Now the main preoccupation we have found on media is that GCHQ gathers information on people and they say it infringes on rights, which is utter nonsense; we all know that if GCHQ gathers information so as to ensure that if you were better off working for yourself, you will be prevented from doing so, that you might be worse off working for somebody else to earn less than you would have in an otherwise situation, it will become publicly obvious and since they are not gathering information for that reason, it is hard to see what the fuss is all about. If details are to be considered however, the reality of it is that nobody’s business image and intellectual property is ever safe in this Country with the state of affairs that was built by Tony Blair which goes so deep as to make out the UK is a backward facing Country because its teens get married instead of go out into the world and make themselves available to be used by idiots who want to get rich, knowing perfectly that those who produce more for such idiots and never get phased out at some stage like everybody else, will never be allowed by their society to have any form of relationship whatsoever – we have ended with a system where the Conservatives and Liberals do not wish to change it on account they want the hatred to build up until they become popular as Labour in order to win elections; the problem with GCHQ being that it gathers information on the premise that you are not supposed to sacrifice your honour for money and what these idiots are really talking about is not that GCHQ gathers information, that is what they have said, there is no fact or evidence to suggest they have any clue what they are talking about since what they are referring to is that I can make their bottom hurt too as much as the people they cannot stand the sight of, who will never settle for handouts from anybody no matter how down and low they may be, who of course can make the bottom hurt too without the help of the security services and mostly do it by drawing attention to either stupid areas of their lives that people might want to abuse or areas of their physical features people might want to abuse, the same way that they screw with people’s lives to make conveniences all day long.

In my case they say many have suffered and I have not and this is the main problem that they have with me; I couldn’t make out myself if their suffering was due to the fact I lead and they are supposed to follow and not the other way round or that GCHQ gathers information and that was news to all.

They do however say the problem is largely with the way I want to make a living i.e. referring to my Books but that has not been a complicated matter i.e. they are always showing up on my case to express the fact that they are older than I am and would never accept leadership from me, while I tend to see it as a display of the number of years that their stupidities have spent in the work environment, saving money for posterity, where the purpose is that they spend it bullying others and their children spend their own looking for those who are doing other peoples careers to take advantage of and get rich quick at Popular culture, then pretend all that street crime and stabbings and shootings are total strangers killing each other. As for my Books however, those are getting sold as a world does not exist where people take advantage of a Royal Prince to make popular culture riches and become more important than he is – I do not want them to be famous and that is why I have blocked it off. The story of how I am a danger to other peoples honour of which is largely a matter of knowing that a half priest will not co-operate with kids that want to make use of other peoples state provided security for conveniences but get about chasing me over it like the great western freedom scum that they are reputed to be while expecting no consequences for the damages, bearing in mind the tolerance for it actually has a limit; it’s just another example as far as I am concerned of how the Books will get sold and they will stay the hell away from me and it will happen as they want it or it will as I want it.

I do get told on one hand that everything I say is high end but does not do me any good and then on the other, that they want my position; the former does not make any sense since for me it’s a simple case of the fact they are not fans – when I spend time with fans I find myself thinking about my business Empire and it becomes clearer that what I am given by the large industries I broker equities with is an opportunity to trade, which others want to steal – when I spend time with them however, nothing is ever right and they can never be pleased with anything with that big mouth. In terms of the latter however of which they are not royalty and this estate already belongs to me. It reminds me of those popular culture nonsense about not liking their lives and wanting mine, that sits side by side with a need they have to get involved with my Court and cause a bad smell in order to take away peoples jobs; in terms of the former of which it will never have made sense unless I were dead with their big mouth and in terms of the latter of which I want them to stay away from those who are in anyway responsible for me and then there will be peace for them as well. So GCHQ gathers information and that is not what they are actually referring to when they talk about it, considering it is a conversation they have not got the very insulting intelligence to engage in at all in the first place. I have mentioned the matter in the immediate past anyway – football people are the ones that have complained the most about actions I have taken with respect to such things; these Media and celebrity idiots however only need continue the abuses and I will break their stupid spirits the way they have broken mine too. The excuse here will be that I think the whole of the Armed Forces of the UK are fans of mine and that is why my position here on how I will go about the consequences that is to follow their stupidities and its disobedient effects makes sense. I mean my business empire does not make me money anymore, it has become something I do to preserve property and assets while they persevere a dream that will come through one day when it becomes theirs, taking that tale of getting involved with a Books Business when they neither read Books nor Buy Books nor sell Books but only know best how to make trouble, to a whole new level.

Today it’s basically turned to a general story of the need to get into my so called aura and spend time offloading all sorts of mess with Public Media and signals of abuse given to their community croons on the streets, where they can make out I am insane on one hand and then show up on media on the other to make themselves eligible for something on grounds I am hated by certain fools at the Monarchy.

It’s at the heart of the story that I should be careful of what I say about my concerns lest other people, especially Media Men who are Americans steal it  but of which such ideas do not really make sense i.e. when people tell me what to do like so it makes me angry and then they will wonder if I am insane whereas when the ladies do it, it means we have a long standing arrangement but when the Men do it, it means they have gotten themselves stuck and therefore have ideas about what I should be doing to make them comfortable, hence beyond insolence; important to reiterate that it is always worth the risk as far as they are concerned, to make a mess and be cowards who control heroes, until they meet somebody that they cannot control and then the end product will be that having failed to build up my personal life and public image in public places and then make it their own for trophy that will keep them safe while they make more trouble to push boundaries of the law in order to do what they like, which prerogatives they sell to the rich to build divide between rich and poor and build crime and news and all worth not, it gives way to the violent bits which are a function of not having the money to finance the same lifestyle I have and having waited for decades to make it their own are stuck on another area yet again – hence it makes me angry and we are not mates, so I really do not see why they should have become so fond of telling me what to do. There is also that idea they can do whatever they like without being challenged, which is not true - what happens rather is that they have spent time to brew the notion that they can do whatever they liked, whereas the reality is their version of whatever they liked and damage to peoples valuables to get attention for it which must not go unpunished unless the owners are paying attention to something else that happens to be more important, in which case this complain suggests those other things people tend to pay attention to are actually not important at all; ass for me, the insults generally may continue, especially the celebrity ones, if it so pleases them, until I happen to break their stupid spirits the way they have broken mine. They do say there is nothing I can do but every idiot that gets out of bed to enjoy the high life and be a useless person that has money always speaks in that way – the important thing here is that the general populous have stopped lying so much about what the effects of their actions and intentions towards me really are; in the end, if he gets off his television and gets off somewhere to blab at me, I can count square miles of buildings that he has done that way too often for his own good and then the end product will be that of Public transportation operatives coming to his aid, which is usually a satisfactory way of stirring their stupid world too; it sound flimsy but isn’t at all – the reality is that I know little about Women and there are other Women who know little about Men and we tend to have this existence between us which are controlled by others who are creating lifestyle and an ecosystem in which all sorts of productive activities can emerge and grow etc – so it is a big issue and that is why the whole public transport  operators system come to their aid when I stir their own as well – for my part I do not see why their insults would become such an important thing to them when they know that what can happen is a model dressing up for publicity and somebody taking her pictures and publicity being raised for me which has a limited time period attached and hence the assets I must claim before somebody else steals it but they think it is important to have revenge if spending my property to enjoy their beer for the weekend was interfered with etc – so it’s the deluded world for their insanity all of the time as usual and when whole societies have to come to their aid like so on a regular basis, they cool it and try it another time. Like the other tale of the UK being enemy of the world whereas what we find engrained in the facts of peoples complains is not just that they have worked out a devious way of getting rich and are willing to risk everything for it, especially when they are viewed an ongoing threat of war in sight but the part that really stands out being that when we every time we underestimate the stupidities that third world and developing economy leaders can come up with, we go out into the world and find our expectations completely beaten; on this occasion, they will deploy British identity to get new 21 century developing economies that they have excluded the British from taking part in.