The issue of civilisation in the west is not a contentious one like the men make out it is; what is really happening here is that I made some friends and those friends were their spouses, just for the convenience for the things I can do for security for them and what they can do in terms of publicity for me temporarily and they forced me into a sexual relationship with those women, by making sure they built up the reputation for me with the use of media whether or not I was doing it and the need to make sure this was being maintained has helped the worst ideologies of evil in their society to gain self improvement as well, while their attack on my faith has not diminished either.

All they have gained from it is getting on television to stifle my income and complain about inequality in the world; so it is not something I am prepared to take from them in anyway whatsoever. Especially as the chances of a recovery has only proven to be a process where their stupid Politicians get off to offer ageist leaderships, where they have never supplied leadership on any matter they take over from others, but sit back and expect some kind of silly glory from somewhere first, so there is always this idea that somebody must give up their lives; the spiritual and social means of which will take years and hurt them in every way to achieve.

It is okay for them to be presidents and Prime Ministers, to be famous but the entire idea of another person’s fame just annoys them for the purpose of destroying it; how do you destroy other peoples fame? How insolent and how stupid and how destructive and how evil and how impudent do you have to be to do it?

I am not saying I am lazy enough to leave leadership for them or allow them take it up; just setting out the facts over those stupid cries over western civilisation and all sorts and all that. As a child of course I could make changes such as changes to career or programme of study but I don’t have
that luxury at this point and yet their stupidity never ceases to surpass everything. I ask myself all the time; why oh why it had to happen that we existed in such conditions as they were aware of absolutely everything I say and do to work for myself and to help others and to have a life and to live it etc? But the answer stares me in the face each time, which is that their community idiots organised and set it all up. So I have no idea what they are now complaining about.

The most important aspects of it as I have mentioned on other occasions is how doing something important and useful for which the earning point for me is the sale of my books, leads to the process where they use my life to sell lots of entertainment and get into a habit of reading my books without buying a copy, rather than buy the books to read then in order to support me for the good things I do.

It is not something I am prepared to stomach from them; young old middle aged whatever.

It is very interesting what bad reputations a person can get and plans for the future that others can make, after years of learning how to hurt people first class and first hand from them-the usual stuff: lower class idiots.