Media bullying and roughing up of my property, income, friends and goodwill has become some form of a habit these days, which I must confess partly is my fault because I intend never to stop hitting them, since they do not seem to respect the fact I know I am the only one suffering such things from them (the wake in the morning everyday and set out to grab stuff routine, for which I am always the target) and that they will never become Royalty like I am. It is always followed and worked from the point of view of persons who hate privileges others get such as me, who never respect those that are rich and they never seem to respect the fact their servitude is also such a burden for others as well. Oh I seem to have lost sight of the fact it is a collection of people whose lives are messed up and want to mess up other peoples lives as well for their part, therefore the only way to get by is flatter people and hand them property which belongs to others, serves right certain large ego celebrities and their fans that do not seem to realise an Arch Prince has feelings as well until it goes horribly wrong; I have always had a place in my heart for these particular set of people who profit from the violence of the generation gap by the way; the bit where a destroyer will be off to my people and when I had beat him I get caught up in an everlasting fight with his children as if those were my equal with hope I will be weakened so he can strike again, wherefore if I beat his children, then him again and so on, at some point when it goes on for long enough and I am tired and in incredible pain the Money starts rolling in and an idiot gets of getting famous on my pain to feel decadent modern and Pampered in order to issue me mixtures of threats and flatteries, not to mention the fact that it is never lucrative to report to my superiors the things that idiots in society get up to because they on the other hand will be busy reporting to theirs the good things I get up to, thus encourages violence street killings etc and of course my personal favourite; violent discrimination especially on my property. So things like the stupid things media gets up to during the Golden Globe this year for example to me is supposed to be based on a handful of misconceptions. For example that I talk about fashion when I know nothing about it whereas I simply realised that the part of my intellectual space the spiritualities and temperaments had become something that top designers have used to create very expensive wares and some have even spent millions in the Art Industry as well just like the fashion industry creating shrines for themselves out of it, hence I came to the deduction I needed to protect it which I was to realise at some point was something that could make me some funds if I did. It is almost the same for the Film industry, except that in the film industry the emphasis is placed largely on my diplomatic work and in Terms of the Manufacturing industry that is an aspect of my Career all together. Then there is also this other misconception about how I blow out everything that could bring people happiness when they have achieved great things but that is a complicated matter; first because as I mentioned above they get rich from the violence of the Generation Gap and I have a job for life, am a powerful member of the British establishment and have two generations ahead of me, therefore a lot of people whose fame and importance I am not to interfere with. Thus all I have to live on is my star quality which in Royal circles is what my fame in all matters is about and the only thing that makes me stand out all the time, only just one of the most famous Royalty in the world even though I am terribly reclusive. What I am saying here is that they get rich from the violence of the generation gap and when I confiscated their wickedness, have been going around the world wearing my work like a shroud because they had realised being good is where the future is and keeping me off my income or any earnings from my work in order to do so has become the way to make it operable, so I have commandeered all forms of good ideology and in order to be just I had done so only on that which has come from me and warned any about deriving rubbish from things I say or write which they never believe will lead to serious consequences until it goes horribly wrong. Their strong media point never ceases to be how much I am admired and why people cannot just worship me all together during these Popular shows and various other dirty nonsense, which they think really emphasises the point of being the guy that does not respect those who have money but I fail to see what it has to do with me except I am looking after my friends and admirers; I am an Arch Prince I already have duties of State and duties to the Church all over me, there is very little time for me to spend on the vanities of fools-In exactly the same way that they cannot do anything for me and I need them off my income and my work in order to put that fact to rest and an end to thinking about them as well. Then there is the misconception that everything I write is about bashing people (although the bashing people bit is in order), but when the fact that when I want to do something official it involves serving my Country and when I want to do something of a cause it involves serving the Church is considered, not only is there a question on how much time I am supposed to have been spending with media and then the fact I write books which are completely misunderstood by people because the media wants to extract and usurp then use up all the fame aspects of it before an end to attacking it is considered-then it is easy to see why I bash people. Of course I know a lot of the things I do gets friends and admirers out of the sex trap and the sex trade and the sex industry, it does not mean I have lost my touch or reputation for being prime target number one when it comes to the hatred of incredibly selfish men-especially those of them that find their way into other peoples property and most acceptably to them, other peoples income to be selfish with. In fact they always claim I am one of those things that need to be taught a serious lesson because I make rules and govern society in a way that suggests people should not have sex because sex hurts those they have it with, hence their incessant violence. Of course I am not their Father and my filial issues are not supposed to be their plaything, which is in any case why it is so surprising I am such a hate figure anyway. I will be waiting for them at Church and at Politics for it and of course the money freaks have no respect for when people have had enough of them, acting as though other people's lives and bodies belong to them with public place abuses that are supposed to push others towards sexual violence which is in their view the only punishable abuse-otherwise they are very powerful and I have been financially ruined and nothing in the world or beyond it will get them off it. As a footnote I might add: today 18/1/2011 they are Celebrating Court rulings which award compensation to Homosexuals who went into a christian B&B and got thrown out for it, as per we have been having lots of Christians go to homosexual bars to get thrown out by which they can create court cases. They will claim it should have been set out by those who ran the B&B that the place was for Christians only but clearly homosexuals too are so clever that their rights should be qualified. This is beside the point and a matter of legal debates. The real issue here is that the condition of idiots hurting people while their politicians set out what new laws to use the institutions of government to settle for them continues with politicians giving heed to nothing those who tell them they don't want to keep getting hurt by their idiots say. 21/1/2011 It never applies that we Democratic people are vulnerable to violent evil women of course except that for most of the time those who know too much always do because they are ignorant; this does not mean they are invincible in anyway anybody can easily spend time peddling the fact that they want to sell their own for a living anyway. I am not putting forward half measures here, when it comes to over enslavement it is never the correct thing to keep working; you just need to have a goal and then the rest is supposed to be doing something to protect yourself; for me I have come to the point where it is hard work quite alright but how I want to feel will be determined by how those who hurt me feel.