The idea then that I am in some kind of huge trouble all of the time and that it is a feeding frenzy is utter rubbish as well. The fact of the matter is that when the Queen asks people to do something regardless of whether they are important and others are asked to monitor them and provide them security, it does not apply that what becomes their most important preoccupation is whether or not the person is the talk of the world. I always must be made to look like I know things that I am not qualified for so others can grab it and it has come to the point where the fun game of wrecking my finances and academic work for it ensues and then they tell me I am a failure when I was there when they did it and so were they and no normal person would feel they are a failure in any such circumstances. Of course the next story with the disobedience regarding which I always say what I have done to them is not hurting badly enough and the process of exasperating me with it is that I play with racists which is utter rubbish because what really happens is that the blacks and white alike, everybody wants to be deaf and stubborn when I talk of handling what belongs to me in order to get into a position of being able to dominate me and whatever pricks them for it they will burn including this country the way they are going – I mean it is their stupid children and parents that feel like failures when we have always known they are always frustrated because they want jobs they know nothing about all the time and soon would like to see another person who knows things turn out to believe themselves to be failures and I have had enough of them. No such thing therefore as having created myself more problems by publishing my books than I ever was in before; the fact is that they think they have money and that they are there and I am here and they can continue the criminal behaviour of handling my property to make even more money, they do not seem to get it ever; they think Politics and business all the time and cannot keep their hands off on account I put out a product at the market place; so we are still at it, entirely normal that I will get myself into trouble for everything I do and they will hate my guts because whenever they are asked to do anything, something else that is unrelated becomes more important and those books do not do them any favours either, no idea why they spend so much time around them. Bloody rude bastards want access to my books and its contents without buying a copy of their own because they want to be famous and like to think my television is a means through which to talk through to me all the time.  I do not in anyway feel as though I have been forced to do civil rights which is what happens in that when people should do what they should they go off and become royalty etc; fact is that it is all about their corruptions of involvement which is stem from the fact their leaders do not necessarily have to put up with any pain to look after their followers, the part where I cannot get around with everybody and then exclude them when I am too powerless too, hence any normal person could have been able to foresee I am not their mate and there was huge chance it might end as badly as it is a little known fact to these guys that they are really stupid people and it shows in everything; even something as simple as reading the Bible and obeying the commands written in it, is something that they must do in their own way which therefore has to do with a process of making my life a misery in the sense of what I am which I am not anymore because they are. Before there are ever any complains, the Politicians are always very well aware that for these idiots and their homosexuals to be able to play games with people whenever they want, there can be only one result, especially at personal finances but they will spend state funds to ensure that they are able to play those stupid games with you before we hear the complains later on; until the complains, their foolishness is the power itself that they have over you, now that they have got their hands on your valuables because they have got nothing to loose. I am not in anyway saturated with the throes of their evil like their media scum like to laugh and claim that I am, the truth about that they might want to tell their black girls especially is that I have simply decided not to act in a reactionary way with respect to anything I have decided to do, otherwise the distant fascism will be returned to those who toss them at me, not amicably like I have but with some form of means to ensure they never do it again. These homosexual fools and their homosexual culture and those who work these cultures clearly of course cannot leave alone other peoples privacy as it were and like to make noise I am just one of those religious individuals they intend to bully to death and I had long decided to make my own history hurting them as well. so clearly we can see people have homosexual sex because they are making sure criminals can share my privacy, knowing this was always the result and the impact it will have on my finances were entirely intended – but they will set out still to ensure they make out such a thing is happening on account I criticise people and so at some point I ought to know they will become criminals and that homosexuals will have to play the part of peaceful people which makes me want to cure them of that stupid homosexuality as well since it makes no sense that all these things are happening because they were born homosexual while I am the one that creates the criminals. Now I have no idea why people are surprised about the decisions that the US President Mr Obama takes when we were all aware from day one that he is the Japanese fanatic American who believes in the powers of the underbelly of popular culture and its criminalities and the right to do what you like with peoples property as long as you make enough media appearances for it and have connections with powers that will ensure you do not stop it until you get what you want on every occasion. The rest of us however are simply trying our best to ensure our citizens have jobs and that they can earn money whenever they need to. These days I have to deal with such rubbish as a campaign I launch against their right to drink Champagne and yet it continues so that we still have to find out what link there is between when people drink champagne and when they make a mug out of media on National media and therefore applies the old matter is still in play i.e. they are a society of evil and immoral people who decide that when others are Christians they are deserving of the highest possible levels of violence, all well and good since I am not their mate and unlikely to be a personal friend of theirs but while they are at it drinking champagne and making a mug out of me we hear no complains until I handle them as well. Of course there is much boasting about how I speak of handling politicians but is a task that I can never fulfil when in actual fact their Politicians continue to believe that the purpose of their salaries is to handle my job as well as the income, they think it is the backup they need when they need to tell me I cannot have my job or my income to myself and it has never been a difficult task to set out a process where they have to turn up and declare that in public properly, the way they are going is simply a process of making sure there is one. I mean it is what you think while you are at work; no body will mess with the income, no body is that mad – even their body language suggests it is abnormal for them to even try to do such a thing but in actual fact they are making sure you cannot get an alternative job, so that after a couple of years you must have built an empire from which you cannot earn a penny because you have no control of where the income ends up and it is not just the Politicians, even single scum of a fanatic of theirs wants to have a piece of the action as well and therefore turn out on Television to tell me I will never sell my books as long as they exist with a big mouth and the result will be that one of these days they do declare that in public and back it up as well; we are basically as a people going to shut it all down and then get their own out of them to rebuild it and as for me they know from what I have written on my sites it will be the kind of result where they will burn this country on account of me or I will burn it for them, since I have in my life never seen a white man put up with that sort of rubbish before anyway. I mean I do not go to the communities to ask for the respect as such and cannot make out what the problem is exactly:  it is the same old stuff about how you go on and on and on about this process of preventing people from setting out a way they live in which they naturally dominate you for an existence and no matter how many times you tell them never to touch your property criminally to make that domination possible, it will have become their major preoccupation and now they have actually succeeded in building it up as a status-quo as well when they say it is an impossible task are they referring to themselves or indeed to myself, especially for the blacks that seem to have a need to pretend to be posh people that do not have to share what they have in such ways? When have they ever seen their politicians cool off banding that dominating me thing for any given 24 hours, when no body is asking them about it, is it not a part of absolutely every single thing they say and do in public places? Of course they will likely claim it is some political demagogue I have come up with and nothing to do with the biggest economy in the world which frontiers are overseen by the biggest vandals in the world whose activities of stupidities greed and obsessing with market where it suits them to on peoples property, operations in this Company has seen enough of, It will not be the first time I have mentioned such things of course either, I have warned it before; they like to think he is there we are here and it does not matter if we use his work and property to get rich – they never get it, bloody rude bastards and they all want to be rich and famous too.