This is always the big one. The one involving how the black guy ends up giving certain respects and cordialities to a racist and various other idiots either because he listens to no body, is incredibly stupid, does not care about anybody and is ultimately a fascist himself instead of a fellow white man. The one I have been fighting against for years which after the fight tends to involve the protection of women-at least those that ask for it/the alienation and self defence against those who don't deserve it and not the study of women whenever freedom, truth, justice and respect is being is being discussed which always misses the bloody point. The one that involves being myself and working out what I own and then holding unto it or trying to, ignoring the ignorance and insolence of prerogative seeking fools who seek it where they do not deserve or have never worked for it in the history of man kind and so cannot see that I own my own empire and their money does not make their insolence which is likely to get them more of the same at my expense-with the cashing into my fame attitude which it seems has become a sub culture, for which people expect no consequences since I need it to do my job and thus not doing very well because of their behaviour does not mean anything whatsoever to me. The one that involves finding out if following me around, taking permission from me before emulating me because people don't want to do anything I tell them to do but want to be part of my life against my wishes, stirring racism and violence in my name as they do has led to my aesthetics ending up in the hands of or being given to gangs by idiots who are always at my market place dream and reminiscing of their own greatness or what they were when they were my age whenever they know anything about my books, which also hinders people buying them and which does not please me at all and to what extent. And the top of the list; the one about the fact I cannot put my people first before myself on account that those who wish to get women to associate with me to inspire themselves in certain ways in order to have certain specific kinds of sex with them which is supposed to hurt me and help them separate me from my fame to cash into my identity or fame-which eventually gets to mean that when girls cannot get to school anymore on account talent shows exist and such behaviour can be bandied against me to make them rich it has ceased to be a very evil thing. My thought is always to make them understand that these are very evil things one way or another mainly because they should not be mixing their business with mine after they have done such things to show drive and ambition which I clearly hate. Don't say I told you next move will be the Arch Prince Liaising with Politicians.