I do not see what the problem with publishing several books even when they are not selling really is. Those who proliferate and abuse the writing and publishing industry, writing books about their autobiography when they are both alive and famous are even more guilty than those who write multiple books and those who have several editions of the same book do even worse. For these books have no literary merit whatsoever except good English and good stories but abuse the writing industry to feed the desires of a vain and materialistic world, which stubbornness is the reason people write multiple books when they are not selling anyway;-'no matter how relevant they are'-I must add. Such suggestions as 'stereotypical' nature 'of self publishing writers' to me is utter nonsense; some books are just too difficult for professional editors to edit and they are too difficult a category for professional publishers to understand even though they might have wanted to publish it, still it is also the case that the writer may require his book to be given to his readers as he wrote it. Without these risks those who gut the industry and stereotype others would not have the advantage they have today.

In my eyes writing was meant to be the escape of those who are said to have become poetic because their lives have been so difficult, not the luxury of leaderships of disobedience-at the hands of which the imaginations of so many have been slaughtered. 19/3/10 ("more talking less writing" crystallises)

Now it is obvious what all that democrats ruining my work so I might be forced to be one of them and work as a team with other black people and republicans in America blaming me for everything they get up to-all of which seems to affect my distributors at all times and which created the dirtiest election campaign in American history was all about. They want democracy and freedom but do not wish to serve it.