As far as I know, nothing I do has anything to do with sharing what is more elitist and making it more available. The reason I am a Prince is because I am serving my Country with my own property and no body really has the right to have an opinion about it. If they do not like my services what they can do it tell me to leave with it, find something else to do with it and so they can run their country how they see fit but this never works because of the enemies of freedom. All I can do therefore is try as much as I can to be one of them. The idea that there are people who can punish me if I set about doing anything that is not in their interest is fabricated. The truth is that I have them trapped right here and because they pry into my work so that they can have this strange power to punish me with the use of media, scandal and rumours, I too have had their heads severely clogged up with information, such that all they can do is give it off. Upon realising that this means taking information from me and relaying it to people irrespective of what they can gain from it financially which is of course doing my bidding, they can only chose specific times to sensationalise such information when they give it in order to exasperate me. Yes it is guessable where it all began; which is: the "we fought a world war and over 50 million people lost their lives do not offend us" and if they are black "find a cause to follow unto death for the glory of all black people " thing. So I spent all of it without even making a literature out of doing so and they are terrified of what I will do if I get my hands on that silly culture of theirs as well. Yes there are pockets of socialist tendencies all over the west especially in Africa and they really love to come to my Country The United Kingdom where they feel there is monarchy and absolute social power and also people who are noticeably aesthetically good at what they do to take advantage of, when there is no such thing (the take advantage of it that is) to cause trouble, where if they do not get what they want, they set about flattering the US government intensely while getting violent at me (obviously their worst enemy because of my work in my capacity as a High Diplomat) but obviously it is now a sign of fear for them is clear in that that if I get worked up and write a book they all seem to be very well sorted out. I spoke some time earlier about the power that our countries give to our identities (see column "Financial vulnerability in writing"). I do not remember myself acting as though my country is in my blood, so I am very likely to cut it all to pieces for them and go off to another country to find another life and if they come there talking about the idea that someone was once a female factor to their great maleness in a previous country, then we find out how much courage they have got. We are safe: the trouble is that we are losing our principles, hence these people do not get excluded for safety reasons so that they can find jobs and buy things we create any longer, what they do these days is save money they have worked for to buy shares in our companies so that they can find themselves in our board meetings.