Talk of getting off in public to discuss your experience of racism is just as well but I have no idea what is so pleasurable about discussing it anyway; the facts are that when a white boy lets his laziness catch up with him and he becomes a frustrated person, he simply wants to take it out on somebody else and because he is certain of strengthing support no matter the punishment if he does pick a black person as his target, then that is what he must do. This is half the story of course as the other half is that it is black people that follow you around the world to wreck your finances and groom you for it – you do not want to look like something others have thrown away because there is racism around but it has become their life ambition already with that big golliwog mouth about how they will not tolerate any financial success on your part, I bet the niggers liked it when it happened bearing in mind also they are the ones that tell me what I must give up to them otherwise racism will come and get me because they know racists hate them and will wind up racists on account of me, it is never therefore clear if it is the racists or the black people that are stirring the racism. Every encounter with them has to be traumatic because they are vile and filthy and nasty towards others if not violent and when done they can then go home and be nice to their families and seek self improvements that they might even boast about to stir social tensions as well. It will not leave me alone and go away and wants to be able to everyday no matter who I am or how old I am and I will kill them all as well. No point complaining when the fight is already on. They glorify racist because they like racist tensions and racist activities, want those happening as close to your personal life and even in your bed chamber as possible because of their wickedness and exist in a condition where they are always a conundrum for the law while I for example tend to exist in a state where I have had enough of them and we are not talking about their stupid women with a desire to perform a service to you that you are not aware is happening which also means they reach a state around you where it would not matter if you were aware they were doing anything they want with your life and such is the over state of affairs with their desire to have things that others already own, with the assumption nobody can create them the conundrum at the law they are so proud of and handle like it was a toy they were obsessed with. Apparently the part I missed out is the Industry menace black people but I did mention in any case they exist as a conundrum for the law while I exist to have enough of them every day and it never stops and goes away and hence the question of what conundrum for the law on account of them can I create in this circumstance where there is no law, like for example, people using my literary empire to do things which was invented by them as a tease for self advancement or the cost of what I must do about it which involves getting all over the world to tell any who knows where my books are and thinks there is need to manipulate me over it to shut it down as I am not interested, hence the general sense they have created and existence between me and them in which there is no law and what Law and equity at law courts become to them must therefore be a matter of how long they spend here and what I know about them and their lewd insolent nonsense as a result of that. The white ones on the other hand will not detach me from their insolent and abusive leaders provided those are not detached from my book sales.

In the end they speak of this racism thing from white people that never goes away on one hand and how I am supposed to do something about it on the other when they are not white and nobody knows how they got involved with racism thing whites do that never goes away and do not live here and nobody knows how they came to the deduction I am meant to do something about it but it is the same old story, they are menaces of Industry and Politics and Society and I have been clear I have always known they are criminals for as long as I can remember and they have always known that I know that, so nobody knows why they strike up conversations with me, except one were to imagine they do because they are certain they have not committed a crime that law enforcement can place their hands on, in which case the assumption also extends to the idea that I cannot make one up for them as well.

We hear that talk of how things happen because of royals I go up against; when we know how the Queen has laid out the Country for her successor for example however like it is with Christians about whom men and their debauchery can always use and abuse to find their way into heaven without repentance, the only one they are interested in is the one where she collects important aspects of culture and society for the good of the Nation, in order to orchestrate a process where they collect their own as she collects her own because they enjoy the idea to two monarchs and the process  of causing people as much distress as possible, then we hear them and their black friends shoot off their mouths about how I can see everybody else is moving on with their finances while I am not and how I should know there is something I am doing wrong which is really provocative as there is really nothing they can do about me with that stupid media either anyway in the first place. So the great old story remains as it has always been that the books beat them up and they are all over the place.

I do not think it is a major problem for my part its just that the Heir to the Throne should definitely have a sense of people who want to get into league with certain criminals which will ensure they can get in and spend all her has on themselves, so it is never clear why each person that exists along those lines for me is collected by him as part of cultural heritage creating this question of why he has so many mistresses of society and whom exactly they are therefore confident they will use that they cannot stay off my book sales and more so for their own good – as some do say they do not know what respect is and cannot give it even if people were to ask them. I am entitled to a home and therefore do not expect criminals to strike up conversations with me, so am I entitled to an office place of work and do not expect them to get on media to brew it but of course we know the world has politicians who hate those that lead from behind but the reality is that they figure you have settled on the best spot at which to get rich when it should be theirs for being elected and then the issue of the level of intrusion that it takes to achieve such nonsense in the first place and the rubbish they talk today about justice and security - so it is the usual business of one crime un-top of the other which are not at all expected to be punished.

The inclusive nature of what I do is blamed for these things of course because they are certain they can bully anybody with corruptions of involvement and financial ruin but of course the reality is things coming from nowhere such as how my books are placed too close to the income of the museum where some stupid witch works and so when you ask her what is in that museum like the black ones have their black history and want to keep my equities having been they have been stubborn enough to spend my work on it in the first place looking for trouble, they will tell you it is full of artefacts about European History; hence sense of right and wrong is flawed, attitude towards other people is twisted, post from where to harm people and ask questions later secured. Hence this idea the whites make money from periodic and acceptable vandalism has been observed, so has the one where blacks want to get rich and famous from creating inconvenience for others in order to locate and even extricate and sell convenience has been located and I intend to create my own version of these two economies because they never go away. Only a Lunatic would destroy equities associated with products that may have a market cost of up to £300,000 a piece like there are in the Motor Industry but this idea of what they own and others have intruded into is a double standard their Industry idiots are very used to as well.