So there is this story of how people are confounded that others of reputable character like  to go along with what I get up to, which is popularly considered to be incredibly stupid; the truth however is that what really happens being that when people make some money and become Industry leaders, the general idea about the way they live their lives should involve primarily a state of mind in which somebody wants to hurt them and they are prepared for the right kind of revenge for it, yet of which more than 60% of the time, the whole process of somebody hurting them has been made up in their silly minds, it seems they really enjoy the profitable aspect of involvement with me that concerns a condition in which my Royal work brushes past them and in that way provokes them into blabbing nonsense that will tend to secure them a profitability of violence, along with their Media friends. The Media ones to whom it was given to get around seeking the involvement with me that means they are in control of my security all together as it were and can therefore let go when I have not been co-operating with their needs.

I am not necessarily comfortable with the idea as such, that when people have worked hard and earned their place, somebody else has the right to make them feel small but of course the Politicians and their Media friends need to ensure that people are not playing around with my Royal Property and Public image when they are working hard at Industry, otherwise the trouble with never ever go away; since it is usually a way of making sure that every one of my engagements leads to a condition where they have access that allows them sit around my concerns doing whatever they liked in order to get rich. The Politician ones have not changed a habit of spending money in a way that ruins my work and finances and allows goons to become financially well off a little bit and get around making trouble for me – while the Media ones are usually the most popular examples alongside their celebrities, of how peoples bottoms have been stung to a point where I now know what my Royal Estate looked like, however which the behaviour and attitude itself continues still.

The Media ones especially concerning whom I am not in a relationship and do not have a responsibility to carry like babies all the time; so it is fair to say that at this stage it has happened yet again i.e. their vandalism means that all my Campaigns have now brought about intended results whereby Society as governed by the Queen looks the way it should when Governed by One at the current age, while the Heir has aspects of it which are not yet opened or exposed to look forward to and I am well prepared enough to keep  evil Men from taking over my life and looking after me while planning some way of giving up my security when I am in dire need of it because I had failed to co-operate with their stupid needs at some stage – likewise evil Women wanting to feminism live and exist where my finances are all day long, as the answer for all their problems. All is well except the usual problem yet again i.e. my Books have not been selling, it only just became obvious that it is a very Royal story and that it is nothing but a story and yet we all know that what happens with Royal work is that others show up to spend and deploy it so as to make it into history they can live by and then that also means it becomes a tool by which they can make a living as well; so it is fair to say that some journalists are on course to get hurt and I am fed up with carrying them like children, more so this state of affairs which suggests we are lovers when we are not.

Most of these matters can be easily resolved i.e. they need to stop getting my property stuck at Industry, Politicians and Media especially who both like to assume that when they encourage neighbourhood criminals to sting my bum as well, each time their own is stung until I can remember what my position and property looks like, nothing that is harmful for them will come of it; for me however it is not anything like a crisis – it does not even constitute 5% of what I am supposed to be worried about, even though it threatens to take over everything i.e. being fancied by tyrants on one hand while those who believe in freedom and civil rights show  up to make trouble for me and both have no wish to work for money if they can make it by partying at my expense, both have money bequeathed them by their parents to take over my career via the route of popular culture with and I am only concerned with whether or not they are earning the money for which National income is vital and therefore paying the taxes; so they do need to see that we are not mates and tend to let me be as well. I mean I was able to detach my life and career from gangs and crime and so on when I was a teenager and could confidently say that I can teach somebody else to do the same when I was 17 years of age and yet whilst my parents were never unemployed in all my life, the only means of experiencing a life of unemployment has been of my own actions; so I find then heartless and need to be so as well; especially when it comes to the matter of celebrities and Industries making use of my property.

I am not at a loss for anything as popularly suggested; I am only streamlining my Office, which is where I do most administration online, stream lining my Book shop which is where I do most diplomacy and will likely seek to have a physical presence for it on the High streets, which will involve a new kind of pain for celebrities and television personalities if it is not doing well enough to consummate the job that has already been done through it and of the Court and of the Administration Platform and of the Firm  website, which was primarily built to ensure that when I am uncomfortable with what is actually a despicable act of celebrities and industry peoples deploying my personal life and my history and public image to make money, no Company is too big to break up and ensure the owners never see it again; it was designed to be run in that way not chasing up public equities when politicians so desire, especially when concerned with the throes of the “un protected” – there is no such thing as setting up websites I run randomly and have no idea what I am doing thereof. In terms of terrorism and intervention in US Policy however, the story has always been that since the rights of people is entrenched in the Constitution, infringing it to protect them can unravel the State itself, so it is a problem that falls to ‘the second amendment’ and for Politicians to provide leadership which ensures it does not blow up, as it is clear the way the US works is that people decide how they want to fight terrorism with terror or the government infringes their rights to do it for them. The case here being that it is not how I run my affairs; what those who say so mean is making reference to Germans and Spanish creating terrorism for everybody, while the French bear the brunt of it all of the time and the magic of putting both alongside Middle East leadership to make sense of things and ensure I get to win again, considering they all love to follow on the foolish Men who want to take care of me and create conditions in which I am vulnerable to evil and violence to a whole new level, they claim it is a story of the vengeance of the unprotected but from this angle of which does not make any sense.