It is never clear what the conversations politicians and their goons want to have on media about my writings and opinions on matters really is; yes I know they are so relevant that people listen but does that mean like they love to claim, that I talk about things I know nothing about? Truth of it on the occasion will likely be about Europe for example, where you can never work out which one was the question of the two; the fact Europeans have recognized what the British are good at and made plans to create a space for them to contribute with this thing they are really good at which is really relevant and there is so much delay that there is bigotry around it or that the UK wants to exist Europe but as far as they are concerned they are the ones that have made sense by telling people they want to exit Europe but the problem now is that it has something to do with me on the occasion of which the best test of the matter is the trends in politics and the direction they are heading i.e. what does Holly rood and Belfast and Cardiff want these days from Westminster bearing in mind the existence of Europe, instead of understanding this or working with it, what we have is some great and mighty really insolent quest for conservative wealth inequality that they claim is necessary which is how they wind people up all the time snooping around their lives and businesses, hence the reason it is clear I am always right and they are always wrong and this is where the matter ends and they can test the theory too if they want. It is the same old problem of the fact whenever there is a problem the first things they think of is how to settle the power that is responsible for the issues and then of course the second stage of this is always how they settle the money, so it always has something to do with me all the time as well. We do not hear the complains when all that share what you own and be worse off doing so or leave our country and violent integration and equality and you cannot be better than me in my country, has paid off in the sense that the idea I am not allowed to have any education or any job until they are certain they can dominate this kind of black man at will: I mean we are barely at the beginning of the third week of this year but how many times already had David Cameron appeared on National media to hear some slight statement made by a journalist and given the general public the go ahead to do whatever they like with all that belongs to me without listening to my own side of the story, which suggests it happens because there is nothing I can do about it? In my view they have enough money for a lifetime as it stands, so if they do not wish to do something about their attitude in order to make more profit no other options are available and they can leave me alone or they will leave me alone my way; I am not suggesting I am innocent in the matter anyway, they have been at it for years now and are not yet complaining about my side which is that in their minds on the other hand they are the politicians who are elected by populous activity and therefore must according to them have access to the most customers in the land in case they want to get rich but I will never let that be and yet all I am doing with it is selling books I write which I am not writing properly either, of which nobody knows who told them  I do not write my books properly, however which we must guess the insults have paid off anyway. I always say they need to move on as the fact remains they cannot do anything about anything I do to hurt them whatsoever, otherwise they will leave me alone my way as well. The recession is over and my leadership is no longer as broad based, any normal person would be able to figure there are things now that they cannot do like they used to around me and around what I own at present. I mean as in when they tell me there is nothing I can do if they refuse to move on which does not take into account how far I will be willing to go, taking into account such matters as the fact we try our best to earn a living and share money with those that do not have for the sake of causes on account we want to have some peace of mind in that there are things that we think we should do which we have done, except that when it comes to causes things happen such as how the US feeds the world and therefore people’s lives must be ripped apart because they thought about a cause and so on. So I would only reiterate, that this is not that rubbish about how they want to take up and own my literary empire otherwise I will not be allowed to exist, where I have to deduce that if they take it I will not be allowed to exist anyway but they have since moved further on to set out how they will provide my people with jobs and money and everything except their own lives, which of course is an altercation they never won either, despite having access to global media for it and the insults are much the same with their community idiots, except the American ones are much bolder when it comes to causing me some distress to make clear messages which suggest I need to get off religion and enjoy life, which of course is largely very rich coming from them and how much good enjoying life does them in the US as it were in the first place or it may be used by their fellow liberal racist idiots who are not complaining I share their wives each time they are at it.