at this stage that the only problem they faced here is that if only I complied with every wish the democrats made at my expense, there would be no problems and the reasons there are global stage problems is that I have not complied with any of their wishes and to put it my way, I like to say that I will comply with it somewhere in hell as it were – this business of forcing me to serve them is obviously a new one, it’s a brilliant start, commendable, as stupidly as possible. I have been asked what the main source of tension is but its an old issue besides this business of attacking women and when the women have become financially useful to me, set about suspending my entire life and career until they built themselves a reputation which says that I don’t know what they do not know, instead of stopping the behaviour, something to do with those stupid great ideas they have about running me down and hunting me like an animal to trap me and gather ideas and talents which when put to work will allow them live in an atmosphere where the stock market was simply a place they could play practical jokes at and end up with thousands of currency as pocket money, so generally in order to maintain this atmosphere, they need to own British Economic backyard and during the recession I decided to write a Book, the Book happen to have clashed with their needs apparently and that is what their case was all about. I mean we are talking about effects such as ten Companies existed in an area last year, who would employ without being willing to play their stupid games, by the end of this year there will be only two, from ten to two because I had done nothing about it; these fools in Parliament claiming they will make me serve them is just another start for something very big as it were, I do not believe they have got a foggiest clue what they are talking about.

I have been asked if this business of shutting down their access to industry and turning off their Celebrity culture taps is linked to a plan I am making to begin an attack on their careers as well and yes it is, it is what I am supposed to do if they have invented incontinence for everybody as a tool of sexual violence that puts them and their insolent children in charge of others with a big mouth – they tend to know secrets about women and in their world the part where women wet themselves when people fool around with women in that way is Celebrated – as I pointed out, their idiots in Government who think they will make me serve them have no idea what their stupidities are talking about. What they claim to make sense of their problems presently is that I take steps which ensure the powers of the state are overbearing which is utter nonsense – we are where we are because their foolishness allows the gits in society who think of themselves as the reason young people do riots to target me and behave as if causing me pain and distress helps them and the world around them make money – they were complaining about my attitude before, now it appears its time for the Politicians and Celebrities who have allowed them get all over my career and make my public image toxic to complain too – I have refused to talk about it in such ways because it is too easy for them bearing in mind we have already endured 15 years of this rubbish so far. People should only get involved with Government if they enjoy the experience like I do for instance, not turn up all over it with their case by case small business mediocrity making a mess all the time because of the income bracket. By the time I am finished developing utter chaos out of this for them, it will become clearer that it was entirely avoidable and happened because of the extent of abusive insults they enjoyed channelling at me, same as I will never stop shafting them for it due to the support they get from their Royal friends until the very important ones get hurt and killed – presently it’s the little bit, such as an inability to keep off my case while it is not in their interest for Royalty to get a job, like it was with the security guard job at which the practical jokes they could invent at my expense were endless and they have been getting themselves hurt since last I left security guarding for them, to tell me I talk and then cut and run, same as it is not in their interest for Royalty to be cash strapped but while I am, I cannot be left alone because they needed it. Brexit was the one they were paid to mock-up talking nonsense about making me serve from silly US Democrats as well; I will never stop shafting them until some important ones got killed, over those Celebrity and Girls insults. They do claim I complain of the same things I inflict on others and I understand but it is how it is meant to be i.e. I get to commit the worst Crime in the world by supporting Women and then I have the worst crimes committed against me by the abusive support Celebrities got – obviously they have now done their one to such an extent cracked up out of my league characters are hanging around the City centre with their own ideas about being nice to women, making a real mess of their finances which now rely wholly on such things and there would be no need to be so offensive if they were doing the right thing, no idea where the getting physical bit came from all together, like it is said I know a lot about women when I don’t, people simply think they are things and whilst Men complain about their lifestyle we find the same Men bothering them all the time.

I have been told my whole life is a mess and I can understand why people think that but it isn’t, it’s a matter of being stuck with very toxic individuals who expect me to make my state of mind worse by thinking of them as famous people i.e. Celebrities. I could say they love to grab and deploy my work and property in a method and for purposes unintended and that I don’t want them to do this anymore, the part where I pleaded with them to use it only for purposes intended no longer applies i.e. I need to pay more attention to the fact they spend a lot of time in rehab and it is usually very big news for the Press when they do and work out that they are not of a normal frame of mind, which just adds to the fact they are very selfish, stupid and incredibly twisted by nature, such that if I said a thousand times that it must stop deploying my property to make entertainment and for purposes unintended, we will find that if it has people on its door step, it will shove me into a corner with Publicity and get random crowds planning their finances at my expense as though I had never expressed a feeling on it and then call up the wars and crimes that have happened in society to show I did not pay a good enough price to deserve what I have – hence I can understand they think they don’t have to comply with my wishes over what I own but it does add up to a process of screwing with me, about which I don’t have to wish them well and the next time they wreck my academic work, I will burn their world. Its an old story, it will never stop seeking a life where it was able to pick on and abuse people who have religious activities to pay attention to, as something which implies that those who are not important like to tell people who are out of their league how to exist, then ask for money later on and what is missing in what we talk about in terms of the state of my career is that Political support for them has meant they were able to decide what should become of my academic work and finances because I was seen engaging in some religion, not something I worry about often since it’s the Politicians themselves complaining the most about it these days, behaving the same way at Government buildings all day long. I do get told that talking about in terms of the fact its not difficult for people not to deploy my property or do so for purposes unintended if not authorised, does not solve the problem, much like I need to put up an audit all the time of what they have been doing with my concerns lest a date arises when I was sued and bankrupted because they patented bits of my life to their stupid names bit by bit over time – what solves the problem is a business of setting out that only about a quarter of my activities happen where Celebrities are relevant and this means I am at least 4 times more important than they are and it is not a crime to be more important than they are, we know as such that they are fighting with all they have to dispel this and it creates such a problem for me because it’s the only thing that makes them behave properly. Eventually it is said that I am now sharing with the Celebrities I had authorised, the same wealth equity system I had put towards Government work, to facilitate Politicians being able to filter the Public into the goodwill of industry big wigs but its an example of how so small a part i.e. entertainment only was the Celebrity aspect – hence the business of thinking of those I have not authorised to get involved as famous people and not mentally ill goons is that which I must commence as soon as possible to stop people thinking I have been sitting around damaging my state of mind further with it by doing otherwise. There is questions they say on how I know what I know, how its impossible to tell if it’s a process of messing around with peoples lives or outright study but some are a matter of working process, others are studying which shouldn’t be unusual for any human being, that said, I do enjoy such nonsense since its largely a matter of impetus given to idiots who turn up here to build a history of sharing my life, then run off to share it with others and leave me dealing with the same problems people who are going through a divorce deal with, other the career that I pay my invoices by, only to hang around somewhere complaining of the way I think about the bits they consider to be their rights and the way I respond to what they consider to be suppositions I make as separate from the reality – it feeds into their sense of how to make money and allows them pillage my earnings in that way, to think of themselves as industrous and Politicians never stop their behaviour that fosters it at my expense for a while either; property equity and Market Assets that clearly need security. They say I am fed up with Government business but I am not – it’s an old story about Political vandalism, they can tell by looking into your bright future eyes, being completely unaware that what they say their actions are about is a far away detached from the bullying that it really is because you have something they don’t, that you do not think in your heart, that they were in charge of the Country, once they had ended up creating a public problem from the bad behaviour, it becomes a matter of how to secure their Children’s interests at the expense of the entire Government, thereafter which the Children get Comfortable jobs at Companies and set about making a mess of my Trust system because the Businesses that Employ them broker Equities from it, such a mess to messy it affects how the Customers felt about the products in their Homes, yap, yap, yap, yap from then on, cannot keep their mouths shut, I am extracting a job from areas of companies where the relatives of its owners should be making a tidy living, never talk from their own rights either – so I said I have successful defended myself from a Parliament because the complain was that I am responsible for stale dreams in the Country, hence spending their time on me is not necessarily going to make their bullying easy for them or mean they will be able to reserve time for their careers while at it and they said I was looking for trouble, they said it was debatable and so I had to respond accordingly, this meaning they want to kick off the real fight instead of take it as a good reason to stop ripping up my Book sales – they are apparently very destructive like their Media fools but I am sure they have enough property and can set out a percentage of it for their thirst.