I have no idea where it begins in actual fact. All I know is that there seems to be the problem of who owns which men; first between married women and those who claim to be feminists, then it progresses to the bullying of so called little or none violent men. Now I am no longer a child and think no more like a child, therefore it is obvious where the notorious ideology of "this is my city any body who does anything here pays me dues" comes from. However since I am a Christian and so take everything pertaining to marriage the way the Bible says it literarily. I have noted some specific interest in taking the first of anything I do, even enthusiasm and energy, through distractions; that get increasingly annoying and then expect to become violent. But everything must be for sale because it is the only way to produce a structure that can limit the movements of the self claimed feminists who is never married of course because she is feminist, which makes her feminist. This has piqued my interest in the suggestion that most of the things I do pertaining to my interests are things I do especially when businesses are involved because they will later be left for such women, since it is their work to provide power for men who get rich which such men are not interested in, in society; and the embarrassment that this causes and the fact it means she, they can appear anywhere, have reasons to which is absolutely disgusting, filthy and attack anything I do mainly by being there as though I owe them, especially when it makes money, exudes importance and may provide fame is of particular concern. It creates the suggestion that I am the weak link (very humiliating), a Prince that cannot look after his hospitalities, his guests and friends are getting thinner and disappearing and there is an underworld celebration of a man having been brought down because of the future that doing so will build. I suppose there are no other reasons promiscuous women pretend to be feminist. So they profess to be or to have great plans to become great and divine women as they would like to see themselves but clearly of which the insult of communicating with others beyond words which is the bane of their existence is the means by which they will make this possible therefore. Obviously I have decided to make ready plans to ensure every attention they extract from me is matched with severe punishments for it, what is yours?