The suggestion of gaps that need to be filled in, in American Law, is like the old game of the American Administration continually thinking that the British government will do something democratic for the benefit of the world, which they can then take over. Whereas for example because America is such a vast country the quantity of people who are likely to become unstoppable if they got together to attack or rebel against the will and wish of the majority or the Law is a very huge number, not to mention their access to arms, that it might be impossible for the rest to get together and stop them and the very same Administration, full of trouble makers who attack books that are written by a British Prince i.e. me, for the purpose of dealing with problems in the black markets and the protection and distraction from trouble of very vulnerable people during an economic crisis, are now talking about gaps in their American law:- completely incorrigible they are in the face of the details of what we see on Wiki leaks this week. Never mind the method in which they attack my books in the first place which is more of making sure they have caused people who might buy them enough pain to make them understand what will happen if they do go ahead and by them anyway and yet I wrote these books to help these people protect themselves in market situations where people do not necessarily engage in legitimate trade; we are supposed to believe them in any case when they say something about the corruption of banks for example but that is not the matter here, what is, is the gaps in American law. From what I gather there are so many ghost towns and areas of sparsely distributed settlements that it is basically impossible to install street CCTV for example in areas of America where crimes are most likely to happen; so what gaps are they talking about, the one that will stop Wiki leaks? We are not talking about the attitude of making money and then leaving the dangerous methods of doing so lying around for violent people at home and abroad here at least not yet, as far as I know for the trouble I will cause people over the attack of my work and abuse of my income, there is always a lot of boasting and threats of violence from idiots over that anyway as if I am their equal.19/12/2010 I gathered recently they call me "the dreamer" in the US; i.e. I am fighting to change things over an issue where all somebody has to do is get off on a stage and sing a song or play a musical instrument to entertain people but it is still impossible for them to be happy even while they are doing it because of lesser men and all I want it return in the sale of my books; whom do the scumbags now suppose is their dreamer? Its much the same here in Europe; Europeans come to this deduction in much the same way regularly, that I have grabbed what is generally the property of all but in actual fact have not and it is such difficult work to do my job, then supply everybody else this information that tells them where I am and where my job is, so they can set out exactly what they want to do, from all that racist nonsense especially on the media; of making my property public property and then hoping the Political system will come through for them, in the name of some kind of New democracy and I cannot stand it when they claim this means I have been forced to work many times as hard as everybody else for the same things. So naturally I am supposed to have a simple job but black communities and racists (idiots) have simply decided it will have to be about going out there to rule people, now they want Political systems to be used to serve them:-after all it has already served those who make up arguments with my faith to build up pervasions that enable them to enjoy certain privileges of injustice because Politicians are much too stubborn to listen and listen properly. These are the best indications of Con activity taking place where people feel is not important if they can abuse a Prince they think does not know the difference between when he is forced to do something or is being taken advantage of and the things he wants to do or actually gets to do because he wants to do them.