First of all the meaning of discrimination is easily derived by anybody with enough sense from the two juxtapositions there are within the condition of monopolising what belongs to all, in a bid to use it as an instrument of power and dominance (after which such get help from Politicians to pas exams in school, while bullying others out of their academic work); the first one being monopolising money that belongs to all and discriminating against everything that some people consider to be important to them especially their leaders, the other being the simply feeling that somebody else does not have the right to exist, so you are always getting him or her out of your sight one way or another; where things happen in people's lives and you target them, things happen in other peoples lives and you target the same victim and things happen in your life and you target the same victim etc. Those who make up these stories in order to exasperate me with it over civil liberties is to express the purpose of removing me from their home because it is where they feel I stay as they attend work, in public places where households know what their faces look like. Whereas if I am remembering correctly, they are the ones who have an obsession with attacking my books in the first place, the same that are using media to destroy my books at the market place and the market for my books all together, making up the idea I am discriminatory in my actions as they use my work and fame to earn themselves more money with their fame seeking jobs, which actually shows this is between me and them and has nothing to do with others. What is true is the fact that they feel they are more important than I am but know that they are not and are prepared to do something that will enable them get positive about it, until they believe it in their heads, then thinking I will have become scared of their fascism thereafter, make it happen in the real world by some Privilege of injustice and I have put up with it for a decade; it does not ever seem to be successful and of course this is not their life. So the result is that somebody will get off using my life to spice up his career and actually gets to earn thousands on a weekly basis because of it but turns up with dangerous ego at me (you know of the fascist kind I have just mentioned), for the actual meaning of all these nonsense was supposed to be the "lets see what he can do against corruption with all that tough talk he talks, when I know my hunch men can beat that boasting out of him", which continually gets serious every day and takes up a lot of my time (with that stupid media). Their American President Mr Obama was supposed to be the pinnacle of it all and recently it has been clear he is a bit more interested in his own, than he is in governing or ruling those that do not belong to him; these nonsense they do not seem to recognise the dividing lines between them western idiots and me a Royal Prince because of the powers of media I mean. For example I sell equities for a living, therefore their job is to set out to ensure they have access to things that are personal to me and make my book and writing career, by which they believe they have access to a personal thing as well, for the purpose of using things that are personal to me to make money:-naming me a cultural misdemeanour among other abuses, as per "it is what I said I do for a living: give people pervasion to get rich with from my faith and my office" and it goes on like this endlessly with the stupid public media. I am not going to do anything stupid; its just that my anger and resentment towards the west and especially its African allies grows by the day, they will not leave me alone or my people-at the moment they have the advantage of being friends with people who control the treasuries in various parts of the world and are threatening me over the things I say about corruption with their stupid media already and they want my income as well still, thus continue to believe people's National income belongs to them altogether. So as it stands those their community idiots and the "big stick" trouble makers cannot now deny my fame anyway because I have brain washed them with it, on account they mind my business way to often and will not let them be free of me for my part, which is how I create some of my books and so they, their leaders and famous children are next. I can either call this process of extending that attitude of presuming to be leaders, by which others get dubbed "the reserved" that the leaders can tap into, onto other peoples Arch Prince kind or realise it is personal. It is how racism gets to become a problem that they claim affects everybody and I get to demand to see a proper racist before I believe them. It is that "everybody has a Price" nonsense gone too far. The fact that some people became the public face of other peoples products getting to mean I an Arch Prince have lost an entire empire to them through the pervasion of public media and the search for Privileges of injustice, is something they always knew I will have to deal with them for one way or another:- very vital, very necessary. The base issue before it became a financial matter centred around respect of other peoples income, has always been that some people cannot stand the fact others are religious people, which I suppose is because of the need for a new rich powerful and important convert to their evil causes and organisations that they can bully for financial gain. So I can issue public statements to the effect people need to stop doing things to me and my means that I don't like but they get lots of fun from doing because it hurts me or I can deal with it and more so the way I am. Pronosis is simply that I am not the one playing games with evil women that can kill me through suffering, violence or illness:-they always seems to find me whenever they want to hurt people (this keeps my allies and friends away from me because they feel insecure, which makes me poor while they go off somewhere to become the women who make pop stars the right cultural scum that they are at my expense, as inpudently as possible). Naturally I cannot stand their culture or cultural violence, which I always make them understand I dont want to see in my personal life but continue to see there through media based attacks, so they can run stupid wicked evil Pop music on media waves designed to make idiots my responsibility, over the violence that follows their social and sexual corruption. I do wonder if it really is about killing me anyway or stealing money, since no body can kill somebody as important as myself by playing those stupid games they get up to. So it turns out that the obsession of the media with pervading people's faith or doing something that causes people to rubber stamp their sins is not just the stealing of beauties and the creating of matrimonial or even sexual problems for people in their matrimonial lives, as it is mostly about causing trouble to get rich in evil ways and trapping people in violence with their media public television domain.The part that beats me is that I have friends and friends are personal not something everybody is, so it never really makes sense what all the rubbish they get up to means, except I look at it from the point of view of stifling sale of my securities which of course is not a very nice thing to do; all it ever does is get me to do things to them for which the Police become my Fans-only in this is it a good thing.