I have never really considered that this matter of their insolent chances of being willing to kill for money, stupid leadership and some link it makes at all times with my book sales and earnings will have moved onto media immediately since it is clear I was dealing with people that are really tough; I mean you say white people protect others from trouble to maintain a business, you say white people have businesses, these fools are in a different league all together, they create problems for people, hurt and fight people to have a business. I know that my books which are equities and securities released from property by royalty testified to the person of the royal personage himself is worth more than I have put them in the market for; minimum price for a 300 page of such a thing should be at least £50 but I am selling it for a third of the price, so guess why I cannot breathe and connect with the consumers as a normal person; yes that will be correct, absolutely every single one of a movement I make is being monitored and a counter which is followed by cultural violence and concerning insults created for it within a process that breeds them fame and fortune on media by so doing, hence it is impossible to talk to customers while they criminally continue to handle my goods at the market place in such ways. I mean I am not supposed to get around with or sleep with or make friends with popular culture goons or pop stars because as it happens as they say, they are somebody else’s cunt, so it does express how far they travel to look for trouble and what the implication of that noise of things I say that I cannot back up really is.Speaking of things I cannot back up of which their insults and intrusion largely apply that black people are resolved that as long as they exist I will never make a living unless I give them what they want and white people versions just have something to prove; I always say they do not seem to understand why Africans find it so difficult to tolerate homosexuality anyway and that we do not have large dictionaries over there to make meanings for words with and that their activities, white and black alike are seen as wickedness, something that people do not hurt unless you beat it out of them seriously and of course temptations and measurements are exactly the same word in most African language, so that a tailor measures you because he has the right to but idiots like these measure people because they want something else to come of it.They speak of this position they find themselves where they are able to squander everything I own and work for and manipulate me violently at will to work for more when they want but that is largely because they do not understand what my view of them and their African friends really is, even though there are signs everywhere of where I stand. I mean Americans speak of their leadership all the time but clearly will do nothing about it as it were, I do not suppose I have that kind of time anyway since they speak of developing economies with idiots that do ideological dishonesty and feel like getting on international media to address me all the time and savage my earnings to make fame and fortune for themselves by so doing therefore. So as it played out, I did localism for what happens to have been a developed economy and allowed the left hand side for them and their wickedness and such nonsense as asking people about their penis which they would never dare in Africa to extract youth and make money and make out it is nothing evil except that it is the fact some people just think money is more important to them than others and wish to ensure less people make any while they make more and therefore have deceiving ways of making such a thing happen; which is why I get to annoyed when people want to talk to me about their civil rights instead what they do to ensure each time they are about to do any of such things, they ensure they apply the consequences on me to ensure I suffer it and understand how people feel if they do in order to make me accountable for my actions. So you do localism for what is a developed economy but it is not enough and so you have to take it all as it were; I mean it should have been obvious that my template for economic recovery after the recession for the UK worked along those lines and I am not bluffing when I tell them to get themselves off my book sales and leave me alone before it becomes something else and yes I am aware they speak of the fact their relevance is more to do with US and UK relations but precisely obviously they can see that they need to do it properly and especially so when I am paying; no point making all that noise about my looking like I will not do such things but always tend to do anyway. They have not lost sight of anything I have said; they need to get off the books and leave me alone and to this another matter that comes to mind is the fact that the meaning of their lives these days is bad things they want to do and the consequences they are aware of which they apply on me to make me accountable when I know what it feels like and so for that reason it seems they do not know where their lives are anymore these days and more so when they can have mine at will whenever they want to and therefore my feelings when people expect me to talk about their civil rights and the consideration of the alternative ways of dealing with it besides my book sales where I can raise funds and take a 2 ½ year holiday so that when I return they must have worked out where exactly their lives are. For of course when I have started the idea is that the insurmountable tasks on one hand with an instruction from God on the other will mean that the instruction from God will have become the easier one to disobey and therefore a great victory for their wickedness will have paid off and I would have become the blasphemer.As for the Labour party where they get their political rubbish on the other hand however, they do not get my attention half as much as their squander and vandalism suggests they do, they are just the most insolent idiots in the entire world who are aware their insults does carry such risks as turning a process where people feel insecure as a result of going to the office to find it vandalized everyday, into using their offices as a base to mastermind a process of seriously bleeding them which less and less of the public will get to know is happening. So when I had started doing such things I am certain I will not be insulted by them as much anymore or it will escalate as well. I mean they always claim I have become more and more un-cooperating with the wishes of the Monarchy which I suppose gets to mean that football people have become more co-operative as well; last I checked idiots who think when they earn millions playing football they have gotten into league with the Monarchy, the result was people shaking hands with the Prince of Wales which did not necessarily end well since they did on account of me as it were. It’s the old stuff of how the fraudulent ones always die and the none fraudulent ones no matter how unlikely exist and carry on – maybe we will get the Queen to bless people in public to make it clear the fact you can get a blessing from the Monarchy or a curse and yes they do they do not believe any of it too and I do not care, it’s just difficult to figure out which part of get off my book sales and stay away from me they fail to understand. After all, there were always the simpler ways of avoiding things you do not necessarily believe in, in the first place anyway; not the first occasion they have craved and secured themselves that stupid media to escape from me either and failure to comply with this will lead to even worse results; I mean we have seen the extent of the long way to travel from their pop star popular culture foolishness, where they pretend that I and them and the business communities live in the same family and they will do nothing unless it causes me harm and they climb on my television to scream it in order to be famous or indeed the media where they are convinced that there are another side of a family a share with them of that nature too; of course it is in the general perspective that it is those who did not lose family members during 9/11 that want to have ideas about how things should be done – at this stage from their thieving angle too. Of course the best part is being able to spend the personal effects and property of American get rich quick fools who cannot stop addressing me publicly because they know where my books are and how to get their hands on it too.