Now they speak of Celebrities than are more successful and work harder than I do but I wouldn’t know what it means as they have not supplied any prognosis by which they have made their measurements even though they know I fundamentally despise success that is respectful of Men and the fathers since it is easy for people not  to bully me and claim I sleep with peoples wives than it is to use Politics to rip up my finances until I have success that is not wise and therefore respectful towards them in the first place. So in the end I write and sell Books that the readers will not want to discuss with the world at large and at length, these books are expensive and there is no day that passes in which Politicians and Men and Media do not get on Public places to call on crowds to help them squander my property; so unless celebrities are not sucking up to these scum and more so at my expense, I am hard pressed to see how successful they have really been and still at a loss as per what brought on the comparisons anyway in the first place.

The confusion about celebrities is something that I created by the way, it should be noted and of course do take into question the idea that what I am angry about and worried about is actually what fans really look like, to a point where it is said I am never straight about anything I do, when it is actually a matter of check boxes for me i.e. should they take part in economic activity – checkbox yes or should they have businesses and take part in Industry – check box no. They have spent my time ripping up my personal life to make fame and fortune for themselves leaving me with all that nonsense in society in order to secure the decadence they wish to enjoy with the Money and now they want to become business tycoons for the feeling sake at my expense and US trade negotiations with Europe is based on it and I shall not be provoked. So that eventually for the celebrities it then comes down to the fact that I have normalised everything as there was really no world in which I watched them become celebrities one moment and the next they were more important than I was at my Royal position as well at the same time; hence I have taken time out to ensure people can still approach them no matter how rich they get, because it is incredibly perverted and nobody has the time to offer them that sort of decadence they seek after what they have done here as well.

What they have spent their time doing in the last few years is set themselves up as Media goons that have spent their time screwing with the lives of people who have studied the law and various other things that have nothing to do with their fame and fortune and have come up with enough vandalism to secure what they think is power that they have now got but it is the bit where they now think they will move their Mr ‘Beat’ and Mr ‘squander’ and Mr ‘problem’ routine into my personal life and make a public place for it on my right hand which has constituted the biggest problem of all, not least because it is built on pyramid scam sales systems they bring in from their American friends and like to deploy regularly when they want to tell me that I will not be selling my Books if they do not want me to. I on the other hand have a problem in that what I have achieved with manufacturers making products on my public image is the bit where I have made it safe and what I need to do next is translate it into Book sales and this sort of distraction along with the frequency by which it happens every time is absolutely uncalled for but then again, we all know they might not be my concern, however which it does not stop them from exhibiting a bad behaviour they hope to stop when my academic work and finances and quality life have been changed. It’s the same as the story of how my behaviour towards them can easily lead to civil war being the only nonsense we see them cook up and feed the Public every day, using wars in the Middle East on Media for it thereof – picking and arranging those issues choicely all of the time with a big mouth; of which we have never seen a thing celebrity have created in their lives in the first place as it were.

So that they say I have celebrities at Court as well, which is mostly a matter of what I do to disrupt organised crime – mainly a matter of people making products on my public image and organised criminals buying and falling in love with me through the products which is what I do not want them to do. Hence somebody will make a film and chose celebrities that fit the characters and I will later collect the celebrities and manage aspects of my work that I need to – we even see it is easier to control equities at Arms Industry than it is to control it when it comes to celebrities and at Industry – so I still have not answered the question of which success they have achieved here anyway, even so, when push comes to shove, there is really nothing wrong with the respect bit. The part where Media scum use my Office to fight their battles was always expected and its always been the same story of Beat, Squander and Problems and they are all fighting for their lives as we speak; I however work on two fronts – the Priestly one that means their whole lives now revolve around grinding away their sins and filth and wickedness at me, ruining my public image and personal life and business and health and having community croons in the neighbourhoods that keep it going for them – while their biggest problem is if I grind my religion at their perversity in the same way as well. The other front is that of the State where it is looking like if I do not show the Millionaires their place I will not have the right to earn any money.

It all pours into the story of playing into the whims of Politicians on one hand while there are cracks in the Great British State on the other; whereas there are none such cracks anywhere – only a matter of how badly we can be handled by our Principal ally and why we need to become and more clear and obvious and simplified people in the way that we are seen by the World. It is what Celebrity is meant to be like i.e. my mate got shot and my friend got killed because their whole lives are about Dads Perfect little girl was lured out by the Girl next door to be sexually assaulted by the Street Boys and we see it everywhere right up to German led nonsense about the idea that they will have all of the wealth of Europe and get to control everybody if they worked hard enough to make friends with people and then trade the relationships without a care for suffering and misery inflicted and so it seems they are having all of Europe for themselves as a result too.


So the story comes up ever so often, that I am unable to settle up on what is a nice way to handle female folk. I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that these goons are making their shows about handling female folk to avoid a condition where others take it up for them. As for the question itself, that is largely a matter of whether a goon turns out to think when I had lost £800 out of £1,000, it means she now has a right to make me a Man, spend the remaining £200 and start to pretend I am a Dog that acts better when provoked, so they can turn up here to stand around doing it but then again be it or not the assumption some entertain that the fact they are Women means they can behave anyway they like, these idiots know Women who act in such ways are insane and that there is no purpose to going on and on and on about it, never mind the fact that they are as well.

The point of all this nonsense is that they are enjoy way too much for their own good, the processes of claiming others tend to sleep with the wives of other men and the reason being it is something they do depending on whether the Man in question can be pushed over, since the Women do not matter at all until they are in a race against time to settle who will be homosexual first considering I too am very competitive when people wind me up like that, by which I say I sleep with other peoples wives and wish to see what they intend to do about it too on one hand and then on the other show them homosexuality can be cured due to the fact we are mates and I am not a Christian a half priest as it were; right down to a point where I am bullied to a point of insanity because of the way I walk but behind me people abuse the sanctity of an Arch Prince appearing in Public to get rich quick.

So we will hear that this is asking for war which answer from me is that I do not like being pushed like that either; after all if I got of factorising them according to the Mr beat people up and the Mr squander people’s property and the Mr problems that they are my hatred for them will have been complete too. They do claim I think I do not need to fear Politicians but am now realising that it is a matter of necessity; the truth however is that the more I set out a product and tell people I am Royalty is the more I have to sell the Royalty in order to sell the product, hence all the things I am taught at the Monarchy paying off in the real world - the problem is that putting head down to do anything leads to involvement of Politicians that have located a kid they can bully without any of the drawbacks of being a bully and if I mention these facts about wanting to start putting abusive letters through their boxes until it begins to get nasty a relationship between me and them, they will tell me that their law enforcement dogs will hear me if I fail to hush; so it is a clear lack of understanding of what they are dealing with obviously. I do not think it is a crisis the biggest cork in the respect from Politicians story has always been the need they have to have the Country on one hand while they control it and then on the other everybody else that wants some of it, by which they drive around making others feel that this is Sodom itself all day long and when you ask them to step out of the Cars find them to be far smaller than all that stupid bullying actually suggests. It is never any less insulting because it is about the Country and then there is the wonder how you got yourself listening to all that stuff, dropping out of University, having trouble getting and keeping a job etc; so the two facts are clear and obvious now and that is my warning too; nobody moves into my right hand and they need to spend time on their stupid jobs and leave me alone - there will be no fear for them here (I mean they have continued to think that Parliament is a canopy in which people can experiment on wickedness and go as far as they like with it, knowing it affects other human beings and yet there is still to be answered, the question of how long they do it to a person before they realise they are causing immense suffering and set a date in which they get to stop and why do they love to assume that when people threaten them as well, we should have an outcome that constitutes a problem for me? Its nothing new about the perpetual punishment of evil people that cannot be explained when I do get rid of their evil socially but before then the excuse that made me backslide from the light of God as a result of the many people that gather to make this argument about letting alone their evil as it exists to help them get by in an evil world which problems I cannot solve with my religion that is like eating shit and delay my financial well being, pulling you in all directions, so they can gain their access to the safety that your faith has given you was that evil people need their wickedness to get by in an evil world - soon enough what we have found is that the whole purpose of their get by strategy is to climb up my Public image and personal life to make riches and fame. They say such things because events have come together to create a vacuum in which somebody needs to gain from saying it and many other stupidities that come from them take this form, especially when it shows up for its vandalism of envy and malice on that stupid Media.). Every time I set out my livelihood and try to get by the biggest problem is still the Politicians wanting their own private nice little earner - the fact I need to fear them is shit; and a fight with them has always been the answer for everything, so this is basically going to serve as the beginning of a process by which I shall find out what it is exactly they can do when I do not (I mean it has been a long standing problem i.e. if Politicians were full time Tycoons, they would have some 1000 persons that do the sale of their products all over the world and by the time they put out a genuine smile for all that number they must have spent 24 hours and will get out of bed the day after and do the same, failing to pay any attention whatsoever, to how others live their lives - so there had to be a way in which a collection of scum get into government buildings and want nice little earners off my public life and image to add to their salary and therefore have it all to add to their need to threaten me all the time.). At the moment I do not have the time to come up with the Maths that can calculate how much money it costs to let Politicians play out their vanity on my finances - so they have to bear with me as well having put themselves in that position and stop issuing threats; a fight with them is the answer for everything still (we hear that case of Politicians and a nagging need to punish those who worked Brexit when what happened was that people were squeezed by the practices of European workers which City Centre scumbags really like because of the sexual bullying involved and on the other hand, their need to gather all the wealth in the Country and store it on the left to ensure people worship them for access so to speak; they say I played a part of course, which I did - only distracted them for 8 years, so that it is the bit where they realise the enormity of the work they have to do on their business empires after years of egoistic vandalism of my property pretending to be superior to me, that causes them to think they will take the bulls by the horns but it is the regret of seeing what it could have been if they had done what they were supposed to which actually beats them down all the time, making sure they keep their insults where appreciated and since they have enough money to conduct as many parties as they need to recover from this, I believe I made an entirely sound decision. The reality of Brexit is that the Prime Minister offered it and then blew kisses at his European friends and returned home to back out, so people took it up and did it for him - I doubted their intentions and still do as I never did want Brexit myself but Brexit is done and we all need to move on; at least £60,000 - this is what you spend on University, on average from first to last day of study £300,000, just so you might be ready to put your back into it: my theory is that I have between my 20th birthday and 65th and when people waste  a decade of my time I will make them squirm too, 2 decades and I will make them suffer, 3 decades and I will make them regret it, 4 decades and I will probably have lost everything and had revenge but it is just a theory that they are free to put to the test as well; so far their present condition makes them keep their insults away from me and their fingers off my bum.). Apparently they enjoy doing it to me so much because I speak  well - cracked-up out of my league I suppose then.