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I am told Americans were the main cause of the problem here and yes they were but there is no need for me to spend any time worrying about the way people assumed that I spent time thinking about the American interests that were to be engrained in every aspect of my concerns, which they regularly showed up to collect and the government office practical jokes that had since caught up with my career schedule. The main problem is still that of Celebrities who have no authority here but show up to pick up crime control publicity, trash it and hang around clinging to my career until I did something brave enough to get into trouble with the Law because they thought they were important enough for me to regard them as public leaders, were of the same league as people more powerful than I am and intensely desired to see me serve their famous stupidities, so they had since progressed to a sense that whenever issues associated with the crime control publicity they wrecked arose, I would have it sorted out upon their say so. Eventually we hear the idiots suggest there was more still to learn about me and it is becoming a simple matter of ending this nonsense where people who decided to engage with their communities from the immoral society point of view, got to live up threats about confiscating my public image, in terms of half of them wrecking my finances whilst the other half spent all I did about it to get imagination up my private body parts because I meant to be burned out if they did, so I expect as some have suggested my attitude is a contributory factor to the way the environment becomes uncomfortable for others, if they were unaware of the facts, to arrive at a point where sense was made of the security Washington damaged from the perspective that it will not be fixed any time in the recent future whilst I lived in an environment where all I owned were not out of bounds to famous idiots, with the out come that a deadline ran out and I joined in on the gimmicks involving a doxy, as applicable to public problems which were placed beyond the reach of public security and administrative operatives, with the result that I investigated and trashed the careers of those who did mine, to end this fun.

Needs restrict the comments to the career before it whilst complaining I am a threat to its criminal and finance market fraud civil rights. The wonder is the way that anybody would set about tearing down crime control publicity on claims that the persons responsible for building it can repeat the process for personal exhilaration but the famous have explained such activities as indicative of power they had and therefore displayed; so I need to ensure it was clear that such a situation would never have arisen if it was clear that the crime control publicity was linked to my Office and that I am in control of it, to which effect there would be no means to offer assistance to any trouble maker that came into contact with my career because they possessed media jobs to fool around with and none of this would have occurred. The sinister fact around it is that the idiots want to be able to make a mess of my career, so when they made a mess of one belonging to somebody that was likely to take the law into their hands, it was possible to say that an Arch Prince tolerated it and that others were obliged to do the same as well, withdraw the publicity of build one where there is none and it would apply they were a bunch of idiots out to get others and that I had made a statement to show I am not responsible for what befalls them, so without doing the little details I believe I am due to be free of poor book sale numbers everyday by finding out what I needed to do to damage their careers, so it may become a tit for tart affair. Usual history naturally - the European men have started, they were my fathers and alongside their thoroughly modern twats, they had fought my enemies for me in Hollywood, backed by famous fools who make a stage entrance whenever areas of my public work had been discerned, so I ignored it when it started as they were ignorant of what I could do with it, now only simply displaying what has to be the half of it. An old story that tyranny was a habit, for instance a Prime Minister had 8 years in Office and there was an idiot making a mess from day number one, at the end of 8 years, hell had been experienced and a Prime Minister was thinking on things that could have been done differently, to find he had placed his name as a contestant for the next election as Prime Minister - in my case, it wrecks my wealth equity and crime control publicity, to tell me I knew how to rebuild it and will rebuild it to serve their famous stupidities, now it needs to get involved and learn the fooling around fear, that tyranny was a habit and leadership were human beings.

It has nothing to do with me as a whole, just the doxy deciding on what it wants to do with me in terms of some men being big enough to attack me when it wants something and I being small enough to be attacked when it wants something – they do claim when my ultimatum concerning the need to pick up my career publicity and say they had fans that could solve my financial problems in a short while but I needed to do what they wanted, wrecking the finances of a business that worked outsourced intellectual property administration, should I join in on the doxy, I will be joining in with my Office and all which they cannot enforce naturally, so it is still the gimmick of gits hanging around the boardroom making a mess and deciding my Bookshop markets should be the profit margins for the companies in which they were meant to do the real work, I cannot shut it down and do something else, they are not paying my Bills, Celebrities are making sure their gimmicks was distracting enough for me to incur a mentality for it so that I self-sabotage instead of concentrate on my work and achieve what is required and I am set to end their unusual interest in my person painfully, especially concerning the fact they claim it is all my fault but show up here to pick up my concerns and never use a single thing according to purpose, wrecking my health as well.



There is the thing about Celebrities and Politicians, not unusual though, I have always thought the Politicians were the people to be worried about when it came to the sense there was power in my career and people would decide I can have the financial well being when they were finished fooling around with it but it seems that the contrast is that the only time I clashed with Politicians was when they were asking businesses to help curtail my financial well being which businesses do not have the means to go too far with but always had a way to show they were uncomfortable with my idea on how to get about with the Politicians, except for the trouble maker politicians that is, who decided they wanted to set out areas of foreign Policy that can be set towards a time that the UK would be a republic when they had to do their jobs well enough to decide if somebody had done so much wrong at the executive that it needed to be altered to such an extent, considering that they were not running for their lives and members of the public were not starving, to speak of certain fundamental issues. The Celebrities on the other hand have gone about building a profile as a low life who is below criminals that were more willing to take a chance and make money to be happy, now they are back seeking access to my personality with an abusive process that worked on the same mentality, which after the alliance with the Scorpio Virgo duo because they love to read birth signs and abuse people, their gimmicks had backfired so badly that they want official authorities to set out for them, the way in which the things they had to do to maintain the profile for the wickedness they spent their time on, had to become a main concern of mine but furthermore, it gets out of this profile to investigate my career network, attack any bubbles where I may work with others to pay my way in the world the same way it picks up my income margins to pay its own, which is the last of the famous stupidities that I can tolerate at this stage. The warnings are that I am no longer a young person as such and it does love to express the stupid delusion that they had the upper hand which they don’t, especially considering the cause of all this is that it would not sit very well with people at the Monarchy, that fundamental premise upon which I worked was the sense that others were less important but of course that was the main problem here as the Celebrities always needed to build a support crowd that helped them take advantage of a sense I might have made the mistake of thinking them more important than I am every day, the stress is incredible when I had not hurt it mortally yet. It understands a warning I suppose then, that I will not tolerate instances where its need to fool around with my career publicity meant that clients upon contact with my Books faced threats from the public associated with its lifestyle and personal decisions, which is the thing we are doing here considering its upper hand. The rest of the time we found its stupidities working with Politicians sympathetic to its fame gimmicks, showing up here to make a mess endlessly and it will build up to defence tiredness because the enemy was conversing with security services operatives like the people at Home did, which I then had to tidy up after which I then had to tidy up all the time, never mind the fact my position originally was to do with the enemy incurring its own defence tiredness by dabbling into western interests all together, it will show up like that to make a mess on this front, create some causalities and expect to bail out – the other side of its need to make a mess and bail out with respect to terrorism involved getting me to fight for and protect their famous stupidities because they thought they were more important and needed to make sense of what I am doing before I am allowed to do it and even upon realising that they were likely to undo work that was done concerning rogue characters that got involved with the social lives of politicians and had their own point about society narcissism, which was the work that was done to control localised and overseas terrorism, they will continue never the less, upon making enough of the mess, had set out on an alliance with the terrorist characters that could make the most of instances where they felt like screwing peoples career publicity on media, shooting off the big mouth, never takes a hint, says people I died and I do wonder what its stupidities were thinking all along anyway. I had started my own idiots running my life with the social activities of criminals responses for my part as well anyway – fuck that more will be the question on whether their families were doing the national service in this country and fuck will be the part where I interfere with sleeping patterns as well, when I do begin what they complained about the first time around all over again, this time, I will ever stop if the entire world wanted me to as it were. I could never tell if it learns its lesson when its people take up jobs at the Military, get hurt and show up to bother them, so they turned up here talking nonsense: that it was an environment in which people worked public security and another worked it in a manner which created problems for the future, the government had a covenant with the military naturally but when people faced their last moments they were most likely to be honest about what they were really doing as such, we know it builds up to something the executive needed to tidy up and that the announcement that the famous will not stop handling me or showering me with insults if they were complaining about people they were close to coming into harms way, does not make any sense. They do shoot off the big mouth that I had made sense of their social problems like they claim they were confident that they were more important, whilst we know that they were better off being on the side of criminals as well as law enforcement because they had never once made a decision with respect to their careers being kept at a distance from what the Prison services did, whilst an Arch Prince needed to ensure the corner stone for everything he did took such a form – their social problems being the instances where they picked up my career publicity disobediently to make sense of their ageist and race Politics where the men ran me down because I am likely to be educated about policy on how to treat women after years of abusing women and the women trashed my career publicity to make stupid statements about being more important due to the persons they got into bed with, their parents urging them on over claims they had beaten me down in the past and needed to do again on account their stupidities were famous, it is being done because they plan to get rid of the problem I guess, the mystery that people had died and I am set to get into trouble lip flapping endlessly, as stupidly as possible. I do get told I appear to have had more control of what happened with my leadership and Office more than some people in similar positions do but I learned from the late Queen; it seems that some people needed to work public leadership and those who worked National security which the executive will never prioritise over the rest of the public had no space to grow but they would not take up the job themselves.

Royal Hermitage Bookshop and Client services Admin 

A Few facts and matters have been worked in detail here, I have made it so as this is my Administrative renaissance site and effectively an inventory of Divine and Human effects at the Royal Office. This applies Globally and effects a process of consequence for all who are too quick to work out the fate of other human beings, in the belief that the assumption they hold true to themselves, that they always get what they want and always want what other people already own which is how the Eye thus covets is primarily linked to reality.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons. It would have been impossible to avoid exploring them on being involved with a business of controlling the abusive activities of the Famous.









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  So it is said at this point that One is unable to protect himself from a condition where others deploy his property for anything they so please but this is not reality; reality is that my protection of myself is in order, it’s just that I cannot do protection of products by myself without the customers – i.e. when a  product is purchased here, I can provide security equity but I cannot defend the service everywhere when big industries and Media fools and money mad goons want to steal them from the customers, only you the customer can do that but for me doing it for everybody remains a perpetual work in progress in any case by the way.

I understand they say I and there are other still like me who think the US is an extension of my Country and my Country is an extension of the US but it is the biggest load of rubbish in the world; nothing but an old question that needs to be answered around the case of causing yourself to hold government office while you are cash strapped – so that as it stands I have done that deliberately but it has become a global issue over their needs already. They wouldn’t mind going homosexual for the Prime Minister that has never before told them he wants them to do so – it is all a matter of what they can force feed the leaders while they have their hands of things they would not normally have been given so when they take it they are not questioned – then there is my personal favourite where if they have access to power and an office and are able to escape all the responsibility in order to Deploy it to their ends then nobody will ever mess with them, which becomes a need that is more important than the very existence of other people itself; my case has always been that they need to stay off my book sales and my finances and of course keep off the perks of my job and then there can be people who think the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US. I have never really thought it an issue; its the case after case after case of proposition matter; everybody else is rubbish at it, they are the real leaders but cannot get anything done by themselves in any case either and everything must be done by violence on the basis of who can beat up who because they don’t know how to manage even the situations that call for an otherwise eventuality, when it comes to the issue of where to keep their careers with regards to the places in which violent society has situated itself, they are leaders who have not got a foggiest clue how to make that happen and I am rubbish at it while I lead the whole Country out of it on that stupid media where they go to enforce their will all the time and it really comes back down to the fact they have no plans to stop being rude and so you have a conversation with them when you want to and how you want to and when you feel like it, otherwise you don’t their democracy and freedom; its just that on this occasion somebody who thinks the US is an extension of their Country and their Country an extension of the US is very, very, persuasive and it is not the only thing that is persuasive around here either speaking of which. 


 Trading Equities and Securities released from royal property to raise funds and cash is a real and a serious business; I know I have trouble telling that to insolent developing economy fools that wish to be able to get on International media to address me as much as they like all the time, foolish money mad Americans that are convinced of their need and ability to handle people’s property whenever they make an excuse for it that such persons are not physically present at a venue and then make a mockery out of it later because they feel it would not have mattered if he was. It is a business that works with close friends and allies from work done and properties held at a Half Monastery Government office and I do not think they fall into that category anyway and are therefore not meant to be seen anywhere near the products unless they are fans that have purchased the books and therefore can be.

When it is suggested that my work is indicative of fact I am as stupid as bricks I do not know if I should be jubilant or really angry since as far as we know the idiots of our society have continued to maintain their behaviour is the best anybody could possibly get from them in the circumstances especially when help comes from Political office to help extricate profit from it from them too; I have only considered cashing into it as well for what it costs me, which has in turn changed the entire world and I could not care less if it did - it was expensive but entirely worth it.Fair to reiterate then that the fact that a Large Proportion of American Politicians and American Citizen but very large American media want to be recognised as keepers of my Royal Estate, Royal and Public work and Royal property and it has now reached a stage where they should be given Global and International recognition for such a responsibility.

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