For what it is worth; my irritations over the process where people say what they have to say the way they want to say it and later go back on it for reasons of political correctness so fools can mock them at the other end, for which there is no love lost between such fools and the trouble makers who support them and me and of course my work as well: I do not consider (as offensive) the Deputy Prime Ministers declaration of the Iraq war as illegal. We have still not been able to settle the matter of whether the politicians that signed up for it were fighting us, fighting Iraqis or fighting Al-Qaida, neither have the bloody cowards been able to finish or win any of their fights and put people they have dared and challenged with a big mouth out of the misery of secrete oppressions-which leads to terrorism anyway. What they wish to do is use government institutions to make themselves rich as though it was other people's fault they were poor in the first place, which is another story entirely. However of which it is still clear that the only two sets of people suffering are families of Armed force personnel and Iraqis. Now as the fights of which they have won none shall now move into matters of economics and we shall realise that both sides will be making separate demands from the economy (in terms of who will have their personal lives trampled underfoot by people who are trying to make money in the market and who will be forced to give up certain specific ideologies because the markets are against on account it affects their sales) and therefore there will be no real stability over this recession; it is important that those whose idea it was to create us this blackmail in Iraq own up to the fact it was illegal in the first place. Personally I think they need to settle up and win the fight against ideologies that are too moral for their liking which people have in their personal and private lives and stop telling others they cannot declare the Iraq war to be illegal.