I am not worried about bad sales for my books because I know it is terrible and I know those bad sales are deliberately created, as equally as I know who are responsible, why and the methods by which they do it. Of course it is obvious a lot of the things I do get people out of oppression and it is not a surprise that the part of getting people out of sexual oppression will always become a scandal in itself but it seems that where fools and their Political leaders fit into the story is to find ways of stifling my finances, taking over every process of help people ask and get from me by which the conditions for selling my books are possible and do so in its totality with a big mouth which I am sure will continue until it goes badly wrong for them and then running it to their own ends; by which fools it suits so much come round my business and my place choosing sides over things I do as a function of my faith and the enemies I make because of it which is none of their concern if it does not benefit them except that it does somehow, including them, so that those who want to persecute people who serve God can get off to it, everywhere and on the media , as much as they like. After which they then pick up arms against a Tyrant somewhere and tell me my problem with be fixed as well as the Tyrants problems will be with a big mouth-I do wonder what with all the time. Those of them that have no tyranny to worry about either become get rich quick fools with my income, as the world always revolves around them on other peoples work and property or Political idiots that are obsessed with using people, imitating abusers and issuing snap judgements that they are angry about the fact they have to apologise for often, by which they appear on public media making it up to me as though I asked them because they have enemies (which has nothing to do with me or my books and its market that they so love to rip to pieces all the time). The truth is that they love to explore what I am thinking in my heart of hearts in order to determine what they must do about what I say to them especially pertaining to my work or income or property and the product is always never the truth of me relaxing in my home where I also work but rather fear due to the fact somebody wants to compete for homes with me or take my home over but makes out the reason for the fear to be incessant political attacks and betrayals over my finances, which is not surprising since I too know they make noise about violence all the time but cannot do any of it if there is no Catalyst to push them such as a history of abuse or mental health or even service to the devil which are all things I love to get rid of for fun since last their stupid insolent threats began. So it seems that the fascism and the selfishness’s, even the violent covetousness right down to the ones their leaders practice will now have to be done with a lot of more thought and care unto to unprecedented levels. Its a lot like search engines: you go into them like some kind of social networking site and you search the web but when you put products on them, their owners make sure no body buys such a product because you have not been doing advertisement. How on earth they expect you to get money for advertisement when you are not selling the product that you are meant to have been advertising is something no body knows and no body can understand but they are completely certain what they are doing is legal, something they have the right to do i.e. touch your property or indeed something that is correct-which is why they show off so much about it on the most Public of media imaginable whenever they have done it. They have protected themselves already by attacking my finances first, telling lies with public media and now when I attack them back bearing in mind they never are satisfied, then the Public will be of a completely different impression from the truth and they will be the ones that deserve revenge and justice while their women continue to use my earning potential and market place to secure a process of being surprised by what is around the corner.