Argentina is a much more complicated issue than has been made out; I mean complicated for those who are interested in me but perfectly okay for me as such i.e. there is this thing about conservative villains and the relations I have built in the South Americas which suggests they want me to remind them it is my property and they should be satisfied with their rich friends and city centre money and government salaries otherwise they might end up brewing a process where the reality is allowed and the bars and removed from all things that might make people want to take it away from them; violently or not. I have made it clear I will not tolerate their conservative villainy, they have made it clear there is nothing I can do about it when the reality is that they like to get off their own social class and cling to me violently so that the end result might be that they have it as well and so when I am finished with them they will be lucky if they can find where that their stupid social class is and that is not to say I am not going to take away from them anything they own which has been a pain in my backside either. So they have been warned and one more provocation like messing up the South Americas where my business and the men that work my renaissance with me get to their business and they will really kick it off. I am not talking about their Americans friends; those like to pervade the reasons I am concerned about these matters i.e. the US destabilises the middle east and sends its idiots to get off to tell me about the revenge of the United States for the bombing of the world trade centre which I never asked them about; concerning which my opinion of the whole affair is that 9/11 is something the US brought on itself – I mean we face the same attitude today in that every American tramp out there feels according to what they are told by their government, that you have no sense of fraternity with what you own and that even if you do have feelings about it there is nothing you can do if they take it or make use of it; so with respect to messing up the middle east and British idiots getting Argentina to mess us the South Americas which to me is simply a problem that must be quarantined because we have had enough as well, if I were to speak of the whole world all together and with respect to the US it really does reach the point where you wait for them to finish and when they think it is over it never is. I mean the world is full of evil people that will kill you because you have something they do not have, provided another stirs their envy over you and they feel they need to make your labour over the idea that they should entertain your side of the story but when we speak of the reasons for our problems being the things they have gained during those years we could not blame them for our problems because we were making ourselves competent enough to do our jobs in a way which keeps them out of our lives, how do we live when we ensure that they cannot have those things anymore. I have some ideas of my own for my part anyway and everybody knows I have already set up those ideas in public places and that they involve how to handle selfish people when you speak of the greater good and as well as my question is what the American idiots and their friends are going to do about me and what I get up to, I guess the main issue is that they do not force me to put them away and more so for good – out of sight and out of mind, made to vanish from the way anything works and so if they die in the process it becomes a matter of how they approach it too. They speak of my provocation of people who can raise a lot of money in a very short period of time but in actual fact what I am interested in is their policies of economic contraction so that they can do racism with blame culture later on i.e. a young person gathers resources for the best part of their teenage years and looses it all to them and starts again in his 20s only to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax and end up scrapping through at his retirement, while they get tax payer funds from Politicians through quangos and stuff to raise funds very quickly for power. Could they not simply just get the money from the Politicians and do the funds for power without damaging anything? So you see each time they think it is over it is far from over. There was a time they realised they were the ones that were close to the politicians while I was not and that came with its own set of distress and problems and then the one where they realised that when they get tax payer money through Politicians they can hurt me to create an effect that suggests they were well treated and I was badly treated which was something else entirely and now they suggest not only that God and the devil do not exist when they know I am a Christian but also that their actions are things they do because they are frustrated and are trying to make money or have things they see other people have and it never really works when all I want is a process where their insolent women do not interpret the blessings of my office and faith that is seen all over me as something else, as violently as possible which is supposed to be applied to every step I take in order to achieve a process where it becomes my reality and I will make this need and result a reality as well one way or another and this is what they do not seem to take into consideration. In context therefore is the matter of taking on people against whom I have no chance whatsoever; I wouldn’t know because one way or another the insults of their community croons will come to an end – I have set out books I have written from a process of completely destroying everything about that stupid poor ordinary people wealth distribution freaks lives and existences they have and do not intend that I should make a living in any other way but this hence it is only the beginning; I have continued to ask if they suppose I am their equal when they were there when their politicians spent tax payers money to wreck my finances and have been party to those activities since and know that such things being done to the finances of any Prince is likely always to be successful in terms of the destruction because it has no other purpose – now they ask how I am a Prince when they are richer than I am and it will continue and end terribly too, like their attitude at my market place and towards my book sales, which is clearly now more important to them than anything else that is actually their concern. When they do their tough talking no body hears a thing about it; only the ones I say become really important. The business part is the same old story: not only is your work to work for fame and leave it for those who have products that need it, nobody knows who the hell you are and I can do whatever I want with what you own and doing only so will satisfy me in the process of making a living which is actually for my own good and not yours – hence some say I run away with issues and sabotage my security but I don’t; fact here is that there are more important things like 8 years ago I spoke of Americans explaining my whole life and work as their new civil rights, snooping around industries in Europe and Asia, talking rubbish of how nobody knows who I am , so 8 years on my book sales in crisis, I am talking about it yet again, along with the part where they say the only thing that will satisfy them and make them feel they should go out and earn a living is a condition where they can do whatever they like with anything that belongs to me, so that when they tough talk like that nobody hears a fact about it unless I have something of my own to say as well, bearing in mind they are doing me favours when they earn a living as it were in their view.