We have finally arrived at the beginnings of some normalcy. Where it is still important that you are not aware of every single thing that goes on around you because others are either paranoid or celebrating over some kind of impending violence.The deduction that in either case of the long and short run the evils have got nothing to do with you. Happy that somehow they had actually been pushed back into the fringes of what we don’t care about on a daily basis somehow. Happy that you are free to make mistakes and free to have your own children and some control of their future for your part. Happy of being free of a "what if the worst takes place?" feeling. Happily settled over the matter of your personality noting that those who change their all the time to be somebody else really have very little to do with you or your means and or earning. Relaxed and comfortable where it is now all up to the politicians to stop the process of making themselves the hindrance to the economic future of the Nation as a whole. Ready to spread the word about the injustices that you have suffered because somebody at a position of power over your life in some way had hurt themselves and clouded their judgement, hence took away what you deserved or some justice you had the right to have and what can be done about it. Thus we have reached the victory point where the future must now be based on what is the truth and the rejection of what is the lie and the ignoring of stupid doubtful disputations even though we have won victories against violence that some might think is unjust. Now we can gain legitimacy for the power to protect our economic future and wait for the other side to bend to the rule of law or face impending doom no matter how much money they have stored up already. Now we are prepared to step outside. What I am saying is that they need to get off my fame and my books; and that process of flattering me with thanks in public places as they sell all sorts of rubbish on my market place all the time which is where the most vicious and recent attitude of the plan to rebuild Louisiana has come from (this is supposed to be the popular ones by the way because I stand to gain nothing for my part from the publicity with which they push it on) and I have mentioned it because it came at the point in time where all the things I have done to get my books sold off the shelves shows no signs of working which is so because they love to round me up end up somewhere behind my work of my career and anything I do for which the first two weeks will be filled with mockery after which everything is just so incredibly difficult until I do what they want which I must imagine and use my powers of suggestive problem solving to find out with a big mouth especially considering the issue of the parties they host over claims that I write books contrary to the purpose of the understanding that it is only slaves that have an attitude of stealing which leads people to do things that brings about order in the market place so they can become racist and violently discriminative hence I cannot allow them cause so much trouble in world and spread their evil, thus there is no point making people criminals and then punishing them for it; for which reason my books are cheap enough and no body actually has any excuse for seeking possible corruptions that can be had from my work which will wind me up; I rather write books to ensure they are able to feel good about life with their money where they host parties in which media idiots set off to determine what I am thinking while it is on in order to spice it up for them therefore I have been getting geared up to work very hard for their suffering. It requires a certain amount of incredible wickedness to set off telling others to exchange personalities not to mention discussing my virginity in public places all the time, which is supposed to be their peer pressure bully tactics (that by the way can help them do anything and stay above to the law for it if I at all wanted to use the avenue of the law). In the end it goes without mention that what remains is always the fact they destroy my work and because I am not an evil person they destroy theirs as well since they need to be famous but have still got reserve cash (probably stolen from me) to get on, while I was born into the world at a much later time than they were and therefore don't. Personally specifically to me, what I am saying is that Popular culture goons are always going to bad mouth celebrities with publicity and Celebrities are always going to show their displeasure for it, however I am on the side of the Celebrities because they can clearly understand that what those fools are doing especially to me is destroying their careers (never mind that it is destroying mine) it does not necessarily indicate anything anybody can play silly games with. As for businesses, they are saying what they are saying in the form of taking up my market and selling lots of stuff to lots of people to have revenge for the things I have said about them in the past which had something to do with how their complains about what trouble makers got up to in their business and how they put it to me which was the only safe way to affected me and nothing more; so contrary to the great idea that I have not rounded up and secured my empire what must happen just to prove a point will be to hit popular culture goons and make something obvious which I am not quite interested in at the moment, maybe later or something. I have not gone all grown up on my people; I am simply telling them to get off my market and off my fame because I desperately need to raise funds from it. It is the old issue on the matter anyway; not all people like to get along with people who are younger than they are or indeed appreciate their company but there are young people who don't appreciate the company or existence of older people that are easy going and older people who don't appreciate the company or existence of young people who have friends that get along with them or indeed their friends that are older than they are and what they both love to do is pick on those who get along with their friends and counterparts, it is always such a good alterative to defending themselves from violent discrimination for which they expect to end up rich at the other end. The idea of breeding themselves a baby that will rival me but will do better than I have is rubbish; I am completely obsessed with barging my way into their affairs like they love to barge their way into my life to tell me and my friends how to live like men, then become a baby in it. And none of that would be happening if two things were allowed to follow their course and bring results: the first being that they don't barge their way into my right by taking over my privacy in order to find out how glorious they can be if they are Politicians and Ministers planning a life for themselves after office or the other which is integrate and move into the right to find out what the left could be, which is supposed to be greater than the right-like men And the other of when they make stupid gay claims of inflation based on devil endowed wickedness that is a function of greed gluttony violence and money and I tell my people it is not worth it and they should spend the excess change on me through my books instead they allow that happen in precisely the way I have said it should. I work with people who don't get along with those that are younger than they are all the time: in the manufacturing industry especially: the auto industry all over the world and it's affiliated sports-so their lies and claims really does not mess up anybody (since my threats do not deter them and I really need to stop taking too much of my time over being as destructive as I need to be to get them off my fame and my books and its market and money). I may be too old and useless at my age to associate with the cream of the world (obviously the crème) when people commandeer my entire empire by being impossibly discourteous but when it comes from idiots with very bad background which they want to exchange with "open template me" (???) there is a lot of worry about it save the violence the greed and the theft.