I hear it is said by the Political ones that these hung parliaments I am instrumental to creating will get me into trouble really soon enough as well and that it is practically a threat dare on their part to that effect: I wouldn’t know anyway about the trouble I can get into, all I know is that these are not real Politicians and spend most of the time for which the tax payer has paid doing something else that is wholly not in their interest as well all together, so in order to get them into a perpetual state of having their actions questions and the need for them as a result to be seen looking the part at least, hung parliaments are good for it: I mean scarecrows work really well compared with most expensive rivals when you wish to protect your crops. I know what they mean but they need to look at the fact again – Political power is mostly a self resolving issue on the whole unless there is a primary provocation being worked with it and I am not the one causing any offence here while they are the ones going against the same systems which mean I am the one on the cultural side licking my wounds while they are rather busy working the supremacy of the state, so what they are saying is that hung parliaments are the rage but one more will likely get me into trouble and I am saying it isn’t.

They do claim I expect parliament to do my will of course which is utter nonsense as I don’t; the reality is that it beats the imagination people will think others expect the parliament to do their will but of course the reality is more about such things as walking down the streets or having an argument with somebody and saying something important etc which leads to people being changed in ways that means that what they are used to people doing in their direction when they buy new cars or insult others whom they think do not have as much money as they do changes and hence becomes complicated should mean that such persons as responsible should have no right to exist and here is something that beats the imagination but better still is the part where they are idiots from Parliament who like to provoke people and move into my life to inconvenience themselves in that way in the first place so that they can get off talking nonsense of my existence in their country being judged in terms of how uncomfortable it has made them thereby determining what they should be able to get from my possessions which means they need to target and attack me all the time becomes legally justifiable and creates the idea they are really clever people too when we all know they are idiots who think that their assumption people want to live under the shadow of their violence has anything to do with reality and the way things are done. So I have been clear if I see them around my books seeking out things to help big businesses to prerogatives which is all they do these days with tax payer funded time, complemented with some need to dominate and subject me and create fools with small businesses that are not going anywhere who sit about wrecking other people’s lives and offering big businesses the servitude they need, then they are going to get into trouble yet again – I like to say when I am being personal about it that I was never published on TV and in such ways others can tell villains from normal people, villains doing their village and culture for them so they can show that they could and create alternative lifestyles; these idiots however in my case are simply adamant they must move into my right hand and live there despite being informed it will offend me and now we know the life they have built up for me on media means I don’t know what offends me and what does not and those two issues are determined by when people push my buttons looking for trouble all the time while their MPs have not learnt their lessons yet as it were. So it is the same old case of fools speaking of other people’s faith in terms of how they want to peddle the beauties to make money and so we see the girls turn out all over the place to seek privileges of injustice which political fools respond to on the assumption you don’t know when they are provoking you as well, except that their complains and media noise making will ensure they get a better deal than you do anyway with a big mouth only. I have never considered it a problem; it’s as I have said that Political power always is a self resolving issue in that when they complain about the law being morally biased and that democracy does not have to be a moral thing, the Politicians like to damage my finances and confront me with the idea that I think that because I am a nice person they are to do my bidding, the end product of which is always when these idiots are rich and turn up to be a problem and the Political fools speak of me fighting like they can give to the frugal – so it is always my advice they speak of their financial bottom line and mine and allow the power to resolve itself otherwise I will assume these is a primary provocation at work and it will not end as well as they had assumed it will go. We are here now because apparently they have spied on me and collected information from this blog while I am still writing it and gotten off on public places to make them famous with it, it does not bother me in any way since it does not change anything about anything, except their need to create servitude for big business and if I see them around my income they will feel me again; of course they claim it is a matter of their need to have power and I will never stop dominating them as well – same story of why their MPs should leave alone other peoples finances when they want to do the bidding of immoral democracy as it were and then they can ask them to fight when they know they are in such a bloody condition to. They do say I can only talk but none of it will go any further which is utter nonsense because I can always take the activities of their celebrities and these things they do to help big business to industrial servitude personally enough for them to tell me when what I have done and said has gone far enough as usual but of course we all know it’s a matter of stealing my work to exasperate and manipulate me because they want power into giving away valued information and it just means people can see what I mean when I say it will never be over until there are job losses for these playfulness as it were and we are not talking about the other group of idiots with ideas about there being people who want parliament to do their will either, for those that is their sense of something powerful to say that will mean others are brought down to the will of something that is above them but of course we know that in London for example the west end is full of people who think when you slap somebody else in the face and they are bruised and everything, then there should be a law which says that you are to pay them an amount in compensation while east end is full of people who speak of popular villains and prognosis of crime and what the general populous really wants, so it’s never a matter of culture but the simply reality that the two do not mix and hence nobody knows at what point they will agree to work with each other so that their MPs can do your will at parliament but these idiots just feel it is something big that dominates me because it is more powerful and I will never stop dominating them as well – not giving them any and will chase them to the ends of this world for that purpose and their noise making about people men of power will only provoke me in the direction of them turning up to fix things that are not broken around here to open me up to the evils of their society and move into my right hand because they cannot leave people alone. It’s the same story about media bosses controlling me when they actually serve me because they have no choice – everybody knows I have created a series of problems that mean they need to get out of bed and check the TV and the radio and their local communities and the parliament to ensure others are not interfering with the job just like they do me because they are trying to make riches and fame and help girls and boys so they might be important with tiny soldiers on their side because of course if they don’t have that kind of problem their focus complete changes and we have seen journalism change dramatically from reporting news to savaging my income to seek prerogatives for big businesses during an economic down turn – everybody knows they wear nice suits but are full of shit and if I see them around my books again they will feel me too, not that it is unusual, you might speak of matters happening in South America for example and the point of involvement might have been with republicans for example but unless their media business becomes all about their Latino heritage at that point from the democrat side, they cannot feel anything has looked normal i.e. when people have mistresses those want my income to make the sex better and so on  – it’s about power and I will never stop dominating them as well. It’s never been a matter of doing something to ensure I am not vulnerable to it, that is something a group of gluttonous men with a need to spend other people’s lives and income want to talk about all the time never mind the entire world becoming more uncomfortable for them by the day on account of me anyway; it’s a case of what happens because people are lazy and stupid and selfish and greedy and thieving and want somebody to blame for their problems; so I am out there as well because I have had enough of them and they can come and get it too – I mean it can start anywhere with such things as I want you to stay out of financial well being because I want to be able to dominate you with it and the reason for that is that I need it for something more important and then my response will be that I wouldn’t have minded if they did it when I was a teenager but right now am really busy which is where it kicks off and I think for the socialists unless there are job losses over these playfulness it will never be over and the conservatives are on their own as well with fake violence that is getting real by the day with a big mouth. The story I use other peoples possessions to get things done has nothing to do with reality, I mean it is hardly evidence to that effect that the Film Industry has gone from trying to replicate theatres and cinemas for their audiences to working my diplomatic equities and securities with me that I deploy other peoples possessions to do things – however that said, if they have a problem I am sure they have lawyers otherwise they can easily stop assuming that the fact they want to feel good and comfortable today and feel that nothing about the problems of their society is bothering them because I boy with a Royal Estate has got it does not mean that it is my world or how I live or am supposed to live as it were – the local communities are never interested in the things I say, they and their idiots whose frequency of attacking me is determined by how the headlines are rolled at the bottom of the screen are, so we understand each other very well when they turn up here to deploy my possessions to make films and talk rubbish at me thereafter when they can afford lawyers as it were for freedom and Vegas sake: the men and how much they are messed up and how they want a wham bam thank you Mam with me because I look like their wives which then results in the search for prerogatives of injustice Politicians can give and ends with being seen around my books seeking advantages that big businesses can have every day gets to a point and this is one of those, if I see them around the books again I will teach them lessons they will never forget too – they do say what I do is heading nowhere, it does not mean that is what I feel is happening to what I do either – it’s a case of Royalty that will deal with black people for white idiots if they want his privileges so they can have the life they want and will on the other hand sort out some global equality for black people who will then spend their time getting rich in order to dominate him and how the end product is that instead of educating celebrities I protect them instead and how they have created their own celebrities and informed me about it to pretend I don’t find it provocative that they have. I understand when they make the claim I have completely destroyed everything around what the Monarchy does especially when it involves famous people – I am not aware of that myself as all I know is that I am not interested in the fabled case of how celebrities normally start out claiming they hate the Monarchy and the games they play to become fully paid up members at a later date as they say. I mean they do ask if I hate the Monarchy then but of course I don’t if I can hate black people who want to determine how I exist and or live based on how much money I have got while they ensure they gather around me to do something about the money instead, the issue being when I kick those as well they will say it has to do with the Monarchy when it really doesn’t, it is not a position from which I am likely to be interested on what celebrated idiots do to destroy everything they see to become paid up members of the Monarchy and so on. So celebrities do get involved with me as well and it’s a complicated matter – sometimes because every girl that is up to 5ft11 inches will be plagued with men and boyfriends that want to use them to bully kids such as myself in order to damage some perfect love and make fame and fortune, so that the more I collect them as such will be the more the twisted bitter playboys use them on me as well but for the other celebrities it’s a matter of the fact that they have a deal with the media which is made up of communities of really twisted and violent fools at the back stage and so when they do get involved with me and I provide them with some security the issue becomes the reasons for it at the other end – so I have this place that means public life is sound and there are celebrities in the ecosystem and so on not a group of idiots that want to usurp everything about an International range that a Government office has because they are trying to get rich and famous about whom everybody now knows I am full of resentment for, despise and it is developing into attrition as well, so it does not mean there is a problem with celebrities as a whole, it just means those who behave like that do from a reality where you take a look at the men and they are one step away from criminal activity while the women want to live off your wallet and hence can see they live like that because they are villains and really enjoy attacking you if they don’t enjoy how you react when they do as well all together. In essence there is a moral basis on which my Office operates because I am an Arch Prince, which gives me the right to decide what celebrities do or not with their lives and all self appointed goons will have to sort out their need for violence without me somewhere – however which I think the one in specificity about Political power needs to be settled so they can keep their hands off my bottom.