Male Celebrity, Fat Cat Politics and Media involvement corruption



So it is said I never tell the full story about any thing and of course the full story has always been rather short i.e. when I broker equities with businesses and they create products and somebody buys them to get rich and famous with, it appears the only way to do so is my book sales and profit margins and media with which to destroy it, hence they never listen especially when they are American, practically deaf; so that when I make it clear to them a particular behaviour towards my property is unacceptable what they do is give off a little strop and do it anyway, because when they organised a particular event, that is what they planned to do and cannot go back - happens almost every single day, looking for trouble that they will find in healthy amounts as well, together with their anger passing backstage media fools of a women. The media fools and media problem that has today largely got government department friends, especially in National defence and Parliament and government office friends and so on and therefore likes to pretend they are so much of a threat to me perpetually, needs to get out and stay out and I am taking their homes with me as well along with my disposition on that.

The story that is their main preoccupation seems to be that of things I have tried to do for a living which will prevent me from marrying into high society; makes no sense since I have never planned to marry to suit them like I do not have to deal with enough rubbish from them and their low life villains, with mature businesses and companies that are not going anywhere. Fact of course being that the financially well off women who get involved with me do because they consider me a father figure; I am the government official in the relationship and not them, they were never in charge.

I am aware of the main issue as well anyway i.e. is my equities an securities and IP administration company really mine? Well it is a question we must now answer a fact that must now be settled; as I mentioned above that distractions of insolent women means that when I broker equities people cannot just buy products without finding out who brokered equities and how to ensure the products are used as flagship for their plans to get rich and make money, so when I say I do not want a thing done to my work at the market place they give off a strop and do it anyway, along with their far east and Asia pacific idiots with a media that likes to show off tall buildings in those countries and collect a bit of my personality for it, the tall buildings and cities which I will get to manage along with the matter of having my working Court back the way it was when they first found it.

I hear they suggest I act in ways that encourage violence against women of course which I really do not directly but do act in ways which ensure men can dominate their wives at all times; since we are aware that these idiots are likely to take everything from men and so in their view, they have husbands that will beat people up for them but in reality one day the men will want a price for it when they had taken everything, so what they tend to fear they tend to avoid. 

I am not in a competition for well off women with media and decadent idiots either; people ought to be journalists and not believe appearing on Television is linked to the temperaments of other peoples Princes and then they will have no problems; so yes I am aware they say my equities really are things everybody should do for their businesses and I need to be made to give up trying to turn it into a business which will stifle freedom and I am still waiting for them to do that too. I mean the fact Politicians are always certain to come through for peoples practice of biblical wickedness is not to suggest that it works for everybody when an alternative explanation has been found for it and I am most certainly not so simple that I do not believe they want to make me into an ingredient for being rich and or famous and will be happy to murder me and take it since sharing and stealing have already failed them; whether or not they complain but continue to maintain at great expense to me stupid girls and women who belong in their own version of female secret cults and believe they have an ability to do lesbian sex maybe and set off to creep under a mans skin and leave only when they have left all their problems in his life with politician disillusionment and lies and media, with which to be rich and famous; hence once they have support from a political scum that drinks a drink or two and has dirty sex or two with them and so believe as soon as a media exists  they can address absolutely everybody they want to.

Eventually of course the idea that the claim their deviance are an acceptable behaviour means they need to face society on their own and leave me alone as the media suggests they want to face society all the time, boils down to the conclusion that something must be done about the media itself directly on account of this company. The part where I never write a full story on anything or do anything on time being of course the bit where they are talking about the fact that years ago they were these goons who gob and gloat over me on grounds I never ever no matter what questions I am being bullied with say anything or make promises that I can be held to but today not only are they going to steal my temperaments but the fact is also to them that I have never done anything when I am supposed to because I have not got a clue what I am doing; the reasons for these things of course being that I am a Christian and the last time we checked the Bible teaches that we ought not to react to evil that rages around us; in the old testament it was a catch phrase i.e. not by might nor power but by the spirit of God – in the new it was referred to as the fruits of the spirit: it is never clear how on earth they will be the evil idiots that rage around me and at the same time end up stealing my temperaments but at the end of the day the time frame between gob over me and making claims I never do things on time because I have no clue what I am doing is now 12 years, indication being that they cannot leave people alone and I will do them again yet again as it were.

I am aware of this stories told about how things I wrote which people have access to is the biggest source of problem I have got but it does not make any sense, I am aware they have things I wrote but it will always be the old stuff of being so talented that what you do has never been done before hence people decide you need to be a tortured soul and the result of course are those things you plan out and do to them which people will pay you money for doing as it were. I am not saying it is a difficult or big problem; fact of it is that when they think getting on media to play with my aptitude and qualifications like they do every day to have fun, the only way I can make them understand the impact of their foolishness is to get hold of their civil rights and reverse it each time they do those things and so my guess is that it will end when the civil rights are reversed to a point in history like Nazi Germany and then it will cease to be such fun as well all together.

Most of the rubbish they carry through are things women do and of course the question is why women do them, besides the fact women are always nervous and when you are always nervous you avoid your full potential and tend to do something is dead on the right hand side and somebody is dead with it and so the left can be clear; when they claim those things are the power they have over me it is the ultimate question is it not as it were – are they women?

They turn regularly to this idea that when tyranny happens I will be most worse off when in actual fact, in a world where people decide if they fear to live or die on the basis of where they are and their record of killing, they are big men who can handle anything and will be picked on for the most part; I would only have had to defend myself for two reasons, one of them being if my localism is affected and the other being when they want to turn me into a homosexual; then I have my own stuff to die for, but for them, they will always be worse off because they are the biggest men in the world.

It is the greatest question as it were; why on earth anybody would think it is funny to get on media and mess around with another person’s income on a daily basis, not for a week or a month but 12 years and counting and therefore likes to tell self improvement lies and stories about it; I mean I have not left any stones unturned over the matter of letting them in on their dreaming and how it fits with rich people they dream about all the time i.e. the way it really works is that Mr A who is required by a certain group of people known as consumers must get products and services to a set point where those people will pick it up and pay him for it, he in turn works for Mr B who owns a warehouse and they share the profits between themselves and both work for a certain Mr C who manufactures those products – so it is all real world, real jobs, real qualifications and not setting up foolish boys and girls to sing songs on peoples companies, personality, public work, business and Intellectual property to do popular culture and pretend the Music CDs are products as well. It will never go away and I intend to hurt them seriously as well to make it. I know I brought these things on myself as it were and like before I never said I didn’t; after all you need your aptitude to ensure you and the person who employs you can trust you on the job and then you need your qualifications to do the job; now when somebody borrows your aptitude, what do you do, never mind the things he needs to do to you as if you are a thing which shall ensure that your aptitude can be borrowed. So it turns out of course that I simply give regard to what I have on my hands and plod on and plod all over them and the fight starts. As for the secret service goons, they complain my attitude will likely get them killed but they have finished with popular culture and media vandalisms and are now off to play the part where they get benefits for dying and I am fed up with the idea that they ought to continue to view me as the way out and for those their people, I always say my book sales which I need to carry through to ensure I have done enough to take care of the problem of them to make way for my studies, will be their undoing and I swear this part as well. They live in a dream world with that stupid media at the heart of it and it is very destructive towards me too.

I cannot imagine myself get up daily to destroy another persons earnings because I feel like deploying some powers that appearing on public media gives me but their argument it even worse i.e. that when you are at the top you step all over those at the bottom and it is never clear whom they are referring to as their bottom anyway – hence when I say get hold of and reverse civil rights bearing in mind such things as claims homosexuals were born that way or just like to do it, when we all know it is a fact that they want things women do to fight their corner as an institutionalised power they can deploy with the physical strength of men in order to get rich with their usual destruction of others. The idea my actions simply ensure evil people get out of hand is utter rubbish too; that can be explained away by the fact that when I do my personal and private security somebody thinks they will use it to play games with criminals and popular culture idiots and then have need of it when I have no choice about what I do with myself next, hence all about the things they mess up and return to demand which they will get in hell.  What I intend to do because they will not stop playing with me in such hurtful ways and are practically deaf is to ensure I am able to whittle down their lives to a point where they need to avoid doing things I want so much that they will only be left with a few choices of doing things they really need to do and then I will get my glory there telling them to do it before they do and making riches and fame from that and this extends to the media and the Politicians and the Banks etc. We do not do respect around here anymore; talk of how I think when I do personal and private security is allows me to be leader is not good enough anymore, I have really had enough of their insults and of course there is no going back now, so if they have got a Law Court that will stop me, they can go get that now. It would not be a strange occasion since we all know they give tax payer funds to popular culture idiots to sing my equities and intellectual property and profit margins for a living which they have enough funds to do daily at present, thus get to pass off those stupid music CDs as a product in the market place that can be fought for etc.

I hear this phrase these days of ‘you plunder I pillage and somewhere in the middle we will find England’ – heaven knows I am not standing on their England and if they bring it here I will burn it by their own hands for them as well. All I want for their insults at parliament and abusive respect for their leaders where the laws of their England they need to keep away from me does not apply to me, which is why nobody cares how much I am abused and people consistently get up every day to change a social status quo that is created from the daily abuse so it might make no sense to say it is wrong, which is why I reverse their stupid civil rights as well, to see that this continued process of living in my life and not their own, alongside the sense life is all about doing what I do as well is their biggest problem which is what they need to change; I am not situated nor am I standing on their stupid England and do not wish to hear it or be tempted by those stupid demagogues ever again. When they say it has to do with their respect for Parliament I cannot make it out anyway since they suggest that because we live in a society where we show respect for those that are older and fight them off so they do not mess us up because we are younger than they are, they can do whatever they like and more so with me too. Three things only matter here; my books which are a cause from a company that supports my career, academic work and the services I provide, together with my academic work and this Company; the politicians and the black people who say either way I turn is where they gain and take everything I have by sharing some problem with me and hurting me to make me deal with their own as well while I am at it are seeking violence all together, especially so for the girls – so I say they do it again if they have got it, just one more time so we can find out. Their rules and laws do not apply to me, I am on my own and I suppose what my book are is not hurting as badly as they complain about yet so far. Of course there is that story that they have more money and I have failed; I have not failed, I can easily pull off a few clues at random to show there are more of them with the money these days but less of the money around in their pocket all together – if there is more of it in their pocket the reasons is likely to be some glitch in a financial institution somewhere in the world, it does not apply I will take any rubbish from them either and of course there can only be so much money in the world when that is gone as well. Those who have an England can bring it here if they want and bring it along with those stupid companies too. Bloody fantasists, they need to be helpful; they need to suck – when they suck I get a break.

I am not saying my life is not surrounded by evil cultures and cultural violence, it is the royal office and industry people and well off women who speak of having a relationship with me (of which I am not running away and cannot make out why people cannot just finish it off them as it stands), who do that bit – it is not to say it is not what my life is but they enhance it because of how they get around with the royal office. So of course if your life looks like that you are never going to get along with Americans who talk rubbish about wickedness all the time for the most part; hence the thing with President Obama is simple i.e. we did not all get together as black people to contribute DNA that created a result of Mr Obama, he is a person with his own parents and grandparents. Its as though the catch phrase is ‘National Interests – they do not make them like that anymore’, then the problem is Mr Obama, so the question really is who is Mr Obama, which of course brings up the answer of President of the US but how many people really know that anyway. The working court of female journalists where I run all my affairs was meant to serve as a defence mechanism against the US; if forced to arm it, it will pack quite a punch as well. For the businesses, it should have served as a defence mechanism in that knowing that it does not work in the sense that you can simply get on media and have any conversation with a female journalist and never take note of when she says she is affiliated to me, you can simply get on and say what you need to say and do what you need to do and get after your business before somebody jumps on it, unless people are trouble seeking business people and in such a case can knock themselves out with it. Two items categorise everything they do; one is that it must be something evil and the other is that it must be something to cover their tracks so they can get away with the something evil they plan to do to me especially and the purpose is always that they want to make money from it and it is very infuriating not just because they are so predictable but because they are so stupid as well. Then there is the issue of security in Northern Ireland too of which the main issue is simply that of the fact people want to kill those that suck and create a real and new country; fact being of course that angry people who want to stay away from their anger are angry people that want to stay away from their anger, while I am one of those that suck, so that when I suck uncontrollably it predisposes me as a target for more abuse; hence the reasons I suck and tell them to come and get me like that. They say it all the time; he brings out the anger in me, I hate people like that etc – very concerning of course and I am sure they can see like their media scum whose punishments are deserved, that the attention is very expensive and I am not their mate.

The Liberal democrat trouble makers they say; I have no idea since I have always asked what is so liberal about the democracy of the liberal democrats since we know theirs to be a cocktail of boys that want to rule women and women that want to dominate men doing as badly as possible at the polls which they also think is a problem others should take care of. Its a case of when they feel like ruling you and you ask them what the bees knees is, suggest the pulpit maybe and they will tell you the pulpit is fringe benefit and you have to tell them you bet their parents come from South Africa. I mean are we talking about Asia Pacific and banking there being all about the fact if its in your contract and your produce the goods then its yours; has nothing to do with the fact apparently that other peoples property is always their plaything and when they have tall  buildings and politicians in their city cannot stop collecting peoples work and public work for it and so in my case cannot get off my book sales in order to be able to make use of my personality etc and I will make it end really badly as well since I have already mentioned on my sites that the reasons they get traded like animals is never because there isn’t enough trophy freedom in the world, which they think sets me up as hate figure on grounds of a man who encourages violence against women but that is just the beginning too. It is not so long ago we in the UK handed Singapore to China; they were like the worst of the worst having a yardstick that says something about their connection with a democratic country and nobody will ever know who is playing with them anyway and why they will not accept not everybody will tolerate the fact no matter how legitimate a business might be, an Asia pacific idiots want to run it as though they were gang masters – then express the same insolent feeling at absolutely everybody when he has some money to throw around and so I intend to nip it as well because it will not let go of my market and my products and even my health and personality and has a real problem, all of them in those tall buildings that is and their stupid media fools, have a real problem with my equities and intellectual property. The claim I feel I can take on anything works in the same parameters too because of course if I was the President of the world and felt I needed to chase somebody all over the streets on claims he has been stealing some of my attention, then I would have to understand it could go wrong but if I do it anyway and find from his life things I can better my career with, set off to deploy those things and tell media to get him off my case knowing media will attack his right to earn a living all together because they want their own as well, it could lead to something bad but if I do it anyway and use him to better my career and then in a couple of years leave him to my junior staff to play games with, I must have been aware media cover ups or not, that it could end with somebody getting killed, so they can see I have been tolerant and I am only saying it is not what my tolerance was meant for and they need to go to hell or I will put them in it myself. I mean I do get these sense the Politics idiots really feel like driving their insolent saloon cars up to me on the streets, get out of it with a stick and whip me with it, they say it is because people like me cause things to stir in society that can bring violence into their personal lives but last I checked they should have been the last persons to do this and when they make the excuses on media it seems to be they are deaf because I have either insinuated or mentioned that they have gotten the best jobs in the world by asking really angry people to give it to them and yet no body is having a piece of their own as well as a result, hence not clear why they feel they want to beat me up with a big mouth that never backs up anything it says and of course they will shift farther and farther into the right in order to deal with me too. Their President Obama in the US wants this too in a huge scale since their existence technically means that the best parts of my life and the best things that ever happened to me is my nemesis because they are certain there will be civil rights fools to scoop up anything I do about it and in that way I will be completely spent – hence the work to be done here for God. I am not suggesting it is a new thing in anyway; Holy disobedience in Church because people think they are really modern is a typical example - they have always known they do not like me and also love to steal peoples things which is well expressed by the purpose of the holy disobedience in Church where they do it in their own way and are not aware you are around to read your own Bible as well as they had the chance to read their own and hence think they want to rule everything with a big mouth i.e. to 'make it in life' and of course these are supposed to have been the ones that attend church at all in the first place.

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